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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weather P-Update

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Ammy, your resident Meteorologist here at Ao4 HQs. Springtime in Kansas means one minute you're out in the backyard enjoying playing a game of football with Mom ...

...then something doesn't "feel right" and you stop to check the AO.

That's what happened the other day. I checked for Oswald first, then realized it was my meteorological sensors going off. Before I knew it, the sky looked like this:

Then like this:

Here's another view from our deck; it's the best place to keep an eye to the sky!

Yeah, that's when the wall cloud moved in, then we started getting that whole "rotation" thing; that isn't good news.

This is really when you should take cover. It's really powerful-looking, isn't it?

Here's the rain and hail coming in!

OK, maybe it really is time to go in the house.

Or perhaps to shoot a video. Be careful with your speakers; as Mom says, it was a little "breezy". I think we were experiencing 60 mile an hour winds.

We all did well during the storms, except for a few sleepless nights for Stormy (and Mom). We hope our friends who have also been in the path of this severe weather are all safe and sound!



  1. Ammy,

    Thanks for sharing. We have been worried about y'all. You can come this way to hide! We hate bad weather. It's about to rain here, but that's it. Just rain. Whew!

    Take cover!

    Shiver Shiver Shiver,

  2. We've been having too many stupid (little s) storms here!

  3. Thanks fur sharing the pikhs and the footage -

    Woo do NOT have to share the real thing -

    Woo've done such a great job I really really really don't want it here!


  4. Oh I would have SO been hiding under the covers in those storms!


  5. We were thinking about you - glad you are safe! Of course, we expected nothing less of the mighty A04!


  6. w00f's A04, me wondered how u all wuz too.glad u iz safe...boy dose clouds looked scarey..butchy and snickes wuz 29 miles away from one of da tornados but they iz safe, thank dogness..

    b safe,

  7. What an angry sky! Storms are sure no fun! Glad you're safe!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. What amazing pictures! But - you may have to buy a Gentle Leader for Mom to get her off that deck and inside. You might even have to crate her when those storms with the small "s" start rolling in!

  9. Those are very cool (but scary) pictures...we're glad you guys are a-ok.


  10. The Human Assistant tells me there was a tornado north of here that damaged almost 600 homes.

    It was within a few miles of a Sibe rescue. Good thing we didn't have to take in any dogs!

    (And what did Blogger do with my picture???)

  11. Kansas looks scary.

    Oh wait!! We get those skies here too!!

    Glad nothing bad happened to anyone or pup! We hate this time of year. Especially mom and Sam.


  12. I'm glad that you're OK.

    And that the storms didn't come to my house since Momma can't find my storm shirt and my bottle of special drops got broken.

    Thanks for wooing with us for Tasha. We're all sad and lonely without her.


  13. Wow!! That cloud at the end of the video sure looked scary. Hope the storm was not as bad as it looked.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  14. Hi Ammy and all the rest of the Ao4!
    WOW! Those storms look very scary. We had a storm here today, but nothing like that. Glad to hear you are all OK. Please teach your mom to come in the house when bad storms come! We would not want anything to happen to any of you!
    Love & licks,

  15. Those pics are all so cool & pawsum, but we wouldn't want to have been there during the start of that scary weather! Glad you & yur family made it through safe & sound.

    -Cosmos & Juneau-

  16. Ya know Tanner makes a fuss about how scared I am about storms, Mom would NEVER sleep if she lived there!

  17. Woh that looks scary. I would run and hide in my house if I saw that

    ~ Girl girl

  18. Woah, how exciting and scary at the same time! We're so glad you're all ok, we worry about the pack, but we know if anypups can handle it, it would be you guys! Way to be on top of it! Does amber have her own weather satellite? Ambler 3000? (from dopplar, BOL!)

    M & I

  19. Wooooooos & a-roooos!
    Glad to hear you of you are safe - there's been lots of tornados & damage being reported lately. Good thing sibes have built-in weather sensors!

    Star & Jack a-roo, too

  20. Good thing your family has you to be on weather patrol and keep them safe!


  21. Hello Am

    Those are some spooky pictures and a very windy vidow. Glad the Ao4 was ok though.

    Pippa xx