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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blog Music

Woo! It's me, Dave! We at the Ao4 couldn't help but notice (and enjoy!) the music some of you have on your blogs! Marvin always has some cool tunes playing, Frankie and Maddie had "California Girls" playing for a while, and Ivy has some cool music in her videos, and so does Charlie (a bone-afide member of the Ao5!) ... and lots of other pups ... and we've linked to some songs from time to time. Well, me and Zimmie thought we should come up with some original music for your listening pleasure - so without further adoooo, here we are!

We sound good, don't we? We usually have one sing-along per day and usually the girls join in. They were doing something else at the time, but we'll try to do another song with all of us singing.

As you could hear, Mom came in during our taping session. We didn't want her to know exactly what we were up to, so I clammed up and looked to my little brother for help. Zim changed the subject by going for the quilt. (He's really getting smart - Storm is teaching him all KINDS of great stuff!) ... Oh, and he said the answer to her question is, "Not exactly ... it was more like my nose and gums. Really." Woo.

Have a great day, everypup.



  1. oooooh it was lovely to hear you both singing! It made me have a quick howl along tooooooooo! Wooooooo!

    Really enjoyed the video and the "mooooooooooooosic" Dave and Zim!

    I have taken the music off my Blog for a while as people (dogs I mean!) were barking it took too long to down load. You may have encouraged me to put it back! love and many licks
    Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Marvin: You sang with us? How cool!
    We know what you mean about the loading time. That's why we only do music sometimes - in case someone on dial-up or something is a reader. It DOES take a long time!


  3. That was a great song! I tried to sing along. Great answer, Zim!


    PS. I wrote a song the other day, so I will have to post it to my blog soon.

  4. Great song! I don't sing much. I just yell. It drives Mom crazy!

  5. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Woo Dave (and Zim)... I loved hearing you both sing. I tiled my head from side to side, then ran to the window to see if you were outside. Zim, I loved the way you changed the subject! Everytime I break out in song, and mom turns on the video camera, I stop singing right away.
    Hugs to both of you!

  6. What a beWOOtiful song! I think you should look into releasing your own CD. I can put you in touch with our legal counselor - Siren - if you're interested. She knows Siberian law backwards and forwards.

  7. You guys sound awesome! I think your music is the best! I find that some of the music on the blogs distracts me from reading what I love best to read - all about my friend's days!

    Love ya lots,

  8. LOL You guys are funny! That was some cool singing and ZIM you are totally the Z-man!
    China & Madie

  9. What beautiful Music! I think my brother Sherman has "issues" with huskies b/c he's jealous of the Woooooo! His is very weak!


  10. I loved your song a whole bunch! Zimmie, you have great ideas on how to get away wi...I mean, explain things. You're so cool!

  11. Hey Dave, you sing great. :) ANd it's so nice of Zim to help and change the subject to the quilts

    ~ fufu

  12. we love your singing!! the doofus was so confused, but I knew what was going on! I wish I could sing so well!

  13. Haaaaaaaa!!!! That was freakin hilarious!! You sounded like us when we get going! I love the way you ended your wooooo when you found out you were cought. And Zimmy was quite funny with the nose/gums on the quilt. Still showing that "rebel" husky spirit by doing it AGAIN even when asked if his teeth were on the quilt!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!


  14. Ok, I keep watching it over and over and keep LAUGHING SO HARD I'm in TEARS!

  15. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Maybe you can teach me to sing - all I seem to do is bark.

  16. Wow, I have never tried singing. I might have to give it a go now, though I doubt I could top you guys!

    Oscar x

  17. Zimmie and Dave!
    We loved the Video, great singing,
    great shots of Dave Dave and his cuteness of a nose....and the kicker,
    Zimmmmie doing the opps-er I inadvertently got a quilt in the mouth...and gave it a quickie snag bite, to make it leave of course.
    Bad Quilt!

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Labbie

  18. Kat: Zim comes up with some really good ones, doesn't he? We can't wait to hear your song!

    Kaos: We love to sing. We don't bark though.

    Sitka: Ha woo! Glad you liked our song. Mom says the best way to get us to be quiet is to start the video rolling. Woo.

    Echo: Our own CD? You really think so? That's pretty cool. I'll run it past Storm then get with you guys!

    Maggie: Thank woo. We only post music on special occasions! And with THIS song, you can listen and hear our news at the same time! Woo!

    China and Madie: Thank woo! And yeah, Zim is the bestest little brother a guy could ask for!!!

    Lola: Thank woo. Sherman shouldn't be jealous - we all have talents in different areas!

    Marley: Thank woo, too. And yes, Zim DOES "have great ideas on how to get away wi...I mean, explain things!" Ha woo woo woooooo!

    Fu Fu: Stormy taught him that. She's really smart!

    Joey: We love to sing! Why was the Doo - uh, I mean Tanner confused?

    Holly: I'm so glad you liked our song! Is that what you guys sound like? Do we sound like wild wolves? Zim does a great coyote impression - Mom is trying to get that on video. He learned how to sing from them when he was chained to a tree for the first year and a half of his life. Woo. And he sounds JUST like them. He can even do that "one coyote sounding like a whole pack of them" thing!!!

    Oh ... and yeah, he is a little rebel, isn't he?

    Zach: Maybe we could give singing lessons!

    Oscar: You should try it! Even our mom and dad chime in sometimes. It feels good!

    Frankie & Maddie: How DID that quilt get in his mouth? Woooooo! Isn't he funny? He'd never hurt the quilt, though. That's not our style. We just have to remind Mom sometimes of what we COULD do.
    You really think my nose is cute? Woo. Thank woo!

    Luv to all,

  19. You guys have beautiful voices! I want to hear Amber sing!

    I like to sing too. Someday we'll have a yard and I will have a foster dog or two to sing with! For now I sing at school and when I go to rescue events!

    Sometimes I sing with my cousin Amber at my grandma's house. She tries to howl along, but she can't always howl. When she does, she gets really excited!

  20. Great wooosic, guys!

  21. Indy: You have a beawootiful voice, too! I'll try to get Am singing on tape!

    Dakota: Thank woo!