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Saturday, April 05, 2008

P-Update from Nikki!

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim. I exchanged some mighty interesting emails this week with our pal Nikki in Northern Cyprus. She said I could share her news with you. You won't believe how tough her job there has gotten!

In her first email, she told us, "Hey Everysibe! Just thought that I would let you know that on top of all my other duties in protecting the property against marauding cats and vicious dogs I now have to watch out for stray cows!" Stray cows?!?! Holy ... cow. Here's Nikki checking it out!

Can you see the cow there, just beyond the wall? (And yes, that's the Mediterranean Sea in the distance ... sigh. I'll bet that's as fun as an ocean.) (Why is Stormy 'ha roo roo rooing' at me?) Anyway, she said the cow looked much bigger in person! It looks plenty big here! Check it out:

The intruder

Nikki said it was not the only cow around, "There were lots of them and there was a lady running around with a bucket pulling at their tummies! There was also a little baby one that we saw when we went walkies. I wanted to go and 'check it out' but Mom wouldn't let me - meanie that she is!!!" Yeah, moms are like that, aren't they?

Nikki went on to say, "They make the funniest noise too!! MOOOOOOOO!! I thought it was WOOOOOOO at first and was going to play with them until I saw their size!" Yeah! The Deeve met some cows once and was totally confused by them imitating us Sibes!

That whole "lady with a bucket" thing confused me, so I asked about that. "Wowzers, Niks. Lots of them? Good thing you're on the job, or they could have invaded! I wonder what the lady was doing to their tummies? Tummy rubs, do you think? And a bucket? How odd."

She told me that her mom said something about milk, and added, "but I know that milk comes from cartons!!!" Oh, ha roo roo roo! Nikki's mom is so funny! We ALL know milk comes from cartons - what kind of joke was she trying to pull on Nikki? Then I figured maybe the lady was giving the cows tummy rubs so they'd go to the market for her and buy her some milk. Don't you think?

Nikki said that their perimeter is safe for the moment! Really, Nikki, we are so proud of you and the work you do! You totally deserve that room with the view of the Med. Stay safe, friend, keep your bipeds safe, and don't work too hard! Oh! And beware of moo cows!

Play bows,


  1. We have cow neighbors. But I've never seen them go to the store or get cartons of milk!

  2. The Beautiful Nikki has quite the surroundings! Wow, the Mediteranean Sea AND cows!

    I hope those cows don't want to swim in that sea, I know Maddie would like to.

    Moooooooo, Oh how weird to say Woo with a moo!

  3. Khows are good -

    Khows help us get yogurt and cheese!

    Khows also help my mom's khoffee get the khorrekht kholour with that half&half thing -


  4. woofies and burf's ao4...hmm do u guys know where the Chalk Pyramids are, i think thats the name, its in Kansas..

    b safe,
    rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

  5. Woo Woo, or is that Moo moo? Woof woof or moof moof? We are sooooo confused. We're not herders around here! Hope Nikki is better at it than we are!

    Journey, King of Tug

  6. Wow those cow things look scary! If I see any I'll be sure to call you guys to help us. I have my girlfriend Josie helping us protect the yard from squirrels, birds, other dogs and those marauding rabbits, but cows --- gonna need help with that!


  7. I've never seen a real cow!! You are very couragous for keeping your home safe from them!

    Maybe the cows wanted to have some milk too. It IS good for you after all!


  8. I am going to have to go check out my yard and make sure there are no cows out there! Nikki has it tough!

  9. Wow Nikki sounds busy! I once saw some cows at a dairy and totally freaked out and climbed out of mums arms and over her head! Dixie is yet to meet a cow.
    The view from Nikki's balcony is wonderful!

  10. oh my, this is making me laff big time now.

    I see you write the words "she said the cow looked much bigger in person!"

    dear me, Marvin who takes stuff literally is now worried.

    Which person is the cow in? And how much bigger can it possibly be?

    Stressed Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Woo - cows are perplexing creatures. I don't quite understand the whole concept. It's a good thing Nikki is on the job!

  12. We can hear the cows from our backyard but I've never seen one up close and personal.

    Moooo moooo, Kelsey Ann

  13. What's milk? Does it taste like chicken? The Human Assistant has a carton of stuff called chicken stock. Is that like milk?

    He also says there used to be a giant cow in Denver. Or a cow sign, maybe. I wonder what cow sign language looks like?