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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cooperating For Photos 1 - A Note

Tail wags, pups and kits! Storms here! Welcome back. I'm so proud of all the progress you're making in our Cooperating For Photos 1 class. I wanted to add a special note for those of you who actually like the camera. We have a couple like that around here ... don't we, boys?

There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you mix it up a bit. What I mean is, sure, give the bipeds some pictures like these.

Dave first:

Running with his Kong-on-a-Rope

Enjoying one of "his" pillows

And our other camera-lover, Zim:

Kicking back after a back-yard play session

Same thing, only in snowier times

The boys really enjoy the camera. I don't get it, nor does Am, but that's OK - as long as they remember to keep the bipeds working for it! Should you be a camera-lover yourself, just remember to throw in one of two of these:

Dave ... not quite looking like his suave self

And Zim, when Mom wanted him to pose. "Zimmie? Look at me, Zimmie!"

"No. Hey, we need a bigger house; I feel cramped."

Next up - a word about "costumes"!

Tail wags,


  1. Boyz khan be SOOOO furry diffikhult!


    PeeEssWoo: But they khan be soooo khute too!

  2. What a great pair of boys you have to work with. Each picture is cuter than the next. By the way, we love that backyard. We want more outdoor photos so we can see the pups romping around!

    Of course we gals like to be a wee bit more difficult. Tee hee.


  3. costumes! oh, no! not costumes! we are not one of those silly little dogs to be dressed up in dolls clothes. We have enough fur - we don't need no stinkin costumes. more than treats had better be involved if we are gonna dress up.

    Dave and Zim look fabulous as always. Mom is especially in love with Zimmie's cute snooter and the looks he give to the camera. That pic of Dave on his pillow is a winner

  4. It's important to cooperate a litte bit. Just enough to get their confidence up then BAM! Just when they really, really want a nice shot - ignore them.

  5. Snow Zimmie is my Mom's favorite picture of all time. She absolutely LOVES IT!!!! Check out my page for a little bit on it!


  6. It's great to see another husky who likes to lie with all four feet on a door; Ari would like to believe that she patented that move!

  7. It must be a boy thing. Steve loves the camera too!


  8. Very important point, Stormy! Thanks!

    Here, the camera likes the boys. That doesn't mean the boys like the camera.


    Not if it means cooperation!

  9. Haa haa I like that photo of Zim feeling cramp

    ~ Girl girl

  10. omdog the dave pic with the cookies is amazing! I hate the camera, Tanner is too oblivious to hate it!