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Monday, April 02, 2007

New Magic Cold Box, Part II

Hi everypuppy, it's me, Amber! I hope everypup had a really happy weekend and did lots of fun things and saw lots of pretty things and got lots of treats and ear rubbies. We had a nice weekend here, but I must confess, I was a little bit concerned about the new magic cold box. As I've mentioned before, I love ice cubes. I was worried that the new magic cold box might not have any or maybe I wouldn't know how to use the dispenser on this one!

I had to gather my courage and give it a try. Here I am, on the approach:

Oooh, the new magic cold box...

Mom? May I please have some ice?

Thank roo!

Wow! Stormy was right! The new dispenser works just like the old one!

I better go rest up. Mom and Dad are having the rest of the mulch delivered today. It's going to be in the 80s today, so I'm going to have to keep a close eye on them from the kitchen windows to make sure they're OK! They might want to share ice cubes with me when they're done!

Have a happy day, everypupppy!



  1. Wow! That is some cold box you have there! We always do things so darn small in the UK! Amber you look so pretty with the ice cube!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx

  2. Amber, so glad your new magic cold box makes good ice cubes for you! Mom says you look snuggly too, hey do you like snuggles?

  3. I love ice, too! My dispensor is different though. You have to open the door to get it out. Mom and Dad need to get one like your's!

  4. Eighty degrees is sure hot enough for an ice cube! ahhhhhhhhhh how refreshing! I love ice cubes too Amber!

    Love ya lots,

  5. Ice cubes sure sound good, especially when it's going to be that hot!

    We're suppose to have really warm weather today too, but then it's gonna drop to the high 30's!!! Boy this weather is wacky!


  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Ohh Amber.. I LOVE ice cubes. That cold box looks SUPER fun. I bet you could open up that lower part and climb right in and get nice and cool!!! You ought to try that! Let me know how it goes :)
    hugs, Sitka

  7. Marvin: It's a very nice magic cold box. And I'm glad I know how to use the ice dispenser. Hee hee hee.
    (And thank roo!)

    China: I like to snuggle a little bit. The SUPER snuggler around here is Davy. He just LOVES to snuggle.

    Kaos: Open the door? Hmm. All I have to do is stare at the magic cold box, then send a mind-meld message to mom about how much I love ice. Then - voila! She gives me a cube!

    Maggie: ANY degrees is the right degrees to have ice cubes! Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

    Holly: It's supposed to get cold here again, too. Spring has a hard time making up its mind about what it wants to do!

    Sitka: Aren't ice cubes wonderful!?!? Oooh, I never thought about getting in there! What a great idea!


  8. I'm glad you have your new magic cold box figured out. Sometimes my mom puts ice in my water bowl and I love to chase the cubes around in the bowl!


  9. oh yummy! i luv ice cubes too! i am going to haf to work on that mind melding trick to get my peepol to fetch ice cubes more often.

  10. Hey Amber, Eva here. We LOVE ice cubes,too! Dad even puts them in the water jug that we take to the dog park with us. I'm sure that you will do a first-class job of looking after your humans while they work. We always need to be close when mom or dad are busy. And by the way, that Thunder is one gorgeous boy! He could stop by my yard anytime!! Great Sunday Salute! Belly Rubs, Eva

  11. I am glad your ice dispenser works the same....so, no problems getting that ice cube to chew on.

  12. your dispenser is very nice but mom just LOVES your refrigerator! it is so big you must have tons of good food in there!

  13. Hey Amber, Good thing you checked out the ice on the new box--you never know what wackiness the humans will think up. We got a magic cold box when I was a pup--it's where the people keep all the frozen meat they give us. They don't let us snuffle it, though.

    Tell Zim, I love Siberians--I was playing with one just this evening at agility class. And guess what, his name is Storm. He's pretty handsome, but not as handsome as your boys.

    Hamish said to tell you that he especially loves Sibes and dreamed of little Siberian collies (or Border Huskys) back in the days before the big snip. Just think a red Sibe and a red B.C.--what a combo.

    See ya

  14. Hi Amber.. there is no need to ask your mom. I think you are tall enough to reach the ice portion. You just have to push and viola! ICE!!!!

    P.S: If you get caught, please do not say that I taught you... :P


  15. Hi Amber, woh.. Your magic box looks amazing. So what else can it give you other then ice cubes?

    ~ fufu

  16. Wow that face is so adorable! You look so happy with that ice cube!
    We love ice cubes too! Our little legs are too short though for us to reach the ice drawer. That's were those big baby browns come in handy.
    Jazz and Dixie

  17. Hi Amber, Tasha here. Sorry about the comment Eva left you about Thunder. You would think with that European breeding, (not to mention bieng "fixed") that she wouldn't be such a hussy!! I'll have a talk with that young lady right away. I apologize for her behavior. Belly Rubs, Tasha

  18. Oooooh, ice dispenser! I wish we had one!

  19. Am! Nice Magic Cold Box!! You know I love the Magic Cold Box. And look! You have 3 doors to choose from! I like the slidee drawer along the bottom, Wow! That's about just the right height for me! I must ask Dad for one.

    Our kitchen is in the middle of a remodel and we don't have an oven and the old magic cold box has been moved. I can't wait for it to be done. I wonder what magic cold box Dad will get us.

    Way to go Amber! and good that you all helped get the new magic cold box in place. May it be overflowing with cubes and treats of all kinds!

  20. Kat: Ice cubes in the water bowl? That sounds FUN!

    Ivy: I hope it works for you as well as it does for me!

    Eva: Aren't they YUMMY!!? It's nice of your dad to take them to the park with you!
    And thank roo. I work very hard keeping an eye on everyone!
    I think Thunder is very cute!!! I would love to play chase with him!

    Jasper: Yes! It works just like the old one! Hee hee hee!

    Joe: It's HUGE and almost didn't fit! I wish there was a salmon in there!

    Hi Pippin! I just stare at the magic cold box when I want an ice cube. Mom doesn't like us to put our heads in there. Something about "shedding" and "clean place" and things like that. I don't really understand it!
    Oooh, I will tell Zim you like Siberians! We saw a black and white Border Collie from across the busy street the other day, but we've never really met one. She looked more like Miss Tansy than like you; we wagged our tails at her. Zim gets along with EVERYpuppy, so I know you'd love playing with him!
    And please tell Hamish I love the thought of Border Huskies or Siberian Collies! :) Do you know that our ancestors were used to herd reindeer? I do a little herding myself. Once when Mom fell on the ice, I walked all the way home pressed up against her to steady her, even though I had Dad at the other end of my leash. She said I really, really helped her!


  21. Pippin: Sorry... Storm said I should have mentioned I've been fixed, too.

    Jay: It's great to see you!
    Stormy said there's no reason I should go to the trouble of pushing the ice thingy when I can have Mom do it for me. :)

    Fu Fu: There is all kinds of good stuff in there! Like apples (one of Stormy's favs!), chicken (mmm!), salad (unfortunately, no spinach - I love spinach), and LOTS of ICE CUBES!

    Jazz & Dixie: I think you two could talk our mom out of ANYTHING with your sweet brown eyes! :)

    Tasha: I don't think Eva said anything out of place at ALL! I would love to play with Thunder, too. And I'm fixed. I'd just like to play bow and run and bounce and run!

    Indy: Maybe your mom would be your ice dispenser? Hee hee hee!

    Rocky: Would you teach me the secret of opening the magic cold box? I think that bottom drawer has frozen chicken in it and I'd LOVE that! Good luck with the remodel!


  22. Ver nice cold box Amber, looks like you figured it out without any problems! We Sibes are so smart (and polite too)!
    Face Licks, M&M