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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mystery Blogger Revealed!

Ha roo, pups! It's me ...... Zimmie! That's right - and a big "way to go" to the lovely Dakota, our pal Louka, those cool Beagle babes Jazz & Dixie, and the bee-roo-tiful FloPuff for guessing correctly! I am the mystery blogger from the other day! Ha rooooo!

Thanks for all the guesses! Thanks, too, for all the cool comments on yesterday's post and the pictures of Dave and me playing. I mean "working". I also built a couple cool new snow forts! Here's one I really liked:

I claim this as Ft. Zimmie!

Yeah. It's so cool, I stuck a flag at the top! Ha roooo!

Sadly, it's mostly gone now. I don't know who's been taking all of our snow, but whoever it is sure is leaving a soupy mess out there! Not that I mind that part, but the whole having to get your paws wiped off after you're outside thing isn't my bowl of kibble, if you know what I mean!

I decided to make some snow angels this snowfall, too. It was pretty fun! Here I am, on the approach:

Yep! The perfect spot!

The flop-down and twist:


And stopping to admire my work:

Oh, yeah! Totally cool!

I've heard some of our pals in Pennsylvania are finally getting some snow. I hope you guys have a BLAST in it! Don't work too hard!

Play bows,


  1. We still have plenty of snow on the north side of the house. Which is the front yard. Where I don't get to go very often.

    The Human Assistant said he could box some up for you. But shoveling snow into a box sounds too much like "shoveling snow" to him!

    There will probably be another storm one of these days. And we'll send it along to you! Hang in there!

  2. I wish I could be there to make doggie snow angels with you. I was just practicing on the carpet this morning!


  3. Ha rooo rooo ROOO

    I knew it was WOO

    No snow HERE - The Kapp Pakhk is kheeping it all FUR them

    Hope all is well at Fort Zim!


  4. And you get to roll around in all that snow! That looks so fun! Now I want to knw if you have to dried off? When we come in from the rain we have to wait on our floor mat, get towel dried. Is is the same way with snow?

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  5. I knew it was you, Zim, I just knew it. Calling me lovely, I'm just blushing............

    We had just a little bit of snow this morning, enough to roll around in. It was gone by lunch though......sigh.

  6. Well we HAD snow....all melted now :-(

    Kisses, Sky boy

  7. Woo is me.....we got about a teaspoon of snow. It was nice watching it come down for a few minutes though. Our weather report called it "snow mist". Harroooorroo! Does anybuddy have any clue what snow mist is supposed to be????
    I love your snow angel Zim and that fort is pawsome.

  8. > Does anybuddy have any
    > clue what snow mist is
    > supposed to be????

    There was snow. But you mist it!

  9. Zim,

    You sure have an awesome shadow, but it's not as marvelous as a snow fort guarded by a snow angel! Enjoy the fluffy, cool white stuff.

    Woo Woo,

    P.S. We think snow mist is what happens down here in Texas.

  10. You are such the "snow dog"!!!!!

    I love your fort work and snow angels too! I've never tried making a snow angel!


  11. Anonymous3:00 AM

    What a great snow angel Zim!!


  12. Playing in the snow is awesome! I see you roaching too wow! you really like the snow.