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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ha roo, pups, it's me - Zim! On behalf of the entire Army of Four, we'd like to wish a very happy Valentine's Day to all of our special friends out there! We'd like to spread love to all of our bloggging buddies -- and those special puppers and pupperettes ... you know who you are! We love each and every one of you!

Remember a few days ago, I showed you my new, little friend and told you I'd sent him on a special mission? You can follow that hyperlink back, if you need a refresher. Then I posted a video of Mom delivering the exciting news that I had a package from my bee-roo-tiful friend Sitka! Remember? Check out what was in the package!!!

Hi, little pup!

A little stuffie friend! And a wonderful Valentine! Sitka said (in part, 'cuz there were lots of words like "love" and "smooch" and stuff that I'll save for between me and Sitka!), "I wish I could give your snooter a kiss on Valentine's Day, but I hope the little stuffie will do." Oh, wowzers! Siberian minds think alike, don't they? That's the mission I sent my little friend on!

Nose smoochies!

I'm going to hold you REAL close!
I don't want any Sibe to mistake you for a chew toy!

Oh! And she and Tia and their mom also sent a Valentine to our mom & dad, Storms, Ammy and Dave! Isn't Sitka just the sweetest thing?!!? Sigh. I am the luckiest Siberian ever!

Happy Valentine's Day, every pup! Spread the love!

Play bows,


  1. Zim you have totally captured my Mom's heart! She said she just wants to come over and give you a giant hug. You and Sitka make the perfect pair. I can almost hear the harp music playing!

  2. Oh Zimmie, that is so sweet of your girl Sitka!!! I am so happy for both of you!!


  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Wooo Zimmie! You look SOOOO cute with your stuffie. You are just sitting there like a proud pup! And yes... keep the stuffie from Dave. We remember what happened to the octopus!!!
    Hugs and Kisses!

  4. Ahhhhh - too khute!

    I gave that same little Sibe - with a purple heart - to my doggy nanny last year!!

    Woo look soooo handsome with it!!!

    Isn't Sitka the sweetest?


  5. That's so cute that you two sent each other a stuffie valentine.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Woo there Dave~
    That's a GREAT gift and those special wishes are pretty wonderful too. As far as I see it, Sitka's a pretty lucky girl.
    I've been asked by the rest of The Iowa Crew to woo out their wishes that all of woo there have a Furry Happy Heart Day!

  7. Sitka is so sweet! You're lucky to have such a sweet gal pal!


  8. Oh Zim, you look so cute doing snoses with that little pup.


  9. You are the luckiest Siberian Zim! And so lucky to have Sitka as your special friend.

    I don't have any special friends but I did get an anonymous valentines card today.....woooooo!

    So perhaps I have a special someone after all!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Dave, Stormy and especial jokey, funny kisses to sweet Amber from me.

    Your stuffie friend looks cool though he would not last long with me I am afraid.

    Special Valentine Wishes to your Mama and Papa too. Thank them from us here in Scotland for their special friendship.

    via the blogs!

    love and Valentine Rose Scented Licks, to you all, from Marvin xxxxx

    and love and much Valentine Light from my Jeannie xxxx

  10. pee ess you are looking particularly handsome these days.....

  11. Oh that is soooo Sweet!

    Sitka is a gem of a sibe girl, and Zimmie could not look happier with his stuffie.

    Happy Valentines!

    Frankie And Maddie

  12. Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you had a nice one.

    jans funny farm

  13. Zim,

    Who says long distance relationships don't work. Y'all are doing a marvelous job! Very cute nose smooch pic. Enjoy the day. We love a good romance story.

    Heidi and the rest of the Forget Sit & Stay Gang

  14. That is so sweet. You're going great pawtecting the little pup there Zim. Happy Valentine's Day

    ~ Girl girl

  15. Woo are the cutest couple! Wait, there is Holly & Dave. Wait, there's Summi & Khyra. Wait, oh there's just puppy love in the air!!!
    Happy Valentines Day, handsome! And to the rest of your pack, too!!
    V-Day Kisses,
    Bama, Mikki, Chili & Cracker

  16. that little pup sure is cute, tanner would surely eat him!