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Friday, April 13, 2007

Going Bananas

Woooooooooooo! It's me - Dave. Here I am, saying, "Woooooo!"


That picture actually has nothing to do with what I was going to post today, but Mom took it a week or so ago and thought it was cute. I thought maybe Holly would like to see it.

The tie-in is that I read a couple emails Holly's mom and my mom sent each other the other day and they seemed to be highly amused by something I did after I first got here. Storm said I should go ahead and post it, partly because she thinks it's funny and partly because she said we're in "peril" (I thought we were in Kansas!) of losing our HULA membership and that Meeshka thinks we're goody 4 pawses. I said we should just say, "Are NOT!" but Storm said this story would do the Ao4 proud. I don't HAVE to do what Stormy says... but I will in this case. And, um ... I usually do.

It all happened shortly after I got here. Remember, I was probably 4 years old at the time and really a pretty good guy. My dad was at work, and Mom was taking us on morning walks. She took me and Stormy first - woo. We had a nice time and then got home and mom asked, "Will you two be OK while I walk Am and Zim?" Stormy gave her "the look" - you know, like "Why wouldn't I be OK? Don't you trust me?" and I gave Mom my "Yes, Mom" look.

Mom took Am and Zimmie on their walk. And I think it was a long walk, 'cuz I remember getting pretty snack-y while they were gone. So ... well ... I decided to get my own snack. That's simple enough, right?

When Mom and the redheads came back, me and Storm were nice and quiet. Storm was by the stove napping like she likes to do. Mom looked around and saw me in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. As she told Holly's mom, there I was "with what remained of the bunch of bananas that had been on TOP of the fridge!" (I think she means the magic cold box. And yes, they were on TOP of it. Were.) We all know bananas are an approved snack for us, so I was just being helpful! I gave her a friendly greeting, "Hi Mom! How was your walk with the redheads? I got my own snack, OK?" I don't know what the big deal was.

Later that day, Mom had to talk to the vet about something else and said, "So... while I have you ... hypothetically, if someone took a bunch of bananas off the top of the fridge and ate probably 2 or more of them... peel and all? You know... hypothetically ... would that be OK?" The vet told Mom, "Hahahahahahaha! Which one of them was it? Hahahahahahaha!" or something like that. And there were a few "How in the WORLD?"s thrown in there. The vet assured Mom I'd be OK but that she should keep an eye on me. Mom thought that was a good idea, bananas or not. I don't know what that means. Besides, it helped firm up the loose stools I'd had since I got out of the slammer.

Mom and the vet wondered if maybe I was getting too much Cosequin DS and that my back legs were turning into springs! I think they were just teasing. I like to sproing, sproing, sproing especially at supper-dupper time. I just don't see what the problem is with me getting my own snack. Woo.



  1. Dave - I am confused after reading your very funny post on eating a WHOLE BUNCH OF BANANAS INCLUDING THE SKIN!!!!!!!!!! OH, sorry to shout there, but I am confused still.

    You know how I sometimes read things wrong.....well, how come you came from the slammer with stools.....and loose ones at that! Did the Slammer people not notice you taking the stools with you, and why were the stools loose anyway.

    If you are going to take furniture like stools, they should nail the kitchen stools to the floor......or have I got the wrong end of the stick here as usual.

    Or perhaps in America, you don't have such a thing as stools for furniture.....oh must go for a lie down now in a darkened room, too much for my brain. And certainly too many whole darn bananas in one go! Ha ha ha ha ha! Laughing Licks, Marv the confused one!

  2. Whoa Dave! Cool. All by yourself? I had to get Fox the Cat to help me get Thin Mints.

    Respectfully yours,

  3. Marvin: Woooo! Not THOSE kind of stools! Woooo! I meant ... uh ... my poops. Amber can't stop laughing now ....

    Rafe: Yup, I sproinged straight up and grabbed 'em! That's nice that Fox helped you get some mints - I hope you don't get sick from them!!! Woo.


  4. WOW Dave that's pretty cool! When we lived in CA and Papa was in Kuwait and Mom had gone somewhere I decided I needed a snack too! One time I grabbed the bread that was on the counter and opened it very neatly and ate the rest of the bread, but Mom wasn't grateful to find the bread bag in one whole piece on the floor, I could have shredded it up ya know! And then another time I grabbed a tomato off the counter and ate that, then when Mom was going to get it she couldn't find it and then looked around...I really tried to not leave any evidence but she found a little juice and seeds from the tomato on the carpet! I love tomatoes and it was very yummy...I don't see anything wrong with grabbing a little snack for myself either!
    OH OH and then one time when we lived here Mom and Papa put me and Madie in our kennels and they thought they closed mine but it didn't close and when they got home they found me loose, I grabbed a little snack then too I just licked out a cup that had some left over yogurt in it...I was being helpful at the same time by prewashing the cup!

