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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Home Alone

Woo, every pup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  Mom and Dad had a bunch of stuff going on yesterday, and they had to leave me and Zim here at Ao4 Headquarters all alone a bunch of times.  Like a billion times.  Or was it twice?  The number doesn't matter; it was horrible.

One of the times, they were gone a really, really long time - maybe an hour.  I'm not sure.  Mom snuck into the house when they got back, and I thought you'd like to see how well-behaved we are while they're gone.  This is what I was doing:

IMG_0016 Dave

Yep.  Laying on my quilt in the living room like a good puppy!

And Zimmie?  He was WORKING!  Isn't that commendable?!?  Check out this action packed series of him on Guard Duty by the front door!

IMG_0068 Zim
"Oh... hey.  You're home early."

IMG_0070 Zim
" 'Get down'?  Me?  Really?  You can't be serious."

IMG_0071 Zim
"If you had called first, we could have avoided all of this unpleasantness."

Woo.  Zim's not just working on guarding the house, he's still working on helping Mom trash that whole "no Sibes on the sitzbank" rule.  What a work ethic!

What do all of you do when your bipeds leave you home alone?



  1. You guys are good for sure. To be honest I have never been left home alone. Well OK one time, and I broke right threw the front door trying to find my MOM, put a hole IN THE FRONT DOOR bigger than me. From that day forward I have gone to Bert's place. And if MOM has to shop she does it before she picks me up (rarely does she do it that way) or she waits until 2AM so I can go with her when it is not to hot for me to stay in the Blazer. Maybe if I had a pal to keep me company I could stay home by myself.

  2. How rude of them not to call!

    If you keep it up, you'll have your humans broken of all those silly rules.

    I love when the humans are gone and I can finally get some rest. Master is home with us today and I'm just so tired from supervising him ALL DAY LONG.


  3. Mah sisfur Sassy and I just lay around listening for The Mama's car. The little rat dog is always getting into everything. She very naughty. ~Rama

  4. Monty stays out of the way of our camera's - we have no idea what he does all day. Sam, he lays in front of the front door and mopes till his people come home!


  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding (or 2 or 3,) I am now barricaded in a small room with large appliances when I'm home alone. I don't like it.

    Dave, about your comment on my blog... you're thinking too hard pal. Reread the first paragraph and it will all make sense.

  6. I want to know how it was possible for your mom to sneak back into the house without you boys knowing it? Are you afflicted with the old age loss of hearing like my Nina? If she is asleep somewhere when we get home she doesn't hear us come in the house either and we have to hunt her down and wake her up.


  7. I am typing this from my laptop in the cool comfort of my cozy kennel. I love my room. It has a soft bed that I can paw at and twist around, and I always have one of my favorite toys and a yummy peanut butter Kong in here! Cinderella and Laila are crated where I can keep an eye on them and we can all chat, and we have some nice music playing in the background. It's a wonderful way to spend a day!

  8. You must have felt abandoned with them away do long
    Benny & Lily

  9. Anonymous4:23 PM

    whoa! you are such a good Sibe Dave!! Napping away on the floor. And Zimmerz, all tough and guard dog like..cool! I'm a cat so I mostly nap when they are gone, but sometimes I rip around doing zoomies like Zim did...ya can't really see cat claw marks on the wood floor like ya can a dogs...so they don't notice my skid marks...meeeeooowwww...paw pats, Savannah

  10. Zim is such a role model. This morning, Mom wanted me to get off the bed, but I knew what she really wanted was to play. So I started running around on the bed, bowing, rolling in circles, all sorts of fun stuff. Just like Zim, I knew she really didn't want me to get down and take a bath.


  11. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I think woo know what juno does! She commits flip flop mastication crimes!

  12. Waiting sure isn't fun, is it but we know sometimes it can't be helped.
    Mom gates Molly in the kitchen. She has never once done anything wrong so her freedom continues. I get to be on the other side of the gate to guard the rest of the house.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. That was not nice of them to sneak in and interrupt your home alone-ness. We sleep when we're home alone so we can be up all night playing thundering herd of elephants!

  14. I usually sleep. It makes the time go faster.


    p.s. keep up the good work Zimmie!

  15. mol! we're good puppies like you, Dave, and nap when our mom is gone :D it's more fun causin trouble...er...doing things to help her, when she is home. since Zim is an honorary cat, he can use our rules...and the first one is we don't have any ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, HOllie

  16. I have a job to do when My Vickie is gone. It is my job to make sure all of our guests are safe and happy. I patrol the property checking out each and every play area and making sure everyone minds.

    Thats my job when she is gone, but sometimes I sleep on the job. (Don't tell her)

  17. You guys did great. I hate, hate, hate when my peeps leave me, especially Mommy. I just lay by the door they left from and wait til they come back. I sleep sometimes. Did I mention I hate it?

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Hey Zimmie! I think your humans should commend you for all your hard work protecting your home! If they haven't figured out by now that the sitzbank is YOURS, then I think they are hopeless.


  19. Hey Zimmie! I think your humans should commend you for all your hard work protecting your home! If they haven't figured out by now that the sitzbank is YOURS, then I think they are hopeless.


  20. Sometimes when my humans leave they try to sneak back into the house all quiet like to see if we are on duty. I think that is so mean.

    Zim is obviously hard at work guarding the house. Dave, I think you might need to put some security cameras in so that you can at least look like you are on duty when they come back.


  21. What a great guard dog ;)

    Stop on by for a visit