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Friday, May 02, 2008

A Working Group Member's Work is Never Done

Ha roo, pups! Zim here! As you can see, it's been a busy week around here - Stormy's vet visit, Dave's vet visit, a cat burglar, my vigil looking for my cat friend ... it's enough to wear a guy out. But it doesn't end there! There is no rest for members of the Working Group.

Before I get started, Stormy wanted me to say something. In reference to Ammy's post about the Cat Burglar, she wanted me to reassure all our friends out there, especially our feline friends at Jan's Funny Farm and Witty Kitty over at Forget Sit & Stay, that no harm will come to ANY kitty around here. Stormy forbids it. We can stare, but that's where it ends. Or else. So fear not. And she's on to the fact that Am and Dave don't agree.

Anyroo, did you happen to see Witty Kitty's post today? It was all about Cat Naps for Dogs; it was so inspiring! Witty Kitty - this post's for you!

As I was saying ... a Working Group member's work is never quite done. And my job this week, (among other tasks, of course) was to come up with a new cute pose. This one works paw-in-paw with WK's Cat Naps for Dogs advice. Without furthur ado... here I am:

I'm a professional; do not try this at home!

Exhausting just looking at me, isn't it? It was all I could do to hold the pose until Mom and Dad saw me and found the camera.

Like Witty Kitty suggested, I like to cat nap alone. I like my own space. I also usually like for my head to be under something, propped up on something, or for my feety-feet to be crushed against something. Stormy also gives us bonus points if we're laying somewhere that makes the bipeds have to step over us or go around. What are your felines on that, Witty Kitty?

In this new pose, I've got the feety-feet thing going on, plus a tail prop-up. Check it out:

Pretty cool, don't you think? And the snooter balancing ever-so-carefully on the edge of the step:

Not only did Dad feel compelled to step over me to go upstairs to get the camera, but Mom HAD to smooch my snooter. I mean ... look at it. How can any biped resist?

Here's one last look for you, from a slightly different perspective:

Mom was worried that I might totally melt and slip down the steps or something. That got me not just snooter smoochies and camera time (I happen to LOVE the camera!), but caused Mom to fuss over me with some sweet talk, worried about my fall. Being a very agile Siberian, let me assure you, I was never in danger of falling - but did enjoy the schmoopy talk. Well... up until the time I'd had enough, then jumped straight up and onto my feet (rather like a kitty, I might add), then took off in a huff.

It was great! But very, very hard work. I had to hide out and take another cat nap in one of my favorite spots to recharge my batteries. Whew! It's a good thing I'm a trained professional!

Play bows and cat naps!


  1. Do you try different places too? I've been experimenting with a crate and the bed.

    Lucy and Gremlin are trying the crates too.

    But mostly I have to block doorways and stuff. Hard work!

  2. YAWN -

    I hope I khan stay awake long enough fur my mom to make it home to me!

    Very nice!!

    PeeEssWoo: Just WAIT until woo see the khritters in my next khouple of posts - I'll TRY to get my assistant to get 'em up Sat and Sun but you know how hard it khan be to get good help!

  3. I never realized it till now, but our house is totally lacking in stairs steps. I'm going to have to do something about that! zzzzz...

  4. Wow, you are amazing! How in the world did you get into that position?

  5. I just don't know you you manage it all! Not just anydog can manage those advanced positions. I think you should make an instructional video.

  6. You look so cute with your bum bum smooshieeeed up against the wall!!!

    M & I

  7. how do you come up with these poses! You must be very creative in that Sibe noggin!

  8. Zzzzzzzzzzzz Zim,

    I'm purrrrrrfectly fascinated by your sleeping on the stairs. Your beautiful pom pom tail against the wall is very fetching.

    I am particularly impressed with your cat like sense of balance. We must do more working sessions!

    Good job pawing it forward.

    Witty Kitty

  9. You have such a striking pose. Since we have a split stair case, Tasha manages to lay at the top and the bottom of the stairs at the same time. More opportunities to trip Momma.


  10. You look super comfortable! Time for me to go to bed!

    Woo woo, KA

  11. Wooo Zimmie!!! Woo always find the bestest places to nap!! I, myself, LOVE to khat nap!! I do it all the time!!!


  12. We're so relieved to hear no kitty will be harmed in the posting of the AO4 blog.

  13. Whoa, Zim, that is impressive! I can't believe how talented you are. I'm going to have to go practice if I EVER want to be as good as you!


  14. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Oh Zim... you amaze me at the positions woo can get into!