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Saturday, February 19, 2011

This One's Still Here!

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave.  What did you think of those scary pictures Zim posted yesterday!??!  I have to tell you, I was pretty shocked when he told me about the frogs taking the Tuttle Creek Dam/Ocean!  My first thought was about the Kansas Ocea well, OK, Storm said I should always be honest, so honestly my first thought was how come I didn't get to go to the Tuttle Creek Dam/Ocean? But my second thought was what about the Kansas Ocean?!?  Did the frogs take that one, too?!!?  I had to go check it out!

Oh, I know what you're thinking!  "Dave.  Your mom was just out with Zim.  How did you get her to take you somewhere, too?"  This is how it's done:

IMG_1353 Dave
"Woo is me."

Stormy hasn't just taught me to be honest, she taught me how to do the Sad Eyes Look. Pretty effective, don't you think?

Yeah, so it just took a few seconds of doing that ... and before I knew it, we were headed to the Kansas Ocean. Here's what we found:

IMG_1324 Dave
"Whew! This one's still here!"

No frogs or fog anywhere! In fact, it was a gorgeous, clear day at the Kansas Ocean!

DSCN0505 Dave
"Smell that salt air!"

Well, not exactly salt air. We have fresh-water oceans here in Kansas.  And very blue skies, once the fog clears out.

After we walked around for a while, Mom asked me to pose for some pictures. Here's a pretty cool portrait shot, with the ocean in the background:

DSCN0501 Dave

Mom also asked me to do a "sit and look cute" pose, like she asked Zimmie. Here's what I came up with:

DSCN0500 Dave
Me and my shadow!

Stormy was real proud of both of us for not cooperating!

Oh - and don't think Storm was left out of the adventures!  Right after Mom and I got back from the Kansas Ocean, Storm gave her the Harp Seal Look, so she got to go out exploring, too.  That's when she discovered the ocean in our front yard!

Have a great weekend!  I hope yours is filled with fun adventures!



  1. Woo, you guys have so many more oceans there than we realized.

  2. Woweeee!! You have all been so busy in the last day or so.

    That blue sky so suits your colouring Dave. Hmm, maybe I should have a furdye??

    We have fogs too Zimmy, but it is at the top of our Rock. Not sure about those frog things.

    And Stormy, we have an Atlantic Ocean to our west that is plenty big enough for me. I would not be looking for other ones.

    Have a lovely weekend all.

    Pippa xx

  3. Dear Dave,

    Please don't show Bobo and Meja the 'Sad Eyes Look', they are already spoiled rotten and this would just throw things over the edge.

    Thank you,

    Bobo and Meja Mommy

  4. What wonderful pictures, you look so handsome in them!

  5. who knew Kansas has so many oceans!
    Such great pictures of you Dave!

  6. It seems there are oceans everywhere you turn down in Kansas. One for each of you to explore.


  7. We love all the oceans. Sad eyes work every time
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hi, Dave!
    Those sad eyes sure make the trick all the time!
    Glad that ocean is still there!
    And... another in the yard?? Wow!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I had no idea Kansas was the centre of the oceanic world! Amazing the things you learn.


  10. Well, we learned some things about Kansas today!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful views with us.
    Have a luvly weekend!


  11. Dave, you are just so handsome! We're glad that look worked on your mom and you got to go visit the other Kansas Ocean!

  12. Oh Dave, I really just want to smooch on that adorable pickle nose! I can see why your mom finds it so hard to resist you!


  13. Anonymous11:08 PM

    What a lovely place to visit! I think I need lessons off Stormie too! I know Digby gets to go to heaps of places like training and the Vet! I've ben to the vet only about once so I am really missing out because Digby is there about every month!

    your pal,

  14. Oh my Dave....you're still as cute as ever. I just love your freckled nose. hehe.

    Love, Sagira