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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sibe Hairs, Part 2

Ha roo, pups. It's Zim again. Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post. I would like to comment back on my buddy Steve's remark (I'll quote him in a sec!) and to Holly's. Oh! And thanks to all who admired my doga pose by the window. Where I was the WHOLE time. RIGHT there by the window..... doing doga. Yep. That's it.

Anyroo, Holly said she didn't think we were allowed on the FURniture. We aren't Holly! (Except for the bed.) That's why I was over by the window doing doga the whole time.

Steve's remark about the alleged red and white Sibe hairs allegedly found on the sitzbank was, "I bet those were Ammy's hairs." Brilliant, Steve! Brilliant! I think you're on to something!

I talked to Dave about this, since he was there on the scene. I got him to sign the following afi-david:

I, Dave, cannot say for certain that any Sibe hairs that may have been found on
the sitzbank belong to Zim, my very favorite brother and playmate. I would add
that Mom cannot be counted on to identify them, as she is color blind. Zim's
coat is more brownish and white, while a certain other member of the family's
coat is red and white. Not meaning to point the paw at anyone. Besides, I was
staring out the window at the dogs in our yard the whole time and didn't see
anything behind me. Respectfully submitted - Dave
I asked Stormy for some advice. She pointed out that try as I might to deem myself innocent, there was a question of some photographic evidence on yesterday's posting. Which gave me an idea.

I give you ... exhibit A!

This photo is totally undoctored. Really.
Run it through
Snopes - it is not listed there as a hoax, so it must be real.

Steve - you were right! It was Ammy! And Holly - you were right, too. We aren't allowed on the FURniture, so it most certainly couldn't have been my Sibe fluff up there! Ha roo roo roo!

Play bows,
The Zimstigator


  1. Zim, I am so glad I could help you! And it's great that Dave signed that afi-david. You're right. He was at the scene and you were at the window, so if anypup would know what happened, it was him. Ammy looks gigantic on the sitzbank, so of course she would have left a lot of sibe hairs on there. You and I both know that boys are never doing anything wrong and girls are always up to no good.


  2. Rut roh -

    Them's wrestling words Steve!

    Get him K(h)at!!

    AND dear sweet innocent Ammy however khould they even TRY to pin this on poor you that had to GO WITHOUT BREAKFAST earlier this week!!!

    Boyz are SILLY -

    I'm just sayin'


  3. I don't know Ammy...I think your brothers are trying to frame you!

    Woo woo, KA

  4. I think it was Turbo. That's what I think.

  5. Hey Zimmie...I think this is a case of mixed messages too...ya know your mom SAYS no dogs on the furniture...but yet she placed it perfectly in position for a Sibe to get the perfect view...could it be a set up??? I think I sniff conspiracy...you should get a dog lawyer on your behalf!

  6. Wooo, Melissa has the right idea. You should all contact Queen Meeshka & ask to be added to her Claws action law suit. It appears all huskies are being set up. Why else would they put that right next to the window on the outside world?
    Bama & the RHP

  7. Actually, I'm inclinded to think it's more a matter of physics. When you "shake" around the house, all that fur that goes up into the air, has to come down somewhere! It just happened to land on the sitzbank!! So, no doggie is "guilty". Really.


  8. Hi Zim,

    I'm pleased you like my doga word. I am not very clever and don't often think things up - and I really said it hoping that Ammy would think I was witty.

    So I don't really think it's fair to set her up, because she is such a lovely dog.

    Kisses to Ammy, Pippa

  9. Oh Ammy. What a bad week you've had. I'd say since somebuddy in your house forgot to feed you breakfast, you should be allowed on all the furniture to ease the suffering you had to endure.

  10. Dear Sherlock Zim,

    The evidence is clear.

    We boys always are getting blamed. Good job blowin' this case wide open.

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  11. Zim, what are you going to do after Ammy reads this entry?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. Zim, we're thinkin that Ammy is gonna getcha back for this one....but then, mom let's us on the FURniture. Dave, love the afi-david, but we think Ammy is gonna have a comeback

  13. HEY WOO!

    I just heard AO4 Headkhwuarters mentioned on our late weather - some kind of system and he said MANHATTAN KANSAS!



    PeeEss: I heard your mom is under the weather thing - well tell her to get above it!

  14. Hey, Instigator - uh, we mean Zimstigator, Good detective work!

    jans funny farm

  15. Sinjin thinks he's some kind of F. Lee Beagle or something.

    He hogged the Human Assistant and the computer tonight. And he hijacked my blog!

    To help you! So back off on Amber.

    Just a friendly suggestion, okay?

    Okay, then.

  16. hey Zim, thanks for making my Mama laugh out loud this morning, that last picture she said "took the biscuit!".......now I am looking in vain for the taken biscuit. But I digress, I am loving your investigations here.

    Has Ammy put on weight? She looks gigantic on the sitzbank?

    love and laughing licks, Marvin xxxxx
    ps I hope Stormy is Ok and Ammy!

    and many licks to you and Dave!

  17. Anonymous2:41 PM

    OMG! You, Zim, were being unscrupulously framed by your most favorite sister whom you love deeply. It was Amber all of the time. And she was gonna let you take the fall. We find it hard to believe that she would do that to you, her own beloved brother. Where has the creed of siblinghood gone; All for One and One For All. We wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't found that incriminating photographic evidence that some unknown photographer, who happened to be in your foyer at the time of the crime, just happened to take of Ammy on the forbidden furniture in question. We hope that your mom sticks iot to her real good for disobeying a standing order.
    - Homer J., Jubal, J.E.B., Jack, Max, Radar, Alex and Boru

    In Protest, we are lacking the signatures of;
    - Sophie, Shellby Belle, Abby, Shiloh and Jenny.