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Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Blogging Friends!

Hi, everypuppy! It's me, Amber! I hope everypuppy is happy and is feeling good and is enjoying nice Spring weather. I've had some great play sessions in the back yard lately and when I paused, Mom took this picture of me:

I was very happy because I had been running, running, running and chasing the toy and running, running, running! I love to run!

You know what else I'm happy about? We have some new blogging friends! Echo is writing The Daily Echo now - and we are really glad he's here! Please check out his blog! We remember back when he was born - the wonderful people at MaPaw took in a very pregnant puppy named Sissy and when she had babies, Merlin's Echo was one of them! We helped Mom make some things for a fund-raiser to help defray some of the expenses involved. Here's Davy with a pillow he and Mom made. It has Echo's baby picture on it!!!

He's STILL that cute today - please surf on over to his new blog!!!

Another new friend is Marley, of Marls in Charge! He's a VERY cute little red and white Sibe puppy! He's only about 4 months old and he's just adorable and he's learning how to be the very best Siberian he can be! He seems to think Zim is a good role model, which seems to frighten Mom but has made Stormy very, very proud of her boy puppy! Please check out Marls in Charge, too!

Stormy wants everypup to know she is really pleased that some of our friends want to join the Ao4. She's currently working on a plan and will reveal it when she has the details worked out. Could you imagine me and Hamish working together, shoulder to shoulder!?!? Oh, that would be so fun. I'll bet he loves to run and run and run, too! Or Dave and Marvin working together on a poem or something? Charlie is a great asset to the team; it'll be really nice to add even more to our numbers!

Love to everypuppy,


  1. Amber, I feel so famous now! You 4 are the best!

    Thank you so very much for the bark out! I can't help but to look up to Zimmie...number one, he's bigger than me...and number two, he's just so clever and cool!

    Big licks to all of you!

  2. Amber, you look so pretty in that picture!


  3. Harrrrr Amber
    That picture is great harrrrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  4. Awww.....thanks Amber! You're so cool. Your Mom rocks for helping out MaPaw. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. I would like to join your Army someday too. Is there Boot Camp? Boot Camp sounds like fun!

  5. Welcome to all the new Pup Bloggers I say! The more the merrier, Amber!

    Oh and yes, I can just see Dave and I working on a poem or two, that would be so cool!

    I love to run too, tell Stormy to hurry up with her plan to get us altogehter. I am beside myself with excitement......oooooh does this mean there are two of me? You know how confused I get sometimes!

    We will check out the new Blogs soon. Love and many happy licks Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Amber,
    You are such a be-woo-tiful girl! And Dave, well, he's adorable as usual!

    Echo is such a cutie! I will be sure to jump over to his blog and check him out. I already check in or Marley (he's on my friend list) so will need to add Echo too. The more the merrier!



  7. Oh you have so many new friends now. I do think Zim is a good role model too. You are expanding your army?? I wanna join too...

    ~ fufu

  8. I volunteered the doofus over on charlie's blog. remember that show M*A*S*H and they had a doofus named Radar O'Reilly?? You guys need one of those, right?!

  9. Hey Ammy,

    You look very happy, and you're right I do love to run and run. We would have a blast together!

    Will you and your people make an appearance at the DWB wine and cheese fest this week-end? I hope so.

    Good news that you have so many new blogging friends. We sure are becomming a big community, huh?

    Many play bows and kisses

  10. Ah, Amber, I know what you mean about Running! And you are Correct, Hamish would love to Run with you. He and I Run together most mornings in the Park. I will say, I am faster than he. Consequently he has created some clever evasive Moves. Quite a Delight!

    We appreciate the News of other Blog Dogs, as well as your Sunday Salute! I find so much to learn from Everydog.

    Bark! Bark!

  11. Marley: You are SUCH a sweet puppy! And I think Zimmie is a good role model. Just remember - if you do something on the "no-no" list, look cute afterwards!

    Kat: Thank roo! You are so very sweet! I love the picture of you and Steve in your bandanas. You're so lovely!

    Maverick: You're very sweet - thank roo!

    Echo: We love to help MaPaw! The bipeds and pups who make up the group do SUCH great things to help pups!!!
    That's GREAT that you want to join the Ao4! Stormy will post all the details when she gets them worked out!

    Marvin: You're so FUNNY! "Beside yourself" ... "two of you". Hee hee hee! Stay tuned!

    Holly: Thank roo from both Dave and me. And Storm's got you signed up! Do any of your siblings want to join, too?

    Fu Fu: I don't think we could up our numbers and not include you!!! You're in, little friend! Storm will post more about everything in a few days!

    Joey: We will welcome anypup with open paws - but Tanner must volunteer himself! We're an all-volunteer force; you can't draft him!!! Send him over!

    Butchy & Snickers: Oooh, we'll come over and vote post haste!
    Wow, you have a lot of family members in the armed forces! You must be so very proud of them. We would be delighted to have you join us!!!

    Hamish! Can't you just picture us running, running and running together!!?? What FUN! Please let your pack know we would LOVE to have all of you join the ranks of the Ao4.
    We hope to make the Wine and Cheese Party! Will you be there? I'll look for you!

    Dear Tansy: You always say the sweetest things! We're so glad you enjoy our Sunday Salutes! If I could give EACH one of our "salutees" a gentle lick on the nose, I WOULD!
    I would love to run with Hamish one day! We are all pretty fast in our pack - though right now I'm the most consistent runner. Storm is almost 12, so we don't want her to overdo. She can really ZIP, though! Dave is fast when he plays, but he's not into running as a sport. Same with Zim. I love to run, play, run.... everything!

    Have a happy day, everypuppy!