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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Another Reason We Aren't Fond of Fireworks

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave.  Today started out like most other days here - Mom took Zim out at 0300, then I got up at 0400 and we walked down the street a bit.  Mom was thinking about napping at about 0430 ... then she heard sirens.  And more sirens.  And then she saw the flashing lights.

I stayed in the house  to take that nap  on Guard Duty while Zim went out to explore.  This was the scene from our garage just after 0500:

IMG_9465 Zim

Our street was swarming with emergency vehicles - and up there on the hill -- our neighbors' house was on fire.



It was a horrible scene!  We said a lot of prayers and to our best knowledge, our neighbors are safe.

IMG_9468 Zim
SGT Zim, on the scene

There was no lightning in our area last night.  There were, however, an awful lot of fireworks and firecrackers being set off by the neighbors.  Oh, NOT by the neighbors whose house burned down.  

The Fire Department and Police Department responded very quickly - and by just after 0600, when I  got up from my nap  got off Guard Duty, everything was pretty much under control.  

IMG_9473 Dave
Me, checking everything out

There is still a lot of work going on up there, and I'm sure there will be for some time.

Our question is:   Were fireworks the cause of the fire?

Anything else would be an amazing coincidence.

It's not just the noise.  It's not just all the debris laying around afterwards (that us pups can't resist tasting... then we get sick...).  It's about safety.  Of ourselves and our homes.

Mom keeps trying to turn this into an editorial and I keep erasing what she's typing.  It's our blog, Mom!  We're just very thankful our neighbors are alright - and are also thankful for the emergency personnel who responded so quickly and got the fire under control!

Count your blessings, everyone.  And hug your people tight.



  1. Momma was worried about that, because our neighbors behind us love to have parties and shoot fireworks. It's been really dry here, so bad things could happen. :( I'm glad your neighbors are safe, at least.

  2. OMD - I'm glad your neighbors are safe. Our neighbors were letting fireworks loose in their backyard and we were worried about our house.


  3. Fireworks can be scary because of things like what happened in your neighborhood and people get crazy and get hurt too. Glad your neighbors are safe and that you all are too. We didn't have as many this year but there were a couple that really scared - make that startled us a lot.
    Ernie and the pack

  4. We are still praying for your neighbors. What a terrible thing! I am sure that if it is fireworks, the people shooting them will also be very very sad (well, we hope so anyway).


  5. that is terrible and we hope everyone got out safe. We do have to agree - something about fireworks makes some people do dumb things (not that we are saying that was the case here - but it sure seems to happen a lot)

  6. Zim and Dave that's so sad when people lose their homes. There were fireworks here last night, too. Why don't people listen to the weather experts and authorities? Mom and Dad watched the fireworks on tv and turned the sound off for us. We were really upset all evening.

    Bryn and Dolly

  7. I am glad your neighbors are safe. Where I live there was a ban on fireworks in most areas, including in my neighborhood. But last night you would have thought my patio was firework central. MOM and I were enjoying a beverage on the patio and enjoying the evening then BOMB! From East, West, North and South fireworks going off all around us. And not just sparklers I am talking high flying aerials. After the day before s little fire just on the other side of my back fence started by the neighbors you would think they would have learned. So Dave you can let your more go on about this issue. I am right there with her. GRRRRRRR to careless people.

  8. I'm so glad the neighbors are ok. The Human Woman told me this morning about what your Human Woman posted on the Facebook and I was so angry I stomped my little feety feet.

    I hate fireworks!


  9. Amen to that!

    We're sure glad everyone is OK.

    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  10. What a scary morning! Glad everyone is safe.


  11. OH my., we feel so bad for your neighbors. We live in fear here too because our neigbor has left their fields to become a tinder box of 7 foot tall dry grasses and weeds. One spark from a passing car or some idiot throwing out a cigarette and Our whole place, the kennel, our home, ect would be gone in a few minutes. What is wrong with people.

    OK, My Vickie is thru ranting but she wants your human to keep it up on your end.


  12. How scary. Thank goodness you were out there directing the emergency staff. Those boomers should be illegal all over the place
    Benny & Lily

  13. That's very scary! We're glad everybuddy is okay! That's one of mommy's biggest fears with fireworks since our Grandpa from Kansas was on the fire department so she knows how many fire calls he went on due to fireworks. We hope your neighbors can rebuild quickly.

  14. We are glad your neighbors are all right. Our Missouri grandparents said they have been very dry and so I imagine you are pretty dry in Kansas as well. You would think with all of the forest fires people would be more considerate and just watch the city's show.


    PS. Excellent job on guard duty, Dave. You kept your house safe.

    I am just glad that the PEEPS are all safe.

  16. Zeesh mates, that's really scary. We didn't have any fireworks to deal with last night as local law enforcement made it pretty clear that they would not be tolerated- what with all the forest fires. Take care huskerboos!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  17. Breaks my heart. Your neighbors will be in my thoughts. And of course is is never the persons home who is being dumb and letting them off, it is always an innocent victims home. :(

  18. Our mom is always saying that she wishes that fireworks had never been invented.
    Thank goodness no lives were lost!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Mum is very glad that fireworks are illegal here. I'm just glad that the neighbours weren't home.


  20. yoW! how scary, Dave! we will keep your neighbors in our prayers. we sure hope everybuddy is safe. we sure wish folks could be content to leave the fireworks stuff to professionals. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  21. Oh my, So sorry for your neighbors, were glad they are all safe. Fireworks are just terrible. Even though it's against the law people light them off, and it's so dry here.

    The silvers and more

  22. Oh-noes!
    Glad to know your neighbors are safe!
    Fires are not funny!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  23. OMD! That is so horrible! I sure hope everyone was safe. Another reason we don't like fireworks either. Especially with the heat and dry conditions it just isn't safe, and some people just don't think about what might land on someone's roof.

    Holly & Khady

  24. Oh My! That's really terrible...!
    Glad to hear that they are okay.
    We love watching them fireworks but that's about it.
    Safety first people!!!

    Maxx and mommy