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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Guess Who?

Ha roo, pups. It's me - Zim. I'm dedicating this post to Aunt Janet.

Mom told her about the Cat Burglar from the other day and sent the pictures to her. Aunt Janet was afraid Mom was talking about you-know-who when Mom asked if she'd like to see pictures of our new friend. See, Aunt Janet is a Master Gardener and she fights the Battle of the Bunnies, too. But no, a cat was trying to break in. Oswald was too busy making himself at home in the back yard! But rest easy, Aunt Janet! This post's for you!


Oswald in my radar

Where'd he go?

He likes to hide out in those Texas Quince. Oh! Maybe he's in the ones on the other side of the yard!

No luck. But hey, the Old Fashioned Lilacs are blooming!

Mom loves those. After we did sniffies, we checked back up at the top of the yard for Oswald.

On the way up the hill, we passed by the Eskimo Viburnum. I like that the name!

OK. Here's what I saw when we got to the top!

Hey, what's that under the deck?

It was hard to make him out, but the cotton tail gave him away!


Yeah, he was all OVER the place! I told him to stay away from the rose bush Aunt Janet sent us! Here's how that's coming along:

Signs of life and no signs of bunny teeth marks. Two good things!

While we were up by the deck, I checked out the Juddi Viburnum. They smell HEAVENLY!

Here's a close-up for you:

Pretty, aren't they? Sadly, Mom wouldn't let me taste them. I don't know why not.

Anyway, I told Oswald "hi" for you Aunt Janet. Mom said we were going to leave a strip map for him with directions to your house, OK?

Play bows,


  1. I just saw Oswald HERE!

    That's one khwuikhk bunny!!


  2. Zim,
    We really love your posts--you're the Sherlock Holmes of the natural world. And tell your mom that her camera perspectives are fantastic--we can't get enough of your lovely ears (which, if they grow another inch, will look remarkably like Oswald's!).

  3. Oswald sure has one great spot in your yard! What a life! hehehehe
    Our Viburnam is blooming here too and it won't be long before the lilacs are smelling pretty!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Oh, a real live bunny, up close and not running away in fear. You must have him trained.

  5. Zim,

    We love the shots of Oswald! We want to play. The bunnies don't come in our backyard, but we do get the squirrels. The flowers are really decorating your yard beautifully for spring. Thanks for sharing.

    Hip Hopping Away,


  6. That Oswald sure gets around! I am glad he is not doing anything destructive to your nice flowers!

  7. I'd like a bunny to play with too! Never see them here in Melbourne. Maybe Salvador chases them away?

    Huffle Mawson, Siberian-in-training Explorer Cat

  8. Hi Zim,
    Our mum loves it when you do tours of your garden showing us what is flowering at the time. Oswald must think your yard is paradise! He is pretty bold to be strutting his stuff in a yard patrolled by four Sibes though!

  9. Those lilacs are beautiful! I would love to snack on Oswald!

  10. The Human Assistant checked on our lilacs Saturday afternoon. He was afraid that the idjit who worked on the yard killed 'em last year.

    But no! Lotsa little buds getting ready to open!

    I guess they haven't wanted to come out yet because of that snow that keeps passing through.

  11. You don't suppose Oswald has discovered a way to clone himself do you?? Woo! That will make it very difficult to keep up him this summer. Your Mom's flowers are so bewooootiful!

  12. That Oswald sur edoes get around!! Maybe he has a brother or something that is helping him out?

    Your yard and flowers and shrubs are sooo beautiful!! I would love to visit your yard and smell all the good smells!!


  13. We have Mr. Oswald, Mrs. Oswald and 75 little Oswalds. Lots of squirrels too. Sometimes when it gets spring/summer with the grass green, the Oswald parents will bring a couple of the little nippers over to stand outside my fence and Look at ME! They turn me into a rabbit Zoo! Terrible! I slink up close though and bark at them. They make tracks! Back when dogs didn't have to be penned or leashed, you can be sure there wasn't the Oswald Problem there is now.