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Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm Such a Cut-Up!

Woo, everypup! It's me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. It's been a busy time around here lately. Mom's been trying to put the finishing touches on one of her bags - the Storm Bag - and is also busy putting a quilt tutorial together for her other blog - how to make those cool fray-edged quilts. I thought I'd give her a paw by cutting the denim for her for the tutorial.

All done here, Mom! What's next?

She said I was sooooo helpful that she was able to get the Storm Bag done. (Amber said it's because I'm such a cut-up! Woo.)

Here's how the Storm Bag came out, in case you're interested. It's fully reversible. Here's the one side:

That's a thing of neon orange Post-It Notes in the pocket, so you can see the pocket. Here's the other side:

It has sort of a "day time/night time" thing going on. Siberianly speaking, I like The Deeve Bag better... but I could be biased. Woo.

My work here is done!



  1. What a bewoootiful bag Dave! Your Mom is lucky to have such a great helper. Cutting all that fabric is hard on the bipeds paws.


  2. Another fine job woo have done there Davey!

    Woo soooo earned that nap!!

    BTW, how's wonk wonk wonk wonk???

    Wags, Wonks, and Wuv


  3. Your sure did a fine job on cutting those bags, bet you are completely worn out, infact you probably need an additional TREAT. THAT HELPS FIGHT FATIGUE YA KNOW.I find that is a good excuse..woo woo, my mom loves those bags.

  4. You did a great job there, Dave. It looks like Cosi's collar wif the star, moon & sun. By the way, I need the AO4s help. Psst it is a secret now so don't go & tell my bro Cosi! Check out my new post. And, pass the word on!

  5. hey Dave..........the bags are just booootiful......

    And I am not biased either.

    I think you made a joke there, on the bias but not sure,

    its a long time since I did any sewing.

    Love from Paws Who Sews.....sometimes

    More like "blows his nose"

    Marvin xxxx

  6. Great bag! Your are so helpful! Look at all thos nice straight lines. You're good! Does your Mom sell her stuff somewhere? Or is she like my mom and just ads it to a stack in the closet?

  7. My, you are such a help to your mom. You're just like Darling Millie who does quality control for her mom's Gizzy quilts.

    When you get a chance, stop by JFF and pick up your award.

    jans funny farm

  8. That is really cool!! You are so talented Dave! I don't know what your mom would do without you!

    But yes, I have to admit, the Deeve Bag is my favorite!


  9. woofies Ao4....dats a pawsome bag u and ur mama made.....heehee hopies u can cut better then my mama...and u deserve a rest after all dat work...

    b safe,

  10. great job to you both!!

  11. Reversible bag? So you see one side when the human is walking normally toward you, and the other side when they're backing up toward you?


  12. I think that's pretty funny that Amber said you were a cut up! Quite appropriate for the GDFTCB!