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Friday, April 06, 2007

Doggy Doughnuts

Wooooo! It's me, Dave! Remember Amber saying the other day that it was in the 80s? Well, we did what we could with our Weather Control Device and now our wind-chill is in the 20s, 30 mph winds, and snow flurries off and on. Whew. MUCH nicer out there!

Our friend Rafe asked a really good question on our comments section yesterday! He wrote to Zim, "Do you ever curl? Some of my flock do. Like pies. Or cats. I don't too often cause I'm bigger I think. Thought you might be too." Too big? No way! We all like to curl up into doggy doughnuts! Zim was leaving that pose for me to discuss, I think. It's one of my favorite poses - in fact, I've written three Haik-woo about the doggy doughnut.

I wrote one about Holly for Valentine's Day - and by virtue of being a Malamute, she's even bigger than us Sibes! (I mean that in the very nicest way possible. She's TALL!) We're hoping Holly will post her own sleepy poses, so you can go to the Valentine's link to see her and Haik-woo #34!

Here is Zim, in Haik-woo #2:

Amber does a great Cinnamon Bun, too - or maybe hers is a Honey Bun. Woo.

I'll close with my own pose and Haik-woo #13:



  1. Hi!!

    Those are great "curling" pictures!! We hope you all have a happy, happy day!!


  2. Thank woo, Dory!

  3. Oh, Handsome Dave!

    You look ever so cozy! I do find the line of white created by your tail, hind leg, and nose most striking. That photograph could become a husky logo (for the sleeping team!)

    Sincerely yours,

  4. All this talk of cinnamon buns and Hostess cakes is making me hungry! Love the curling poses!

    Love ya lots,

  5. Wow Dave! You curled up really tight! I do that too, so does Madie but of coarse I look much cuter since I have a fluffy tail to hide my nose in! LOL

  6. The Doughnut is one of my favorite positions. That's usually the one I use on my couch. I promise to post my sleepy pictures tonight!

    Thanks Dave, you are my boy!!

    Forever your Malagal,

  7. You guys looks so cozy and warm in those doggie doughnuts! Good thing too since you're getting snow flurries!

    Steve and Kat

  8. We love your curling poses. We don't curl up that tight very often. We will have Mom keep an eye on us and take a picture if we do curl up. It wuld be interesting to see how we look!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  9. Hi Dave,
    Great curling poses, My mom is going to try to get pics of me curling,
    Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  10. Mmmm doughnuts!! Did someone mention doughnuts! You guys have got that curling thing down pat. Of course Dave Hai-woos match those pics so perfectly. We can often be found in the Beagle Bagel position!
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Yes, Dave, I love to curl up in a siberian doughnut!!! Isn't it the best? I also love those haiku-woo!
    Hugs, Sitka

  12. Hey Dave! Thanks for using the Weather Control Device. It affected our weather here, too! The last few days its been only about 30 degrees with windchills below 0 at times! Just heavenly. All the dog yard art in the back yard is frozen now which gives it a totally new texture. We both do the doggy doughnut pose a lot. Love the pictures and your wonderful Waik-woos! Keep'em coming! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  13. That is my favorite pose and Maximus's favorite too. I like to keep it simple.

  14. Excellent poetry!

  15. your haikwoos are fabulous!

  16. Dear Tansy: Thank woo for your kind words! Woooo, a sleeping team? I think I could be CAPTAIN of the sleeping team!

    Hi Maggie: Ha wooo! It's making me hungry, too. Of course, I'm ALWAYS hungry....

    China: They say (whoever "they" are) that Sibes and other Northern Breeds curl up and put their fluffy tails over their noses to warm the air they breath. I'm not sure about that - I just know it's comfy.

    Hollybollyboo: And YOU'RE my favorite doughnut-doggie! Wooooo!

    Steve & Kat: It's a great way to stay warm. Even on the bed. Ha woo woo woo!

    Dachsies: I'll bet you three look very cute all curled up! I hope your mom will get a picture!

    Sooky: We'd love to see your curl! You'd be a cinnamon bun like Zim!

    Jazz & Dixie: "Beagle Bagels"!?!? Ha woooo! That's a good one. That might inspire a Haik-woo! Will you post pix of your Beagle Bagels?

    Sitka: Thank woo! I love doing the doggie doughnut!

    Tasha & Eva: Happy to help out with the Weather Control Device. We're breaking all-time lows here now. Woo!

    Magnum: Mom says it's sort of the "little black dress" of sleepy poses. I'm not sure what she means ... but her black dress is bound to have Sibe hair on it, wherever it is.

    Cubby: Thank woo!

    Joe: Thank woo, too! I may have just been inspired to write a new Haik-woo!

    Luv to everypup,