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Friday, August 10, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  Instead of Photo Finish Friday, I thought I'd present What's Wrong With This Picture? today.  It's kind of startling, so make sure you're sitting down when you read this, OK?  Don't say you haven't been warned!  Here's the story ...

The night started like many other nights here at Ao4 Headquarters:

IMG_0156 Dave
"Mom?  Hi, Mom!  Whatcha watchin', Mom?"

Mom and Dad were watching a movie called The Battle of Britain.  That sounded good to me, so I ...

IMG_0157 Dave
"Wait a minute!  What in the name of Balto is going on around here?!?"

I mean ... I went to get into position and ... I just couldn't believe my EYES!!!

IMG_0162 Dave
"NOOOOO!  I ... I can't even LOOK!!!"

Can you believe that?!?!  It's shocking, I know.  Right there, by my mom's leg!  Take a closer look:

IMG_0159 Zim

That's right, my kid brother, Mr. I-Need-My-Own-Space, was snuggling!  With MY mom!!!  Well, not so much "snuggling" as laying next to her without her making him.  Did I mention he was next to MY mom?!?!

IMG_0160 Dave
"We'll just see about this nonsense!  Woo!"

That's right - we mixed it up but good and I made him move!  Wooo!


Did anyone buy that?  Sigh.  I'm just kidding; we didn't mix it up at all.  All it took was for me to say, "Hey, Zim!  Did you know you're laying like an inch away from Mom?"  ...And I might have mentioned that she had our brush on her ... maybe.  Ha woo.  He decided to go lay elsewhere for movie night.

And me?

IMG_0125 Dave
"Mom!  Mom!  Hey, Mom?  Hold my paw?!?  Mom!"

Normalcy restored!!!  All is good in the world!

I hope this wasn't too shocking for any of you.  I know it had both me AND Zim a bit rattled!


PS:  Mom said that second-to-the-last picture of me should get me an award for someone pretending to be mad.  I couldn't get upset with my brother for ANYTHING!!!


  1. yep - harmony restored.....MOL we agree that sometimes our mom just needs more lap space. :)

  2. Whew! I'm glad to hear you're just acting, because I was afraid you were mad at Zim! I'm glad you got it all sorted out. You and your mom are very cute holding paws.

  3. You're lucky! We both dash to the bed to see who gets the BEST spot next to Mom. (When Abby loses, which is often, she settles for lying on whatever part of Mom she can...) If I could just convince Abby that Mom had cooties or something, I'd be set! Heehee!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    PeeEss: Thanks for the warning - that was some Pretty Scary Stuff!

  4. Oh no things have gone horribly wrong. It was almost more than I could take. Whewww I am glad you and the Zim worked it out. I don't think I could picture you two "mixing it up". Glad all is as it should be.

  5. That is down right nutty
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hey Zim! You sick or something? You gotta stick with me...NO SNUGGLES. Well...ok, snuggles for scratches. That's the motto.



  7. Zim..how funny! Mom isn't thinking clear today so we are not understanding very well...we all fight to lay on mom and sometimes we get in to little scuffles to see who gets the closest...good thing she has a neck, a lap, and arms...lol....
    Stella Rose

  8. I can't believe Zim would take your place next to mom like that! Thanks for the prayers for Nina.


  9. Wow, I can't believe Zimmie thought he could take your place next to your mom! Lena doesn't let ANYDOG snuggle next to her on the couch or she just barges in and gets her spot back! Glad you got YOURS back!


  10. PROBLEM SOLVED... Snuggle... ABORTED.

  11. I can't believe it! Although, I will say that everypup needs some loving sometimes. I don't really like to cuddle either, but I will indulge Mom sometimes.


  12. And the Oscar goes to... :D
    You do a great stink eye, Dave! It's like you were in a parallel universe or something!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  13. Maybe you could've laid on the other side of your mom so you both could have been by her. It's pretty sweet that Zim was there even if only for a little while!

  14. Aww, Zim was probably just messing with you, we know how brothers can be.

    The silvers and more

  15. Holy dog, you had me going there. I am glad you took control and got everything back as it should be.

    Loveys Sasha

  16. Sibe -ling rivalries..! Sweet!!


  17. we all need snuggles sometimes

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. That explains it - we thought for a few minutes we were feeling the universe out of whack - now we know why! :D


  19. I can't quite believe it and if you didn't have the pictures to prove it I probably wouldn't!


  20. Anonymous5:57 PM

    shocking, just shocking!!! I can't even begin to think what I would do if I saw another cat snuggly with Mom!!!...errrr...well...ya, I probably would beat the stuffing out if!!! 'cuz it would have to be stuffed for it to be in this house with me...I AM AN ONLY CAT!! high paws, Savannah