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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Salute - Our Fur-Cousins!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our very own fur-cousins, Monroe, Newton and Skyler! Here they are!

Left to right: Newton, Monroe and Skyler

These guys live with our Aunt Janet - you've heard us mention her quite a few times! Yes, she's the Master Gardener who sent Zim the Magic Beans and sent us the flag for Ao4 Headquarters! We thought we should tell you about our fur-cousins now! The group pictures are a couple years old, but currently Monroe is 14, Skyler is 4 and Newton is 5. Here's another very sweet picture of them!

Monroe holding a meeting.

Don't they look sweet and charming? But sometimes, after our fur-cousins have been out playing in the back yard, Aunt Janet hesitates before letting them into the house. How could she do that!?!? Look at these sweet, innocent faces!

Let us in, please!

Why the hesitation? See... apparently Skyler - who Aunt Janet adopted when he was 8 months old - has a bit of ... excess energy, shall we say? Mom has suggested that if Aunt Janet would only get Sky, a young Australian Shepherd, his own flock of sheep to herd, he could work off that energy. As it stands now, he finds his own entertainment.

Have we mentioned there's a canal that runs past Aunt Janet's house?

A canal that's very muddy when the tide is out?

Ha roo roo roo! A big paws up to cousin Skyler for keeping Aunt Janet on her toes! He's real helpful with the gardening, too - maybe he's the Master Gardener, not Aunt Janet! He's always digging stuff up and transplanting it!

Fur-cousins Monroe, Newton and perhaps especially Skyler - for all you do, we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. I would love to be able to swim everyday like that! Great salute!

    WOo woo, KA

  2. Oh, your fur cousins are fab!
    I'll bet that mud shot would get them in as honorary HULA members.
    Gotta love mud!!!

  3. Nice sunday salute to Monroe, Skyler & Newton.
    Digging stuff up is fun!

  4. Skylar, you look like our Poo Bear. She was the ultimate Mamma's Dog, and she loved the water/mud/snakes too.
    Thanks for letting us see all the cuz. Y'all are great in your meetings. I am sure you were sharing tips on how to get more food from the humans. Great job!

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  5. Wowzers, that pup sure knows where to find the mud. At least your cousin had fun though!

  6. Nice salute!

    A fuzzy Sibe Tail waving in their honour and their direkhtion!!


  7. Your fur-cousins look pretty cool:)

    Hey Dave, do you mind if I write a special Haik-Woo? Just wanted to get your permission first:)

    Woo Woos

  8. Sky looks like a blast!

  9. Woo there AO4~
    You've got some great looking cousins. Maybe they could ship us some of that mud...it looks like a BLAST!!

  10. I think they should receive honorary membership to both HULA and the Ao4! You've got khool khousins!