  5. I don't see what the problem is either with you getting your own snack. You were just being nice and taking care of yourself instead of making your mom do it. Sounds like a good dog to me!!


    PS. You need to teach me how to get on top of the magic cold box. I see Wilbur on top of it all the time, but I can't figure out how he does it.

  6. My darling Dave,

    My humans don't store anything on top of our magic cold box, and they usually have all our food and treats secured in cabinets or behind closed pantry doors! hrumph!!

    Otherwise, I would be more than happy to help myself to breakfast,then a snack, lunch, then another snack, dinner, and of course, the evening snack. I also need to figure out how to OPEN the magic cold box, cuz there always seems to be a lot of really good HUMAN snacks and food in there. Like yogurt, and pudding, and cheese!

    And, as always, I do love to see photos of you, so any time you want to put one up there for me, that's is perfectly acceptable! Encouraged even!!!!

    Your Malagal,

  7. Hi Dave! What a bewootiful picture you have there!!

    My humans keep the stupid cats' food on top of our magic cold box...and I LOVE me some cat food! I think it's what makes the kitties so tasty! Mom won't ever give it to me, so I better work on my sproings so that when I'm a full grown doggie, I can be responsible and give myself snacks as well! You guys just have the best ideas!

  8. I do not see what the problem is with you being proactive. I love bananas and oranges. One time I ate half a dozen cinnamon raisin bagels. Mama said those bagels were especially bad because of the raisins. Later I got sick all over the bedroom carpet.

  9. China: My mom doesn't always appreciate us being helpful either. I don't quite get it.
    Stormy loves tomatoes, too.

    Steve: Thanks for understanding the whole situation.
    I'll try to get Mom to video me doing the sproinger jump. It's easier to see than to try to describe a "how to".

    Holly: Yeah ... my mom doesn't leave food out at ALL any more. It's either in cabinets, the food safe (the appliance formerly known as the microwave) or the magic cold box. Our friend Rocky knows how to OPEN the magic cold box. I MUST learn his secret!

    Hi Marley! Welcome to blogging!!! Mom doesn't seem to think all of our ideas are "good" ones. I wonder why not? Woo.

    Magnum: "Proactive". I like that! I had to ask Stormy what it meant, but I like it.
    Wooo... you reminded me! Once I also ate 4 punkin bagels Dad bought in a far-away land (60 miles?) called To-peka. They were so good. Mmm.......... Sorry you got sick from yours. Woo.


  10. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Woo Dave...
    First off Bananas are YUMMY! I like when mom puts them in the freezer for a bit. That makes them really yummy. Second... I agree with Steve. What is up with certain members of the household being able to get on the Magic Cold Box. That is SO not fair!!! Third, I would LOVE to see your Springer jump!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  11. Good for you Dave--it's important to keep the people guessing.

    But, can it be true that you are in peril of losing HULA status. Surely, Queen Meeska must be confusing you with some other Sibes in the neighborhood.

    Perhaps you need to raid the Kleenax.

    Just a thought.


  12. Ok, I guess that's pretty impressive, but you better work on that Stormy! The best way is to let Stormy try just ONE kleenex, that'll be the end of that good behavior.


  13. Mmmm...I LOVE bananas! Mom and I usually share one each morning for breakfast. CC-man likes the peel. I couldn't imagine eating a whole bunch of bananas! Dave, you're like a hero to me!!!


  14. Hey Dave,

    I need you to come over and help me get my treats out of a highs cupboard.

    When I first I found my forevers home, I use to pull food in plastic bags off the counter and take it to my bed. I wouldn't eat it. Just put it in my bed. I think I got into that habit while I was on the street. Now I stay out of the food room, but guess what? Mom puts my CHEESE on my livin' room mat. Cooools!



  15. Hey Dave Eva here. When a dog needs a snack, a dog needs a snack. You have some serious spring in your step to get up to the top of the cold box!! Not only were you only fending for youself, but made sure those bananas didn't go to waste! Belly Rubs, Eva

  16. Sitka: Frozen bananas? Woo, that sounds incredible! We'll have to try that. No one here is allowed on top of the magic cold box. Must be a "cats only" thing.

    Pippin: Kleenex? I'm not really into Kleenex. Zim likes to pick up paper - but only if it's outside on the ground. *shrug* Maybe I'll give it a go.

    Meeshka: Thank woo. Stormy has some pretty funny tales from when she was younger. I'll try to get her to post them!

    T-man: Thank woo! They were really good with the peel on. Amber asked if they were appealing then "hee hee hee"ed a lot.

    Freda: I took a plastic bag of powdered sugar once and used it for a pillow. That was pretty funny.

    Tasha & Eva: Yeah... that's it. Just trying to use them before they got over-ripe! woo.


  17. oh I love bananas to but I think you are amazing for getting them off the top of the fridge. How did you do that? Can I put a link to you guys on my blog?

  18. Peanut: We'd be honored if you'd link to us! Thank woo.