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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tail wags, dear readers!  It's me, Stormy.  Do you remember a couple weeks ago, when Zim dedicated a Serene Scenery Sunday to our kit-cat friends?  You may have noticed that the Callie-Co Kitty is trusting us more and more.

IMG_1274 Zim and Calico Kitty
Zim and Callie from a couple weeks ago

She always talks to us when we go out, meowing greetings and news of the neighborhood to us.  Mom has even petted her - but only when we're not there for some reason.*  We love to hang out with her, just enjoying her company.  She seems to enjoy ours as well.  She was out in our side yard yesterday, and I got to spend some time with her!

Here we are, delighting in seeing each other:

DSCN0595 Stormy and Calico Kitty
"Meow, Storms!"

Don't be fooled by the scary look on her face. She was in mid-meow.  In fact, if you'd like to see a video of the two of us and hear her talking, please click here.  (We're having problems embedding videos for some reason; sorry for the inconvenience!)

After she filled me in on everything that's been going on, we both posed for portraits.  Here are two of Callie:

DSCN0594 Calico Kitty
Callie-Co Kitty

DSCN0598 Calico Kitty
Callie - not looking at the camera.  

Isn't she a lovely kitty? While Mom was taking her picture, I did some exploring under the pines. That would explain how my portrait came out:

DSCN0603pse Stormy

Personally Siberianly speaking, I like the touch of snow on my head!

After we had visited for a bit, Mom said it was time for us to head inside. I wished Callie a good afternoon, then went in to find Zim and fill him in on everything.

DSCN0597 Stormy and Calico Kitty
"Stay safe, Cal.  I'll give Zim your best!"

Do you have special friends in the neighborhood?  I love spending time with our kit-cat pals!  Enjoy your weekend!

Tail wags,

*Note from the mom of the Ao4:  We don't know to whom Callie-Co belongs; she does not wear a collar.  Because of that, we don't know if she has been properly immunized or what disease or parasites she might be carrying.  Unless I discover that she indeed is under a veterinarian's care and in good health, I will not let her meet nose-to-nose with Zim or Stormy, our kitty-lovers.


  1. That cat is very beautiful. She's in very good condition too so she must belong to somebody but you are right, don't get too close to it just in case. That one looks like it will not hesitate to scratch ya!

  2. Dat dere Cally-Co is very purrty.

    Our neighbors have a new puppy, Muffin. We forgot how much energy a puppy has!!! Sheesh she wears us out. Usually till Meja has to nip her on the beehind to tell her to chilly down!!!

    Bobo and Meja

  3. Careful, that kitty kat ONLY looks friendly and cute!!
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a pretty kitty! Meow to you :)

  5. We would not trust that cat and would chase it. There is no reason to snarl at Stormy like that. (even though your Mom says it wasnt what the picture showed ... pictures are worth lots of words)

    Remy and Flash

  6. She looks like a nice girl, Stormy. I love your portrait shot!


  7. Hi, Stormy!
    Sure Callie is good telling you everything about the neighborhood!
    Your mom is right. It is best to keep your distance until you know where she comes from!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Callie is a very pretty kitty and we think she's asking to become a part of your family! I always think others should share in the "joy" of having kitty sisfurs like I do! But I chase off other kitties I see outside because I don't need anymore kitties in my house!


  9. Must be kool to have a kitty kat friend. Most of the kats here are kinda fiesty!


  10. hope you find out soon who Callie belongs to. kitty-lovers? well, sapphire would love to chase them! ;p

  11. It's nice she wants to be your friend! I sure hope she has a family! She's such a pretty girl!


  12. I hope Callie has a good home. She's quite a cutie!
    And I love the touch of snow on you

  13. She looks healthy enough, but you are right to be cautious. She sure does have a lot to say, but I expected a woo woo woo in the movie.


  14. She is a pretty kitty - I hope someone is taking care of her propery, and you all can play together!


  15. Quite right to leave her alone. You know my views on those monsters.


  16. Hi Storm - sorry it's taken me so long to come by and say hello! My paws have been a bit full with a bit of hissing, spitting kitty fluff! :-)

    Wow - you've really become good friends with Callie, haven't you? And what a talkative kitty! I've never heard one meow so much! She is stunning too - what amazing colours! We think she must be being looked after by somebody, surely? She seems to healthy and in such good condition! (Doesn't she mind the snow, though?)

    I hope you do find out more about her and where she comes from so you can get a chance to say hello properly!

    Honey the Great Dane