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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Magic Beans!

Ha roo, everypup! Zim here!

I realize we haven't posted any (p)updates on our exploration into the Land of the Giant lately. Truth is ... we've been concerned about an escape route. Back in September, I posted about the really cool Beanstalk I grew one year from Magic Beans that our Aunt Janet sent. They are something called annuals, so you have to plant them every year. Only I didn't save any Magic Beans to grow more. What's a Sibe to do? Obvious - send a mind-meld message to my aunt for more Magic Beans, please!

So guess what came in the mail on Saturday!?!?! A package from Aunt Janet! Ha roooo! And even better - what's in it? MAGIC BEANS! For all kinds of stuff! But ... any Magic Beans for the Beanstalk?

Hmm... Daylilies.... French Hollyhocks...

Poppies ... Columbine ... Whoa! BINGO! Here it is - the Beanstalk!!!

Stormy told me I should go on-line and research the Magic Beans a little. The plants they grow are called Hyacinth Bean Vines - and their Latin name is Lablab Purpureus. "Lab-lab"? And one link is to a place called "Dave's Garden"? Ha roo roo roo. Toss in his purple collar, and it's just way too funny. But anyroo....... there you go with some cool links for more info on the Magic Beans!

Apparently we have to wait until it gets a little warmer to plant our Magic Beans - but as soon as the time is right, Mom said she's found a special spot for them out in the back yard. Ha roooo! I can't wait. Then - once we have our escape route - we'll get back to tracking down the Giant!

Play bows, everypup - and a special thanks to Aunt Janet for the Magic Beans!


  1. Wow Zim it looks like you are going to have a cool garden too! My Mom and Papa love flowers! I like to chase the lizards that I can find in the garden, but Madie just chases leaves that blow in the wind...she's so silly sometimes!

  2. They are going to be so pretty! I sure hope none of them are dangerous to doggies! (I know Day Lily is, but not sure about the rest) I don't want any of you to get sick!

    Holly (I know the plant named after ME is poisonous!)

  3. You guys are just a pack of gardeners! Do you like to dig? If I was part of your pack, I would volunteer to dig the holes for you to plant your magic beans in!

  4. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Wow.. Zim.. lots of yard work going on at your house huh? I can't wait till you grow your beans. Hey, did Amber figure out how to get in the cold box yet?
    Hugs, Sitka

  5. ooooh I like the way you say all those cute latin names, 'specialy Lablab Purpuureus......and the special Dave Link.

    You are just so special Zim, all Four of you, so clever. My Jeannie is totally amazed at your totalaby cleverness.

    love and lab sibe links Marv xxxxxxx

  6. I wish I had an Aunt Janet, she sounds so coooooool! sending magic beans and stuff.

    love and more licks Marv xxxx

  7. Hey China! And Madie! Wow - you grow lizards in your garden?!? How cool is that!?! I'd love to chase them with you. Or chase leaves! I just love to chase stuff!

    Holly: Mom will make sure they are safe - you are very kind to remind us about that! We aren't allowed out there unsupervised. I especially like to eat things, so Mom keeps a SPECIAL eye on me. Sometimes a leash, too - even though it's fenced in.

    Steve & Kat: Sadly, we aren't allowed to dig in the garden. Hmm. Or the bed - but I dig there anyway. Ha roo roo roo!

    Sitka: A LOT of work - and we're just exhausted watching the bipeds go at it!
    Amber doesn't know how to OPEN the magic box yet (like our friend Rocky can!) but she knows how to get ice - just give Mom that special look!

    Marvin: "Lablab". Can you believe it!?!? That had me ha roo roo rooing out loud! Stormy's added Latin to the SZK School of Siberian Studies. She thinks it's a good foundation for understanding other things.
    Aunt Janet is very cool! And I'm not just saying that in case she reads this and wants to send more magic beans or something. She has three puppies - and one (Newton) is the one who looks sort of like YOU!

    Play bows!

  8. My mama planted an herb garden with the expectation that we would eat the plants and freshen our breath. Naturally we completely ignored those plants and went for the twiggy shrubs and trees.

  9. Wow Magic beans! I can't wait to see this plant in bloom!

    Love ya lots,

  10. Oh Cool Zimmy!

    Can't wait to see some beanstalk action! I bet we could plant them now here. Hmmm i have one Lablab
    around here, and I don't want to plant anymore of those. But I guess my Mom must have planted that chocolate kind. Can't wait to see yours when it gets to be a big magic bean. I am sure it will be awfully pretty, you Mom seems to have a great green thumb!

    Frankie Girl

  11. Woh.. Magic beans.. I hope it'll sprout out something magically.

    ~ fufu

  12. Oooooooh...sounds like fun!

  13. Hey Zim, Eva here. We like to help with the plants after they're growing. As in running them over! Mom & dad always tell us "OUT!!" but most of the time we don't listen. You're right about needing an escape route in case that giant comes after you. Onepup can never be too careful. Belly Rubs, Eva

  14. Magnum: Did she plant basil? I love basil! I like to eat it right out of the pot my mom tried growing some in!
    Glad our stuff & fluff got to you!

    Maggie: Me, too! It's really cool. I'm excited to try to grow one again!

    Franks: Yeah ... (snicker snicker) "Lablab"! Can roo believe it!!?!? Ha roo roo roo.
    Did your mom plant a chocolate Easter bunny to grow Maddie? ;)
    "Green thumb"? I'll have to look. I think it's the same color as the rest of her fingers...

    Fu Fu: Me, too! I'll keep you posted!

    Nanook: Yeah! I hope it grows for us!

    Eva: I like to run around and taste all the plants - but Mom doesn't seem to want me to. Go figure.
    Once we have our escape route, we're going to try to find the Giant himself!

    Play bows,