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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Special Celebration Today at Ao4 HQs

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Ammy! As Stormy mentioned yesterday in class, today is a special day here!

We really like a lot of the guesses Tucker left on the blog yesterday, especially the anniversary of Winston Churchill's appointment as Prime Minister! We also found out that on the 10th of May 1951, Frank Sinatra released the song "Mama Will Bark". Hee hee hee! Frank Sinatra sang and another bipded named Donald Bain did his imPERSONation of a dog! How apropos ... since today is...

...my Ammyversary! The special holiday Stormy mentioned is the anniversary of my adoption! Or as she and I like to think of it, the day she gave birth to me! (The short version of how we all got here is at this link! In fact, some of our most favorite pictures are at those three links above!) My birthday is in February, but we also celebrate adoption days for all of us!

Anyroo, it's my 9th Ammyversary, so we're going to have a big celebration! There will be nice walkies, treats, ice cubes, lots of playing, and NO brushes! I hope you can all stop by!

Here's a picture of us girls that Mom just recently scanned. It was taken just hours after Stormy gave birth to me; you can see how happy we all are!

Ha roo!
Your new puppy is darling, Stormy!
Thank roo. I love her to pieces!

Have a VERY happy day!



  1. We just love how Stormy claimed you as her own right away! We're sure you never went through what Mom calls the "bratty young Sibe" stage. You're much too sweet for that. Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Ammy!!

  2. Happy Ammyversary!
    Happy Ammyversary!
    Happy Ammyversary!

    I think this khalls fur khake, khookies, and WALKS!

    Storms should be proud of her little khlever little khlown!!

    You are certainly a chip off the old Storm Khloud of LOVE!!!

    PeeEssWoo: and khan't furget the pressies!

  3. Happy Ammyversary. What a great day it is too!!!

  4. wooo rooooo....Happy Ammyversary!!

    What a great day it is!!

    Pawty like there is no tomorrow and be sure to have extra treats for us!

    Aja and Flurry

  5. Woo hoo! Happy Ammyversary pretty girl!!


  6. Ammy,

    We don't know if you're cuter now or then! Happy anniversary. In the day totally devoted to you we expect lots of walks, snuggle time, presents, treats, your favorite foods and a good joke!

    Celebrate all weekend long.

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  7. Happy Ammyversary, my sweet Ammy! I am very happy Stormy gave birth to you!


  8. Awww, what a very cute picture!! Happy Ammyversary to the entire AO4!!

  9. Happy Day to you Ammy and Happy Mother's Day to Stormy. What a great mom.

    Husky Hugs,Mayamarie

  10. Let's all woo together:
    Happy Ammyversary to you
    Happy Ammyversary to you
    Happy Ammyversary to you, dear Amber
    Happy Ammyversary to you

    Thanks for your good thoughts for Tasha. We be posting about the vet trip later today.


  11. Happy Anniversary! What adorable pics. We loved reading about how you came into the family and how Stormy watched over you.

    You are so cute now and then!

  12. Happy happy Ammyversary!!!

    That is a much better day to celebrate! Even better than Gary Owens' birthday!

    Even though the Human Assistant loved hearing him broadcast from Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

    (Those were H.A.'s guesses. I'd never suggest such things! Except maybe the 207th anniversary of the American war on terrorism. But only because you're the Ao4!)

    Anyway. Happy happy Ammyversary!!! Sinjin agrees with me. You're the cutest girl doggy we know!

    Here's to many more Ammyversaries!!!

  13. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Happy Ammyversary!


  14. Ohhhhh Ammy! We wish you a very happy Ammyversary. That picture is just adorable.
    You deserve all that they have planned for you on this special day, your such a special girl.
    Stormy was such a good girl getting you.

    Ammyversay kissezzzzzzz,

    Frankie & Maddie

  15. Happy Ammyversary Ammy! It's no wonder Stormy loved you straight away, you are just the prettiest girl ever.

    Happy Mother's Day to Stormy and to your human mum (it's already Sunday here in Australia).

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  16. Happy Ammyversary!!!
    And a very Happy Mom's day to Stormy and your Humom. Wish we were closer so we could come share the celebrations in pawson, but we'll clink our bones together in toast to the AO4 grrrrls!
    Bama & the RHP

  17. woof's ao4, happy ammyversary, ammy...

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  18. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Oh Stormy... Woo are such a good mom pup to Ammy! Happy Ammyversary and many more!!!

  19. Happy Ammyversary! Stormy looks tired in that picture. It was probably exhausting giving birth to such a beautifully puppy such as yourself!


  20. Woooo! Happy Ammyversery! I hope you get everything you want today, including lots of cuddles. A special woo to the proud "mommy" Storm, too.


  21. Oh Ammy, Happy Ammyversary!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!


  22. Happy Ammyversary!!

    What a gorgeous and lucky girl you are!

    Lots of Ammyversary love and licks coming your way,

    Ben xxxxxxxxxx

  23. Happy Ammyversary Ammy! You were an adorable puppy!

  24. Happy Ammyversary!

    Woo woo, KA

  25. and the Canine Kids said,
    A very, very Happy Ammyversary to you!

  26. happy anniversary! You have a great Mom!! hehe

  27. Happy Ammyversary to you & Storms and the whole Ao4 pack! You were such an adorable sibe-ling, Ammy, and still are!

    woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

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