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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vet Visits!

Woo, everypup. It's me - Dave! Both Stormy and I got to go to the vet's this week for our Senior Care appointments. Mom took the camera with us for my trip, and I thought I'd show you just how taxing it is! We each had the big 12-month one, not the 6-monther; Stormy told you all about what happens at each at the post found here. I thought I'd show you some highlights with our pictures!

Here I am with Beth the Vet Tech (in purple) and my student, Jenny.

"This little toothy went to market..."

They're doing a dental exam on me. Sure, some puppies stand up for that - or maybe sit - but there were preliminary tummy rubs involved and I sort of melted. As you can see, they know how ferocious I am, so they're concerned about sticking their hands in my mouth. I'm being restrained by ... oh, wait. Maybe I was just laying there. I'm not sure. I might have fallen asleep and missed something.

Jenny took her hands out of my mouth for a second, so I thought she'd want to rub my tummy. In this next shot, I was trying to accommodate her.

Here's my tummy, Jenny!

She tickled my toes instead. Almost as good, pups!

One of the parts of the Senior Exam is the blood pressure check. Most of you pups might not have your BP checked, unless you're under sedation for surgery or having a dental or something. It involves them shaving a little area just above your pads on a front foot (basically, the inside of your wrist), then they squirt cold goo on the sensor and hold it on the shaved area. They put a "cuff" thingy on your arm and pump that up, just like on bipeds and they have this amplifier so they can hear your blood. Some dogs have a hard time relaxing during this procedure and have to be held down, or at least held still. That sensor is really ... sensitive! Woo. Here I am during the BP session:

That's Jenny again, and Rachel, another Vet Tech. As you can plainly see, it takes a lot to restrain me. I must have worn Beth out! Rachel brought that nice, fluffy blanket in for me to lay on - wasn't that nice of her? Stormy said she did the same for her. They take SUCH good care of us!

Mom brought my Tuffy toy for me to play with in-between tests. Hey, Khyra! See it under my head? Thank woo again! Not only is it a fun toy, it's a great pillow, too! Woo.

I tried to relax a little after the tests. Actually, I tried to stay awake. It was hard! While Rachel continued to give me tummy rubs, Dr. N said I could have some cookies. Oh, pups, not only does she not make us have to sit first, she didn't even make me get up! It was great. Laying on my back on a fluffy comforter ... Rachel scratching my tummy-tum ... being fed cookies by Dr. N.... Rachel said to Mom all they needed was one of those big palm leaves to fan me. That would have been GREAT!

Hey! Where'd everybody go? Where's the palm leaf thing?

I guess they were kidding. Too bad.

Both Stormy and I had really good BP. Hers was 125 and mine was 120. Overall, we got really good reports and that made all of us really happy!

We are so thankful to have such caring, skilled vets and vet techs! They're doing a great job taking care of us AND training people like Jenny to do the same! Woo! Thank woo for all you do!

Luv - especially to anyone out there reading from the K-State Vet Med Teaching Hospital,


  1. Once again, I must say PURPLE is SOOOO your kholour!

    Good news on your young at heart chekhk ups!!

    I'm pawtikhularly touched woo took MY Tuffy with woo!!!


  2. You are such a good patient Dave! I'm very happy that everything turned out well for you, and you got lots of tummy rubs AND treats!!


  3. I had to go to the VET too yesterday! I am not as good of a patient as you though. They don't call me a Diva for nothin'


  4. Did they ask for your imput on the blanket color?

  5. Wow, I'm never that calm at the vet. I don't think I ever that calm anywhere! Guess that's why my name is Kaos. hehe

  6. Wow, you were so well behaved in there. Not so much for us.

    They seem really nice, you're lucky to have them!


  7. I have a purple collar too, Dave! I think it goes very nicely with my black fur.

    I don't like going to the vet. Last time I peed in my crate. Mum wasn't very happy with me :(

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat

  8. Dave,

    You are the best patient! Of course having a couple of females to love on you may help. You are also very patient with your Mom documenting the visit. Lola gets most annoyed with Mom when she tries to take pics of vetting appointments.

    Congrats on the good bill of health to you and Storms!

    Journey, King of Tug

  9. Hmmm...Dad had his check-up today and he said nobuddy rubbed his belly. And he didn't see any palm leaves either. I think your vets and techs sound fantastic! Thank woo to them for taking such good care of our AO4!

  10. omdog talk about heaven on earth! Sounds like you guys have the best vets EVER! We are very glad you got good news from them!

  11. Hi Guys. I love your name "Army of Four". Cool. Glad to see you're in capable hands. I hate vet visits!

  12. Good to hear you 2 are healthy. Your vet is really good and caring

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Hi Dave,
    Looks like you are getting the right royal treatment at the vet! We need to talk to our vet about doing his thing on the floor on a nice mat like that rathe than the cold metal table that I, Jazz am petrified of. Youre so lucky to have such nice vets.
    J & D

  14. Great news on the clean bill of health!

  15. You guys are so lucky to have such great vets! We wish we had one as good as yours. We are so happy to hear that your checkups went so well! We will surely be on the look-out for invading cats. Momma and dad saw alot of those running amuck in Key West on their vacation. Obviously not enough dogs on that island to keep them in check! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  16. What a great patient you are, Dave! You're much better behaved than I am - that's for sure!
    No wonder you love the vet's office so much!

    Love ya lot,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Ooh, I don't like paw tickling! Sinjin neither! Just thinking about it makes me wiggle!

  18. Wow, Dave, you are working really hard at the vet! It's really difficult to be a good patient, isn't it? Did you get lots of cookies when you go home to replenish your strength?