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Friday, May 09, 2008

Cooperating for Photos 1

Ha roo, it's me - Stormy! Welcome to the start of our first correspondence course at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies - Cooperating for Photos 1.

Our first lesson ties in with yesterday's Pup Quiz. Before I get to that, let me reveal the joke about who is who in that photo. A couple of you were very close! Who all thought they looked remarkably like Amber and Zim? The real pups in the photo are their cosmic cousins, Luna and Kito! Ha roo roo roo, Mom even fooled Dad with that one, so don't feel bad if you couldn't ID them! A big thanks to Luni, Kito, and Auntie Laura for a terrific photo! Kito - on the right - looks so much like Zim there that Mom still does a double-take when she sees it! Ha roo roo roo!

As per who is the most SIBERIAN in the picture, many of you had great responses! I can tell you're a sharp group! Yes, the pup looking away from the camera is being VERY Siberian. Clearly, Kito didn't want his picture taken, so he chose not to let his mom get a "good" shot. Choosing your own agenda, knowing it doesn't coincide with the biped's plans, and not really caring, is the mark of a great Sibe. Paws up, Kito!

But let's take a look at Luna, too. And think about what our honorary Husky, Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat, had to say. She said, in part, "...I think whoever is sitting down is being more Siberian because that pup has a look in his (or her) eye that says, "I did something that you're probably not gonna like but hey I'm a Siberian and it's my job to keep you entertained"..." Oh, Huffle! You said you need to work on your Siberian studies, but I must say, you are off to a fantastic start! Luna DOES have that Sibe-atude look in her eyes, doesn't she? BOTH she and Kito are displaying the perfect Siberian behavior.

So the answer is ... BOTH Kito and Luna! I'm going to share more examples of Cooperating for Photos with you when class resumes Monday, and will give you helpful tips for your own photos. (Tomorrow is a special holiday here, and Sunday is Mother's Day.) In the meantime, I've seen some great examples on your own blogs - the one that immediately comes to mind is Star, on the Cyber-Sibes' blog. Check her out at that post - she is sooooooooooooo Siberian!

Until Monday! Tail wags,

PS: Huffle - Zim said thank you very much for your concern about his back. His spondylosis is flaring up. He is on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory, thanks to our wonderful vet; now that they've kicked in, he's feeling no pain. He just needs to rest and not horse around with Dave! I better go supervise him.


  1. Storms,
    You are a teacher extraordinaire. Ari and I are really enjoying this tutorial!

    PS- I'm still working on our meme. Are you the kind of teacher who takes points off for late work?

  2. Good job Storms!

    But I knew woooo would sooo do that!!

    It was grrrreat to see the Zimstigator is restrikhted 'gatin' for a bit!!!


  3. Woos Stormy,
    Thanks for using Star as a classic example of superior siberian skills at avoiding the camera (thus defeating the human's attempts to steal her soul with the flashy box...) A siberian can't be too careful about that, woo know. : )
    See woo in class on Monday!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack-a-roo

    Pee S: We're sorry Zimmers is having that back problem, but glad he's feeling better. Nose rubs & ear snuffles to him from us!

  4. Woo - we're worried about Zim! Rest up my boy! There's a whole world out there just waiting for your Siberianness (is that a word??). I'm thinking I'm going to like this class. It's my first one ever!
    Pee S: There won't be homework will there because my grrrl says that's the pits.

  5. Storm you little trickster! What a way to start the class. Good lesson today! We'll practice up this weekend.

    Zim, we hope better living through chemistry and a bit of rest puts you back into the action figure we know you are!

    Rosemary, aka Bat Girl

  6. I'm very glad that Zimmie is feeling better now.

    I am going to start practicing for my class now. I see mum has the camera out so I better not look at her.

    It is Mother's Day here on Sunday too so I better do something nice for mum. I wonder if she would like some of my lovely black fur in her coffee?

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat
    Aiming to be top cat in the SZK School of Siberian Studies

  7. I need to do some studying before I even start this course, sheesh. You sibes are smart!

  8. I was totally fooled!!! I thought it was Zim looking at the camera and Amber looking away!!! Wow, they do look like they could be your famiily!!!

    I'm glad Zimmie's back is doing better. Please give him lots of love and hugs from me!!


  9. Stormy, Amber, Zim and Dave

    I have just seen on the news that there are big storms and tornadoes in Kansas - I hope you pups (and your mum and dad) are all safe!

    Huffle Mawson, watching out for her friends the Ao4

  10. Zim, Gremmie has that bone problem too, real bad. Glad the medicine helps!

    Let's see. Holiday? Birthday of Gary Owens of Laugh-In?

    Barbary States declare war on the U.S.?

    Golden Spike driven in the Transcontinental Railroad? Winston Churchill appointed Prime Minister? J. Edgar Hoover appointed Director of the FBI?

    "Rock Around the Clock" released? Mitterrand took office? Mandela inaugurated?

    Battle of Hill 937?

    These are the Human Assistant's guesses, by the way.

    Sid Vicious' birthday? Bono's?

  11. Oh my dogness! this course is going to be so easy for me. I make it very difficult to get my picture taken. Mom just now tried to take my picture and it was hiliours and I cooperated becasue I knew there was no memory card in the camera and her camera doesn't save the pictures unless there's a memory card. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! it was the funniest picture EVER of me too!!!