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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kong-on-a-Rope! Kong-on-a-Rope! Kong-on-a-Rope!

Wooo, it's me, Dave! Did you see the picture of me the other day when we did our Memoir Meme? It was me playing with my FAVORITE outside toy - my Kong-on-a-Rope! I LOVE playing with my Kong-on-a-Rope!

I love to play tuggy-tug with it, and I love to run after it when Mom throws it!

Here I come, Mom!

And unlike three other puppies around here I could name, I love to bring it BACK! Here's a cool video of me playing with my Kong-on-a-Rope!

What do you mean my video won't upload?

OK. We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties up-loading my very cool video. If you'd like to see it, please click here. Thank woo.

Oh... but, no. In case you are wondering. I draw the line at actually putting it down. "Drop it"? What DOES that mean, anywoo?



  1. Woo -

    Nice work Dave!

    Yep, I don't drop either - that is, until I decide!!

    Happy Wednesday -


  2. Deeve - I am the same way! I love it when my Mom throws my frisbees in the yard...I go get them, and bring the back to her, but then I like to play a little tug of war, too!!

    I'll bet you and I would have lots of fun playing!!


  3. Oh my goodness you are SO cute when you play!!!!!!!!!
    China & Madie

  4. You know what? I got a kong on a rope after Christmas. I need to find it. I think it's buried in my toy box. You look like you're having so much fun, I want to join in!


  5. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for the birthday song.. I loved it..

    Big Hugs and Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  6. We love to chase but we're not very good and giving stuff back! We need to work on that, huh?!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Whew! I was relived to hear that you didn't drop it too! WOO! We love to watch you play. You make Mom smile with your bounciness.

  8. Bouncer Dave,

    How clever of you to run with the Kong's rope and the leash. You're looking especially handsome bounding around. Journey is our resident fetch and play guy. He doesn't drop as his name, Journey King of Tug, might indicate. However he does trade a toy for something more enjoyable like brisket, steak, shrimp, and sometimes even chicken. I have nothing to do with that whole fetching thing, but I am up for a good tug.



  9. Oh Dave, you look soooo adorable bouncing and bouncing until you get your kong!! I don't give toys back either! That's why we are perfect for each other!!


  10. Your so bouncy like a Labbie, You fetch like a Labbie...you just dont have that "Drop It" down yet!

    If you took that sibe suit off, I bet you would! That must be it.

    Maddie....come on Dave come to the Labbie side.....all the way

  11. that is just like me! I bring the toy back, but I sure as heck won't actually GIVE It to you! fun video, your grass is SO green!

  12. Dave,
    You look like your having so much fun. Your Momma is well trained. Ours insist that not only do we drop it but we must drop it at their feet so they don't even have to move. Lazy humans.


  13. Good job Dave. :) You sure can fetch it really fast

    ~ Girl girl

  14. and the Canine Kids said,
    We love Kongs on ropes. But we don't bring them back. You are so talented.

  15. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Awww Dave... you are so bouncy!!! I LOVE IT!

  16. Hi, Dave! you look fabu chasing after that Kong. My toy of choice is my free-bee, or rather what is left of it. It doesn't exactly fly anymore, but it's mine and I won't let them replace it with some imposter

  17. Good picture of you running!

    I'm 10 too and I can run. When I hear the Human Assistant getting medi-treats ready!