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Sunday, July 29, 2012

What A Bunch Of...

Ha roo, pups and kit-cat pals!  It's me, Zim, here with the rest of the pix from my very cool trip to the fair/rodeo instead of Serene Scenery Sunday.  Hopefully, you'll find this just as peaceful!  Yesterday, I showed you my horse friends - today it's all about the bulls!

As with the horses, we walked around the pen nice and easy for a while, letting the bulls get used to me and to see if they'd mind if I came over.

IMG_9988 Zim
"Hey, you guys!  What's shakin'?"

Some of them started to follow me, and I took that as a sign they'd like to be pals.

DSCN4192 Zim
I'm giving my signals that I'm a quiet, unassuming guy here

The guy in the center of that picture above was especially interested in meeting me; we got a little closer:

IMG_9990 Zim
"Ha roo, new friend!"

He didn't hesitate coming over to me at all.  What a friendly guy!  I complimented him on his color scheme.  I mean - if I was a bull, don't you think I'd look like him?  What a cool guy!

Down in the corner of their pen, there was a brown bull standing all alone by their water cooler.  I thought I'd mosey on down ("mosey" -- that's how you talk when you're at a rodeo!) and hang out with him.  He looked lonely.  Here's a video of my stroll down there:

(If that doesn't work, please click here.)

Yep.  All of my new bull friends followed me down there.  It's what happens when I'm around other animals.  They like to come over to see me.  Mom says it's one of my gifts - some kind of magnetism that lures all other animals to me.  Whatever.

Here I am by that lonely bull I wanted to see:

IMG_9993 Zim
"Hey... you aren't who that cool 'El Solo Toro/Lonely Bull' song was written about, are you?"

I had to ask.  Dave would never forgive me.  He loves that kind of music.

Mom thought he looked "pretty" and "soft".  Mom?  Really?  I mean... he's a BULL!  I don't think he'd appreciate that description!  Bulls are rugged and manly and ... check out this guy:

DSCN4177 Bull!
Now that's a lot of bull!

Ha roo roo roo!

DSCN4179 Zim
"Sorry.  You guys hear that joke a lot, don't you?"
"It's ok, buddy.  It's an occupational hazard."

These two cream-colored bulls came over to meet me:

DSCN4181 Zim

They were just as friendly as can be!  A friend of theirs came over ...

DSCN4182 Zim
"Is this your first time in the Little Apple?"

...and I got into a good, long conversation with him.

On down the line, I met these two guys:

DSCN4189 Zim
"What's with the chapeaux, mes amis?"

I asked them about the apparatus they were sporting on their horns.

DSCN4190 Zim
"Can you take mine off for me?!!?"
"Now don't go getting our new friend in trouble!"

One of them tried to get me to take it off, but I didn't think that would be a good idea.  I looked to the side, doing one of my calming signal things instead.  I wasn't about to take it off for him, but I also know better than to provoke a bull.  Especially one behind a flimsy fence with a lot of other bulls.  (Apparently, his person puts the hat on them to protect their horns.  Or something like that.)  

Anyway - did you see my cream-colored friend intervening for me?  Wasn't that nice of him?!?  

DSCN4191 Zim
"Is he alright?"
"Don't worry about him, Zim!  He'll be OK."

I thought I'd move on over and spend more time with him before we headed home.

DSCN4193 Zim
"Thanks for watching my 6, pal!"

Yes, I did get very close to him.  We were both -- well, we were ALL -- nice and calm, and it was a pretty wonderful moment.  A serene moment, if you will.  In fact, to wrap up my visit and to as a proxy for Serene Scenery Sunday ... I'll leave you with this:

DSCN4188 Zim
Friends!  Snooter to snooter!

I hope you enjoyed coming to the fair and rodeo with me - and that you liked meeting my new horse and bull friends!  I had a wonderful time - and I think my new pals did, too!

Play bows,


  1. Zim you really have a way with the big creatures. I love that last picture.


  2. Woozers, Zim! That was AmaZIMing!
    You're a regular "Bull Whisperer!"
    Way to go, dude!

    jack -a-roo & miss moo

  3. Zim, you do have a talent for making friends where ever you go :) Thanks for taking us to the fair and rodeo with you. we did have a nice visit with the horses and bulls. such beautiful animals! have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, HOllie

  4. Wow, Zim, I would've been scared of those bulls. I'm glad you had a good time!

  5. No BULL about it Zim.... you are an ANIMAL MAGNET.

  6. I beleive you would make and excelletn cow dog. You should move out here and we could go out on the praire and meet em close and up personal, no fence between us.

    Oh Wait....My Vickie says that, that is not a good idea. Mmmmm wonder what she means.

    Glad you had a good time at the rodeo


  7. what an adventure - you are such a nice and outgoing guy we know exactly why those bulls came over to meet you.

  8. Those bulls were mesmooorized by you Zim! We kinda felt sorry for your friend 155 so we're glad you spent some time with him too.

  9. Zim you are the master of friendliness. I was just thinking, if the world followed your lead what a wonderful place this would be. Thanks for bringing us along.

  10. Oh Zim, those things are nutty. Is that where we come from? Bulls? Cause we are French Bull dogs
    Benny & Lily

  11. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Zimmerz!! you are the man...koff koff..I mean DOG!! arwoo woo...and who knew you are such an animal kingdom ambassador...you should apply for a State Department job...make sure you get good benies Paw Pats, Sav

  12. Wow, Zim! You were actually snooter to snooter with him!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. You get to go on the BEST adventures, Zimmie!


  14. Whoa...that's a mighty big snooter!! ;-)
    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing your day!!


  15. WOWZERS! Those are some pretty big friends you have there.... Awesome shots!