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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Salute - Missy, Maya Marie and Bella's Mom!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to Missy, Maya Marie and Bella's mom, Gerri! As some of you know, she is starting a home-based business making gourmet dog biscuits! We at Ao4 HQs are lucky enough to have landed jobs as members of her taste-test panel! The cookies are incredible ... and we thought we'd share with you how our job is going so far!

It all started when the Big Brown Truck pulled up. Zim went out to greet the driver.

Ha roo?

The driver gave Mom two boxes, but not the box with our cookies in it! She told him she was expecting another box and he went in the back to look for it.

Hey. Hey, Mr. UPS Man!
I'm expecting a very important package!
Do you have it?

He couldn't find it, but said it was on his sheet as being "out for delivery", so it must be on another Big Brown Truck.

Are you sure? I could help you look!

He was sure. Fortunately, another Big Brown Truck pulled up later on and brought our package.

Yeah! This is it!

It had cute paw prints and puppy faces on it - we KNEW it was for us!

Inside, we found three different kinds of cookies: Banana Blueberry, Pumpkin Oat and Three Cheese. Mmmmm! They were all packed really nicely and had all the ingredients listed, so Mom could make sure they didn't contain anything that would upset our tummies! Gerri also enclosed a short questionnaire, so we could provide her some feedback. We'll email all the details to her, but in the meantime... a few photos can sum everything up!

Dave got to sniff the bags. He decided we should try the Banana Blueberry ones first.

He was so busy sniffing, the picture was blurry. That's why we made it small. But you get the point - they smell DELICIOUS!

To make it up to Davy fans out there, here's a bigger picture of him trying the cookie.


You can almost feel his excitement, can't you? My (Stormy's) picture is a bit blurry, too. It's not our fault - it's just that the cookies are so good, we couldn't contain our joy!

Yum! Bananananana Blueberry!

Check out Zim, sampling his first one!

WOWZERS! I love these!

And saving the BEST (at the risk of making her blush) picture for last ... here's Ammy!

They smell so GOOD!
And they're a cute heart shape, too!
Oh, I just love them!!!

One taste of these cookies, and you'll all love them, too! We predict that this business will be a BOOMING success!

It's a tough job, pups, but we're glad to help Gerri out! Missy?! Maya Marie?! Bella?! Please give your mom a couple VERY special kisses on the nose from us. We love all three varieties of the biscuits and ... we salute her!

The Army of Four


  1. Oh I know!

    They are sooo yummi and soon to be WERE sooooooo yummi!!

    My mom's pikhs were the same blurs!!!

    Good job on the OFFICIAL Ao4 Field Report!!!!


  2. Me and Maddie are just crazy about these cookies!
    We suspect the same as you, Biz should be a great success with bites that are delightful and tastey as these.

    Thank you Gerri, and we will get back to you on email soon!

    Woo, off to bug mom for some moooore.

    Frankie Girl

  3. Those biscuits look fabulous. I'm glad your mom thought to ask the UPS drivers: I bet they were trying to hog the cookies for themselves!

  4. Ours were super yummy. We even shared some with Miss Khyra yesterday!

    Woo woo, KA

  5. OMG, we're drooling here! You guys are making those biscuits look so yummiest ever! Lucky, lucky you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Oh we can't wait until those go into mass production and we can get some.

  7. What an appropriate salute! We can't wait for those cookies to be officially dubbed "okay" by the official dog cookie people so that we can buy some. We heard she has special wheat free ones that Shyla can have too! Woo!

  8. Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster! YUM!
    Pretty, good for you and delish. How much better does it get?

    Great job taste testers and Missy, Maya Marie and Bella's Mom.


  9. They are all SOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!


  10. Oh Wow! What an honor! We are all blushing.
    You got to look in the big brown truck for your box? That is amazing. We're glad you'all liked being tasters. Mom has two more recipies. Wait till you hear what they are. We would not live the kitchen today.
    Husky Hugs to all.
    MayaMarie, Missy, Bella and Gerri

  11. Looking at your face sure they were delicious!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. that brown truck always comes by my house, but it NEVER drops off cookies!! You guys sure are lucky!!!

  13. We agree - MayaMarie's mom is the best. Well, 2nd best next to our Momma. We've already allocated some of our treat allowance to buy her treats as soon as they are on the market.


    P.S. Thanks for checking on Tasha. The meds are working on her attitude but we're hoping for test results that will let us fix her insides too.

  14. We enjoyed our cookies too. The new business is going to sell like hotcakes!


    Yum, hotcakes...

  15. Woah, two UPS deliveries in a day?! Our UPS driver gives us treats, does yours? If we are in the front yard even if he isn't stopping to drop a package off, he still stops to toss us a treat! Way cook dude, I bet he has dogs!

    M & I

  16. Ooooops, that was us posting, accidentally on mumsies account... don't tell her... shhh...

    *tip towing away from the computer*

    M & I

    PS - we meant to say cool, not cook...

  17. Great salute for Awesome cookies! We're just sure MayaMarie, Missy & Bella's mom is gonna do a great business, she's already got all the taste testers lined up & clamoring for more!
    Bama & the RHP

  18. I am so jealous that we can't have any of those yummy treats!! I love hearing all about the taste tests though! And I can sure tell from everypup's face that they must be totally pawsome!!!


  19. Wow, those look really great!

    But we never have brown trucks pull up at our place. :-(

    Did you see the sign on the truck's steps? Does it mean you're supposed to grab the steps?

    What happens when the truck drives away?

    Cookies are better than steps, anyway.