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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Serene Scenery Sunday

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim - and today both me and Dave are here to bring you Serene Scenery Sunday.  There's a lot going on in our gardens, so we thought Dave would take the front yard and I would give you a quick tour out back.  Ready?!?  Take it, Dave!

DSCN3975 Dave
Dave is all smiles!

Woo.  Thanks, Zim.  Let's peek around the north side and take a quick look at one of the Russian Sage plants:

DSCN3958 Russian Sage
Russian Sage

It's looking nice and healthy, but doesn't like to stand up.  Mom thinks it needs to be moved in the Fall or Spring to an even sunnier place.  Or maybe it needs vodka.  She's not sure.

Over on the other side of the house is one of our big Austrian Pines.  Mom shot this with her iPhone and did some special effects to it:

IMG_9330 Austrian Pine

It looks peaceful, doesn't it?

The Mums are still trying to make the scene:

DSCN3976 Dave checking the Mums

I wonder if they'll have any "oomph" left by Fall, when they're supposed to bloom?  Oh.  And that Dwarf King Tut Papyrus that Mom has in that pot in the middle of the Mums doesn't look like it's been enjoying our heat.  It gets plenty of sun there, so we aren't sure what the deal is.

Oh.  Check out the guy I saw in the front of the bed:

DSCN3977 Garden Snail

A snail.  Or as the French say, "escargot".  It reminds me of a great joke my sweet sister Ammy used to tell.  (Please click here to hear it; you won't be sorry.)

I better turn things over to Zim...

Thanks, Dave.  And I still think Ammy's joke is a riot!  Anyway... let's start the backyard tour over here in Mom's favorite part of the garden.  Here I am, snoofing the Echinacea Mom bought in a fund-raiser for the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue group:

DSCN4020 Zim

I thought I could make a wish that all homeless pups and kit-cats could find forever homes, then eat the petals off the flower, but Mom thought maybe that wasn't how it works.  I decided to say a prayer instead.

Just on the other side of the fence from there, up on the lowest tier, is where the Pow Wow Wild Berry Echinaceas are.  Here's a look at one:

DSCN3948 Pow Wow Wild Berry Echinacea

Mom can't get enough of that color!

The Blue Dune grasses we put in this year are just down a bit from the special part of the garden:

DSCN4014 Zim

Can you see them there, sort of straddling the light?  The grass by the light is one Mom transplanted (it's a Dwarf Fountain Grass); it's not doing real well, but there is green in it, so Mom's not giving up!

Over by the fence is where Mom put that not-14-inches-but-14-feet grass:

DSCN4026 Zim
Me by the Plume Grass

It's doing great!  Click here to compare how it was just a couple weeks ago!

OK... back up on the middle tier... let's see what the Becky Daisies are doing!

DSCN3997 Becky Daisy and camouflaged friend 

Entertaining a well-camouflaged bug!  How cool!  (For more pix of the daisies and other various garden pix, please visit our set on FlickR.)

After a short hiatus, the Butterfly Weed is back in bloom:

DSCN4027 Zim
Click here for a close up!

Mom wouldn't let me eat that, either, but I did snag a buzzing cicada when she wasn't looking.  Ha roo!!!  I love it when they vibrate all through my mouth!  Mom gets real excited about that, too.  (Sadly, she makes me spit them out...)

Moving right along ... here's how the "Red" Creeping Thyme is looking:

IMG_9275 "Red" Creeping Thyme

I think Dave, Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind, needs to have a talk with whoever named that!

Let's check on the Lavender:

DSCN4029 Zim

Looking good!  Here's a close up:

DSCN4009 Lavender!

On the bottom tier down there are the Crape Myrtles and the white Rose of Sharon.  Here's a Rose of Sharon for you:

DSCN4006 Rose of Sharon

Further up in the yard, the other Rose of Sharon are still blooming, too:

DSCN4012 Rose of Sharon

I can't decide which ones I like best!

Well... that's about all I've got for you today!  Do you feel nice and serene now?

DSCN4038 Zim
"I hope you found some serenity in our gardens!"

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Play bows,

And Luv from Dave!

PS:  To answer the question we know is coming ... no, I do not have to be on a leash in my fenced-in yard.  However, if Mom wants sweet photos of me carefully checking out her garden, a leash and a pocket full of treats is going to make the process a WHOLE lot easier and more serene for both of us!  Ha roo roo roo!!!


  1. Beautiful garden as always. Thanks for the tour.


  2. You two make the best tour guides. The garden is looking very peaceful and colourful. Lots of different plants and your mom is getting very clever with the camera.

  3. That picture of the Russian Sage with the mulch Background is REALLY pretty. Very Delicate.

    WHAT??? YOU CAUGHT A CICADA (we call them Locusts here)????? Those thingys drive me crazy when they CALL. BUTT, guess what... after you hear the FIRST Cicada call... it will be 10 weeks to the furst FROST!!

  4. I love your gardens and I did check out that snail joke. Hehe...now i know one more trivia; you two know French!

    Muaks. Thank you for cheering me up.

  5. Your yard is so pretty. I can't believe you have a real snail in your yard. How cool!

  6. Our Russian Sage doesn't stand tall either. Maybe a shot of Vodka is a great idea?! Your gardens are so beautiful, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. We love your garden. Mom is doing a fine job
    Benny & Lily

  8. I love the white Rose of Sharon!

    Auntie Trace

  9. thank you so much for the lovely tour through your garden. it's beautiful.
    serene wags.

  10. isn't nature beautiful?

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. That joke was very very funny!

    I figured you were on your leash so that you wouldn't eat all the flowers. They are so so tastey so I understand the temptation.


  12. I really enjoyed the tour!
    Sails here are called "caracoles"!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. I always find serenity in your garden, always.
    So what you are saying is vodka makes things stiff and stand up? I think MOM will have to try that on a couple of our plants/flowers. Let ya know how that works out.

  14. I feel super serene now! Thanks as always for a serene boost to my weekend. You have such pretty flowers! Momma killed ours. Well, she said it's the heat, but I know it's her fault.

  15. Hi Guys!
    Wow! The Russian Sage is very pretty!
    Mommy truly loves your garden! It's so serene and clean!!
    I accidentally squashed one of them snails at the garden, the other day...:(