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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Serene Scenery Saturday

Woo, everypup and everycat. It's me, Dave. Stormy said due to the big holiday weekend, we should move our normally scheduled Serene Scenery Sunday post up a day and make it Serene Scenery Saturday. I volunteered to take it this week, because I saw lots of cool stuff in the gardens when I was out with Squeaky Fish the other day. Ready to have a look around?

Down at the end of the middle tier, I saw a bunch of daisies:

DSCN5844 Daisies

They're called
Becky Daisies, but I have no idea who Becky is or why her daisies are in our garden. She must be nice to share, though. I think I'd have to hug her if I met her.

At the opposite end of that tier is a big Rose of Sharon bush.
Hmm. I don't know Sharon, either, but here's a collage of what the blooms look like on that bush:


I think Sharon deserves a hug, too; don't you?

Speaking of roses... here are our "real" roses.


Aunt Janet sent us that plant a few years ago and it's doing really well. Oh. And I have hugged Aunt Janet, so at least I'm one for three. Woo.

Mom wasn't happy with how her pix of the roses came out, but she did some special effects on that larger one on the right - the one with the bug on it - and it made her happy. Here's how that came out:


I'm feeling pretty serene myself right about now! Before we end our tour, though -- Mom thought I should strike a pose under the Purple Ash tree to show you how big the Purple Emperor Sedum are this year. Here you go:

DSCN5864 Dave
Me and the sedum

As Ammy would ask, "
Can you see-dem?" Ha woo. A little garden humor. They're a nice contrast against the rocks and all, but they aren't in bloom yet. I thought they could use a splash of color, so ... OK, here's a collage:


Don't you think Squeaky Fish adds a nice burst of color in there? Mom made me put him back in the toy box on the deck, though. I can't understand that.

I hope you liked our garden tour today. Do you feel serene now? I do. Except for not being able to hug Becky or Sharon - whoever they are!


If you'd like to see larger images of the pix in the collages or any of the other photos in today's post, please visit our FlickR page!


  1. Thanks for the tour of the garden, Dave. We can't imagine why your mom made you remove squeaky fish. You should get to "plant" something too.

  2. You have a lovely garden, Dave. Thank you for sharing!


  3. What a nice post. We love those daisies, so purrty.
    Happee 4th
    Benny & Lily

  4. sharon's bush looks like hibiscus! The yellow version is the state flower of Hawaii.
    hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Dave, thanks so much for the beautiful tour of the garden!! Mom laughed about Becky and Sharon because she doesn't know them either. They deserve a hug though. We think we know why Squeaky Fish has to stay on the deck. Isn't it because of your mom's exploding head listening to it? Love the picture of you!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. I seed um ok!

    Happy 4th July to you and your family. Even though we were the bad guys, way back, we are so glad we are friends now....... ;OD

    Lovely pics, enjoyed seeing your Mama's beautiful flowers and garden.....

    lotsaluv and loyal licks, Marvin xxxx oh and Jeannie oh and my Dad and all my human bi peds too.

    oh my we saw a beast who had four legs, walking as a bi ped today, kinda scary....

    He was truly a yellow rose. Of Texas, well he was wearing yellow colours.....ha ha!

  7. oh and we call those daisies "Livingston Daisies" and I have no idea in my Marvin head why they are called Livingston Daisies....

    although my human bi ped bro had a teacher called Mr Livingston, and he was known famously throughout the school as Daisy Livingstone.....

    Perhaps he got lost in the jungle once .....

    Marv xxxxxxxxxwho lives in a country where a Zucchini is called a Courgette and where a Fava Bean is a Broad. Ask Ammy, I am sure she will have a lovely joke about all this!!

  8. What great job Dave. We really enjoy all the beautiful flowers and of course Super Dave...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  9. That was most serene. I think the brightly colored squeak toy added a wonderful touch.


  10. Oh oh oh. How absolutely gorgeous! Dave... thanks so much for giving us a royal tour of your garden to see those amazing flowers - and I think those rose pix are so beautiful that I can practically smell them from here! See dem's are big (roo!) and you look pawesome with your cool fish squeaky that looks like kong on a rope! (And nooooooooo - lil one will never get my kong heheh!) She actually has a baby waterproof cloth bumper! I like it okay, but my kong is so way better!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  11. Dave, you have so many pretty flowers in your yard! Of course you look very handsome posing in your yard too!

    That's nice of you to want to hug Becky and Sharon and since you don't know who they are, we'll volunteer to take their hugs for them!

  12. What beautiful flowers. Your mom takes beautiful photos Dave. I have to agree squeaky fish adds to the photo for sure, but you are still the star of the photos you handsome pup you! <3

  13. Thanks for the garden tour Davy. Mum says can she please have a hug even though she is not called Sharon or Becky?


  14. What a wonderful group of photos Dave...and it does make us feel so very serene!!

    Mama just loves all the pretty flowers and the special effects your Mama does!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  15. Yes! I feel very serene now!
    Beautiful flowers and a very handsome Dave!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. lovely! Sharon looks like the hibiscus, our national flower (:

  17. "yellow rose of Texas.....shes the sweetest little rosebud Texas ever knew..........da de dah"

    My Jeannie said she woke up this morning and this song was going around in her head.....

    still better than "What did Delaware....!"

    Hope your Mum is no longer haunted by the songs on my 4th July post!

    We exist to serve - Songs which you cannot get outta your head

  18. Just lovely pics of your flowers Dave.
    We just love the rose complete with bug - what a great colour.
    Martha and Bailey xx

  19. We love those pix, Dave.
    We feel very serene now, the flowers in your garden are beautiful.
    Of course the bestest piccies were of you. Especially the one posing near the sedum. Our human LOVES that one. You are soooo photogenic!

  20. WOW what beautiful pictures! looks like a great place to romp around.
    Have Fun,