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Monday, February 25, 2008

I've Got the Woos

Woo, everypup. It's me. Dave. I've got a bad case of the sad woos here today. Mom has to go to the dentist and apparently I'm not allowed to go with her. This is horrible! She might be gone a whole 45 minutes to an hour! Oh, sure, Dad will be here with us, but not Mom. MY Mom.

Here's a picture of us from yesterday.

Me and Mom

I'm going to look at this the whole time so I don't miss her too much. Woo.

Is 45 minutes up yet?



  1. I'm sure your mom is missing you as much as you're missing her, Dave! She'll be back as soon as she can be!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Oh Dave, I feel the same for my mom, I hate it when she leaves, why do they do that and why can't they take us?

  3. Just think of Hbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb and that will make MOST of the pain go away -

    Woo will need to offer to help chew fur your mom if she went to the dentist - she may need your teeth to chomp for her!!


  4. Oh Dave that's a "Mopey Meeka Monday" face! We're quite sure Mom's more sad than you since she's going to the vet....I mean the dentist. I'll bet she misses you even more.

  5. Dave,

    Be strong, you cute boy. Mom will return shortly. And then, y'all can wrestle and play.

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  6. Dave, I feel your pain! Mommy leaves me three times a week to go to the evil University place. And on Mondays she leaves for SIX WHOLE HOURS! Sure, Auntique and Granny are often there, but sometimes I'm ALL ALONE for three hours at a time without even a sister or brother to keep me company! It's terrible. Why do our mommies do this to us?

    Woos of sympathy,

  7. Oh no, Dave! I hope your mom hurries home. Dads aren't very good at taking care of us, at least not as good as moms are. I mean, my dad let me eat a chocolate chip cookie! If Mom had been home, I would have never gotten away with that. My dad put my health in DANGER! I hope your mom hurries home just for your own safety.


  8. I think she will be having a pretty tough time at the nasty dentist who is just as horrid as a nasty v.e.t
    so she will need lots of love when she comes back.


  9. woofies Ao4, hmmm Dave u needs to stay strong, she will prolly b in pain when her gits home and will need a big strong guy like u..

    b safe,

  10. I feel for your mommy. Poor thing. Dentist appointments are such horrible things. Give her a big hug for me when she comes home. If she is anything like me she might like a nice glass of wine to unwind a bit, after the numbness wears off...

  11. Oh no, Davey. I hope you make it through OK!!

    Just remember that our humans go to the doctor and dentist to make sure that they don't have to spend lots MORE time away from us, in the event that something went wrong! It's like how us pups go to the V-E-T!


  12. From what I hear, the dentist is not a fun place to be so when she gets home she's going to need lots and lots of love.

  13. Dave, I know your mom misses you just as much as you miss her. Mom's are good about that stuff.

  14. I have good intelligence that your mom made something called "lemon bars" which she is quickly addicting other humans to. You need to find these lemon bars and dispose of them as only good huskies can. Its apparent they are rotting her teeth.


  15. gee Dave this almost made me cry, I hope you survived!

  16. Oh my dogness Dave, you really need to get a grip Buddy! You can' let on to the humans how much we miss them when they are away from us. Pull yourself together!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  17. Oh Davie, that's the face I love!!!

    And don't feel bad, Samuel feels the same way about our mom as you do about YOUR mom!!


  18. We hope she made it home safely! What do you know about this dentist person because our mom is going on Friday. Should we block the door to keep her home?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  19. Oh dear, you sure look very sad there Marvin. I hope your mom comes back home to you soon

    ~ Girl girl

  20. Harrrrrr Dave
    Hope she gets home soon Harrrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  21. ooooooooooh Dave you look so darn lonesome there.

    When my Jeannie goes away I always take something of hers that smells of her. So try taking a tea towel or a shoe or something with your Mama's scent on, take it to your bed and just keep it with you.

    I feel for you sooooooo much!

    Hope your Mama did not stray from you for too long and her teeethies are ok. Hopefully she has been eating good Kibble so her toothypegs will be fine.

    My Jeannie wanted to tell your Mama, that THE STORY, THE GROSS STORY ABOUT ME, still has to be told.

    She has never written about it yet, it still makes her feel real bad.

    These authors and artistes are such drama queens sometimes!

    love and licks, and a long comment, Marvin xxxxxx

  22. Oh! Is she going by herself?

    When they work on my teeth, they make me take a nap and I feel funny the whole rest of the day.

    I hope your mom doesn't have to drive home like that!