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Friday, May 16, 2008

Cooperating For Photos 1 - Props - and Exam Time!

Tail wags, students! Stormy here. Welcome to my last lesson in Cooperating for Photos 1 here at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies.

You all did very well with our initial Pup Quiz, as I mentioned in my Intro. The next lesson covered that your biped is better off getting photos of you doing something YOU want to do ... or the overall lesson of Cooperating for Photos -- DON'T! Ha roo roo roo! "Do it if you feel like it" was the next lesson, closely followed by my advice to "mix it up" a bit. Keep the bipeds working for it! And costumes ... well... we just don't do costumes. We're Siberians.

Steve mentioned that he and Kat wear bandanas, "but only when we go to events. I have discovered that humans think I am cuter when I wear a bandana and I get more treats." Way to work it, Steve! That's perfect. Dave and Zim actually like bandanas - which is their choice. In fact, here's one of Mom's favorite pictures of them:

They do look quite handsome, don't they? And I'm so proud of Zim. He eventually ate his bandana. Just to keep Mom guessing.

So now ... props. You've seen us with them. You know - balancing something on our snooters from time to time, whether it's a Christmas decoration or one of Mom's Hold the Phone! Bags. Whatever. Unless the Sibe in question actually likes what he's doing ... Mom has to bring out the big guns for those shots. Yep. I'm talking peanut butter. Oh, yeah! Of course, sometimes it's in our job description ...

Dave. Guide Dog for the Color Blind.

...then it's all in the line of duty. (In defense of Dave, it's not his fault Mom had the camera handy after he chose a fabric for her! He was amply rewarded afterwards, trust me.) Posing with props is OK, just make them step up the reward!

And now ... for your exam! Go forth and do YOUR best to Cooperate For Photos! I'll enjoy seeing your work on your blogs. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section! I know you'll all do me proud!

I hope you've enjoyed our first on-line class from the SZK School of Siberian Studies. It has been my pleasure doing this, and I hope to offer more classes soon! I even have a guest lecturer lined up for a special language class!

Tail wags!

PS: My handsome Prince and his lovely sister Summer have tagged Dave, Am and me in the latest Memoir Meme. We'll get those up shortly! Thanks for the tag!


  1. WOW!

    I sooooo wonder who that will be?

    I only hope the khlass doesn't mind my "Yorkie" voice!

    I'm just sayin'!

    Khan't wait to help edukhate!


  2. I did not think I liked bandanas either, but now I wear one almost all the time. I get anxious when Mom takes the old one off and am happy again when she puts the new one on. Then I show Dad and he rubs my belly.


  3. Oh, I know exactly what I'm going to do for my final exam! I hope I get an "A"!


  4. This has been good! Thanks Stormy!

    I hope this exam isn't like my dokker exams! We'll have to think on what to do.

  5. You boys are such great hams! Dave, you are so very cute, but you're covering up your snooter!

    We are protesting a final exam, but maybe Mom will have the right inspiration for us. I feel the need for seafood!

    Lhasa Love,
    Heidi, Lady of Leisure

  6. I get a bit nervous when it comes to exam time but I will do my best!

    I will also think about some more classes that you could run, Stormy. This one has been really good! I hope my homework has been ok.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  7. I have learned quite a lot! I really need to look away from the camera when mom tries to take my picture, instead of hamming it up!


  8. Woopsie. Woke up late and missed all the classes. Managed to catch up on all of it today. Phew, good thing lessons are on-line.
    I love photo sessions coz I've trained mum well to give me a treat for each pose. Recently, we tested the treat technique when we recreated the pics for our Sleepless night post.
    Thanks for the lessons. :-)

  9. Oh guys we've missed so much!!Mum has been so busy at work she couldn't help us with blogging. We just made mum go back to lesson 1 of your "cooperating for photos" What a lot of great advice and lovely photos!! We also missed Amber's adoption day - so a very belated adoption day to her.

  10. Thanks for the tips!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. Woo! We'll get right to work on our final exam! Mom is sneezing her way in to work today so we have all day to study with Dad. We can't wait to see who the guest language lecturer is!
    ECHO - I mean....EKHO

  12. We have learned so much. Mom just got a new camera so we will have plenty of opportunities to test what we have learned!