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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim. After our storms the other day, Mom went outside to do some weed-pulling and tree-trimming. I was at my post at the front door, watching over her and sending mind-meld supervisory thoughts. Imagine my surprise when she stopped cutting the one tree, raced in the house, grabbed the camera, and raced outside again. But without any of us Sibes. Hmm! What else is worth that kind of photo-effort?

I watched her take some pictures of the tree, then was curious that she put her tree-trimming tools away. I mean - the tree branches were still hanging over the sidewalk lower than what Dad and Mom like, so I don't think she was done.

She came back in and I watched her down-load the photos. Hey, cool! Look at what she found BEFORE she cut the branch down! I mean ... before she was about to. Because she didn't cut it down.

It's a cool bird's nest! I wonder if it's lined with Sibe fluff! Some birdies like to use our fur to line their nests!

Anyroo... we many not have the cool Falcon Cam going on like Khyra, but I give you the Kansas Robin Cam!


"Tweet"? Maybe she really said, "Treat." Sounds like a plan.

Play bows and tweets for everyone!


  1. Wooo...YUM!! I mean...cute!!

    Zimmeroo, if you need any help watching the next...I'm more than happy to lend my services!

    Mom says that with all the gorgeous plants in your yard, she'd pick it to make a nest in too, if she were a birdie! (Apparently she isn't thinking about the 4 Sibes on patrol, either!)


  2. Oh Zim -

    Did Ammy help with your post today -

    I see her red paws all over it too!

    Rokhkhin Robin -

    Tweetdetweet - tweet - tweet!

    PeeEssWoo: thanks for the woo out!

  3. Definitely "treat"! Bird puppies can't pronounce "R"s very well.

  4. How awesome, baby birdies! We bet you can hear them squawk a lot!

    M & I

  5. I think Sibe fluff would make a great bed for those birds. We had a bird's nest in one of our big ferns last year...drove Lola crazy.


  6. w00f's A04, dat birdie was prolly sayin thank u for saving my home and my kidlets...

    b safe,

  7. Oh glad your mom didn't cut down that branch. Pretty bird

  8. Hooray! We LOVE the robin cam. Do you think mom is sitting on some eggs? If so, DON'T EAT THEM!!!

  9. That's a very smart bird asking for a treat. The robin that lives in the tree in my back yard likes to throw stuff at me so I chase all robins just in case they're related to the robin in my tree.

  10. Tweet to you too Zim.
    Thank goodness your Mom was watching! We will await progress reports.

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  11. Woh, birds like treats too. That's so cool

    ~ Girl girl

  12. There are no birdies in my back yard. But then again, there are no decent trees in my backyard either. I'm so deprived. I think birdies could be sooooo much fun to play with :)

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  13. Oh what a cute little birdie. Lucky your mum saw it before she cut the branch off! Mum and I found a birds nest last year that was totally lined with black human hair!! It was very well made but no birdies inside.

  14. what a cute little bird! and so smart - a treat really sounds like a great idea!

  15. Oh thank dogness she didn't cut down the birdie's home!! I'm pretty sure she said treat too, cuz she saw you there and knew you needed one.


  16. Thank goodness your mom didn't cut down that branch! The baby birdies would have tumbled out of their nest!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

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  18. Hey! That looks like what moved in to our bush by the front door. Mom won't let us out there either. She said they're cooperating for photos about as much as we do. Must be Mrs. Robin caught the classes on photo cooperation.

  19. We don't have any birds around anymore thanks to a couple episodes. No one is accepting guilt.

    Steve and Kat