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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Denim Delivery!

Woo, everypup! It's me - Dave! As some of you know, Mom (and I) are in the bag-making business. All the denim we use is from old, worn out blue jeans! It's a great use for them ... only the challenge now is that Mom is out of jeans! Or she was, anyway! Our dear friend Khyra and our other dear friends Kat, Steve ... uh... and Wilbur... sent us some of their jeans! Woo! Thanks, guys!

Khyra warned us that her box was very heavy, so I knew we should have the strongest member of the Ao4 help bring it in! Oh... uh... not, no me. Um... no, not Zimmie, either. Storm? No ... Storm is not the physically strongest member of the pack. I guess now you've figured it out.

Hi Davy! Whatcha need?

I told her about the box and she came right in to help. Here's the label - see?

It's addressed to me! The Deeve! Woo.

Here's Am, helping to bring it in to the kitchen.

Zim was helping; you can see him in the background.

Well, OK. Zim was watching. He knew she had it covered!

Look! Khyra wrote me a note! She has nice pawmanship, doesn't she?

Woo. And she sent me her picture. She's so sweet! (With all due respect to my Hollybolly-beewootiful-boo and to her Summi!)

Thanks, Khyra! You're such a pal!

And thank woo, too, to Kat and Steve. Umm... and Wilbur. We didn't get pictures of us with your box, but we will get some of us working with the jeans and other fabric you sent! Woo! We already cut up a pair of your mom's jeans to use in a very special Ram-A-Lamb Bag! You puppies did get your mom's permission to send those ... didn't you?



  1. Awwwwww


    Tank woo fur the special mention and for holding me khlose to your Deeveness!!!

    Hbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb is such a lukhky MalGal!!!!


  2. Wow, how nice of Khrya and her mom, oh, Steve, Kat and Wilbur too! We can't wait to see the finished products!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  3. Hi Pups...
    Sorry I've been gone...Mom's been way busy with work. That was sure nice to get all those jeans. I'll have to investigate and see if my Mom has any and will let you know. It's gonna be spring soon and it's time for Mom to clean those closets!!!

    Lots of licks, Ruby

  4. It's okay that you didn't get a picture. We couldn't find very many jeans to send. Wilbur should get some credit because one of the jeans Mom sent has a hole in them because of Wilbur's razor sharp claws! Mom was not very happy because she liked those jeans! We will send you more if Wilbur does any more damage!

    Steve and Kat

  5. I hope they got their mom's permission! My mom would be really mad if she went to get jeans and they were all gone. She'd either have to wear her nice work pants or run around naked which would totally mebarass me!

  6. Mom wanted me to let you know that she will save her and our girl's jeans (the ones that don't have horse schmoo on them) in case you run out. Maybe by this summer we can replenish your supply if you are running low. That Khyra sure is a looker and how nice that Steve, Kat, & Wilbur sent jeans that were customized by Wilbur! Very thoughtful touch.

  7. Wow, Davie, sounds like you hit the jeans motherlode! We got a sneak peak at that special project your mom is working on, it's gonna be beawooowoootiful!
    Bama & the RHP

  8. Oh Davie! That was sooo nice of Khyra and Steve and Kat (and Wilbur) to send you some new denim!! Now you can make lots of really cool purses!!


  9. Wow, now I wish my mommy wore jeans for me to send! The only denim she ever wears is her denim dress. I can't want to see pictures of the bags!

    Woos, Louka

  10. I bet you are the first dog to ever get a package full of jeans in the mail! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  11. Lots of fabric to wooork with now! Are woo and your humom going to go under the covers to get that special project done?