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Friday, February 29, 2008

That's a Croc!

Ha woo, everypup. Dave here. Spring is coming, you know. Eventually, anyway. And you know what that means - Spring storms and wet grass. I started thinking about my feety-feet and how I really don't like to step in the wet grass and thought there have to be some sort of preventative measures I can take.

Sled pups wear cool booties on their feet - have you seen them? We saw some gorgeous pictures on the Snørokk Siberians' blog of their pups and other pups running in their boots - you can see them here. The 5th and 6th pictures down really show cool booties. They live in Norway, but I think the race is in Sweden. Beautiful!

Pups in the Iditarod wear booties sometimes, too. In fact, we just read in the Stars and Stripes about an Army National Guardsman from Tennessee who is running his first Iditarod! You can see a cool picture of him and his pups here or read the full article here. His puppers are wearing booties on their feet! Good luck to Master Sergeant Rodney Whaley and his team!

Our bee-woo-tiful friend Khyra told me about some police doggies in Germany who are wearing booties now, too. You can read about those guys here. They're wearing the booties to protect their feety-feet from broken glass and stuff. That's nice that their biped partners are taking care of them like that. And their booties are pretty cool-looking. Not exactly what I had in mind, though.

See.... I had something else in mind. Something that looks MIGHTY comfy to me.

What do you think? I'd probably want some purple ones to match my collar and leash, but these do match my eyes.

Oh, c'mon, Mom! Please!?!

Can I get some pairs of Mammoth Crocs of my own then?
What do you mean they don't make them pup-sized?!?

They just look so comfy and I know they'd keep my feety-feet dry! Woo.



  1. OH woo would look soooo dreamy with 'em on!

    The blue SOOO does match your eyes!!

    BTW, spring storms? Is she doing THAT today? Leap? Spring?? Ha roo rooo ROOO!!!

    Thanks fur khovering this pawtikhular issue!!!!


    PeeEss: Ammy made me do it!

  2. Harrooo roo roo! Great minds think alike Dave......I just posted something about spring on my blog too! Mom wanted to note that she saw some baby Crocs just about the right size for your feety feet at the Croc store. Maybe you can talk Mom into those.

  3. They do look really comfy. You know what else? I bet they'd be fun to chew on!

    Amber, I'll look at the camera and smile for you!

  4. Oh Dave, the blue does match your beautiful eyes perfectly!! Maybe your mom can find you some toddler sized ones. Those might fit! I would definitely need the mammoth sized ones!!


  5. Be careful Dave! Mom and Dad got me some boots for when I go chase peasants because of the cactus. I hate them. They don't really fit right so guess what they did to me! They bought kid's socks for me to wear with the boots and they fit better. Still hate them though. I haven't posted about this yet but I've been planning on it. Of course Mom took lots of pictures.

  6. Mistress took a picture of me wearing one of her flip flops. I still have nightmares thinking about it.

    Be very careful Dave.


  7. Woo Deeve! Perhaps you can get the mini ones for the little bipeds!! Might be hard to keep em on though!


  8. Mom LOOVES those croc things. She doesnt have furry ones like that but she has some that are just for summertime and she wears them everyday!

  9. Dave, that's brilliant! I don't like to get my feet wet either. We should come up with a line of Crocs for pups. I bet we can make more money that Zim could have with his Texas shaped cappuccino foam.


  10. I dunno, Dave. I think Crocs would fall off an active dog's feety-feet.

    Maybe ask your Supreme Commander guy if the Army has anything that would work!

    He knows about Mickey Mouse boots, I bet! They might be too hot, though.

    Or! Get some liquid rubber to paint on your feety-feet like the Mayan people did!

  11. Oh, Dave, do be careful around Crocs! I have heard they are much like Alligators, who have Fierce Teeth and are not Friendly. We wish your fine feet to be Safe and Sound! Perhaps a Quilt could cover the wet grass for you?


  12. Did you hear our Momma? She's screamimg "No!!!You must resist the Crocs."
    Sorry, Momma just can't understand the concept of plastic/ rubber shoes in neons oolors.
    On the other hand, if they taste good, we don't have a problem with them.


  13. Hi Dave,
    This was a interesting post about doggy booties. The dogs on your blog are wearing them for protection which is great. A lot of the toy dogs here wear them as fashion accessories. Im like you Dave, I really hate getting my feet wet and will not go out in the rain. Mum said to say thanks to your mum for the advice about my aggression problem. She says she is going to try everything to try to get me back to normal. She says that I probably am trying to protect Dixie as she is my darling little sister and we go everywhere together. Thanks

  14. Hi guys,
    nice to meet you! Too funny, booties on your feet. We are bad, I guess, we would chew them off.
    We do however, like the crocks. They are super to chew on (mom had a pair...)

    Cookie and crew

  15. We have snow booties....but we mostly wear them in summer to protect our feet from the hot pavement. Our mom has those same Crocs, but hers are pink....the little biped has the blue like your mom.

    WOo woo, KA

  16. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Wow Dave... you look pawsome with those crocs! Hey, that was a pawsome story about the GSD!

  17. oh my, we have Crocs here but not seen the furry ones, how cool (or how hot - depending on the way you look at it!) are they!

    I think you should definitely try to find some to fit your feety feet, Dave.

    And blue is soooooooooooo you!