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Thursday, April 12, 2007

TV Time

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim! How's everypup doing? You know, after the bipeds have dinner, there's nothing I like better than to do zoomies around the living room with Dave for a while then to settle in to watch some TV. How about you? Do you pups like TV?

One of my favorite shows is COPS. The theme song is pretty cool and is great to sing during a zoomies session with Dave - but what I really like is when a K9 cop is involved in bringing down the bad guy! Here I am, watching an episode with a police puppy involved!

Yeah! Get him, Rex!

I could hear him yelling at the bad guy! It was so cool! And very realistic! I thought he was right inside our TV cabinet!

Hey! Where are you, K9 cop? Rex? Where are roo?

Pretty cool, huh? I've also got a favorite commercial out there. No ... not the one where the guy calls his dog "Mr. Barky von Schnauzer" - though for some reason, that always cracks my mom up. My favorite commercial is the one below, for Jeep. It has a "wolf" in it. But we think up until they show him snarling, it's the most Siberian-looking "wolf" we've ever seen. Stormy thinks it IS a Siberian and they had to teach him how to make the growly-face. He's just acting! Here it is:

What do you all think - a wolf or a Sibe pretending to be a wolf? Maybe a Malamute at most ...

Play bows,


  1. Hey Zim!
    I like Jeep commercials, too. I LOVE Jeeps though. We're rying to decided on a Jeep to buy Mom. Her Kia looks really funny in the driveway with all the Jeeps.
    My cat brother loves to watch Star Wars movies and Nascar. His favorite parts are when things zoom by the screen really fast.

  2. Hey Zim! that was soooooo funny! I am sure when the Sibe "wolf" barked at the guys in the boat, he said "GET OFF"!!!!!!

    I don't watch TV at all, because I just don't seem to notice the screen! And its darn big enough in our house too! But I have never actually watched it, perhaps I will give it a try tonight! love and licks Marv xxxx

  3. I think it's a Sibe, for sure. There are some very 'wolfy' looking Sibes out there (and we, of course, make wonderful actors!)

    Woos, Frodo

  4. Me and Madie guess that it's an actor doggie too! HEY HEY My Mom just told me that Wolves don't bark! They are taught as puppies not to bark by the Mommy wolves...although she says she's not 100% about if they don't bark at all or if they would when warning to attack though.
    China & Madie

  5. I think that you might be right about that being a Sibe. I make that same face at Steve when he walks within a few feet of my stuff.


  6. Zimmy!

    We watched it 3 times and vote for Sib-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)

    Very hard to tell for sure tho.
    Happy TV watching!

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Bunny

  7. That's a Sibe. Way to small for a wolf, and China and Maddie are correct, wolves do not "bark" like a dog barks. They vocalize, cut not in the same way. Speaking of wolves, my humans are going to see some next weekend at Wolf Park!!! This is their second time there, and my human woman is extremely excited!

    Another great commercial, if you've seen it, is the Land Rover one where the guy drives by the Eskimo man on his dog sled? They end up getting in the nice comfy Land Rover with all the dogs. It's quite funny.


  8. Here's the Land Rover commercial I was talking about.


  9. Kaos: A really sweet biped who lived next door to us had a blue Jeep Liberty. I'd like one like hers. Or just to ride in hers with her.
    Do you have a blog? I can't find you!

    Marvin: I also like golf tournaments, especially when I can hear the birdies sing.

    Frodo: Stormy is a GREAT actress and I'm learning a LOT from her: how to act innocent, for example!

    China & Madie: Your mom is smart! It MUST be a Sibe actor!

    Kat: Ooooh, do you really? Does Steve leave you alone then? I know I would!!! Storm said NEVER to mess with the black and white Siber-girl!

    Frankie & Maddie: It HAS to be a Sibe! Ha rooo!

    Holly: Yeah, you're right - wolves are very big! Do you get to go to the wolf place with your mom and dad? I hope she takes the camera and shares pix with us!
    I just looked for that commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd0DDXOIvSw. Ha roo roo roo! I like that one!!!

    Play bows,

  10. Holly: Ha roo! We must have looked for that at the same time! That's a great ad!

    Play bows,

  11. I'm guessing it's a Sibe too!
    I like commercials and shows with dogs in them. When they bark, I bark!

    Love ya lots,

  12. I thought it was a Sibe when I saw it too!

  13. That's a Sibe. The Mom wants the Sibe - and the Jeep!

  14. Hi Zim. Tasha here. We like watching the dog shows on Animal Planet. We here the dogs speak and we'll do the head tilt! We have this surround sound system so sometimes when we hear a pup bark we'll go running through the house looking for the dogs! And the canine in the Jeep commercial HAS to be a Sibe. A wolf would never let a human pick them up so easy! Dave, another great Haik-woo! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  15. We like tv, mostly baseball. The doofus has a hard time telling when stuff is not real and is just on the TV so he barks at it a lot and does that funny head turning thing!!

  16. Woh Zim, you really are concentrating on the tv. That ad looks cute. I think it looks like a sib too. Maybe it worse costume and make up to look like a wolfie

    ~ fufu

  17. Hi Zim, I think we'll go along with everyone else and say it's a Sibe! First time for us to see that commercial. We've seen a few here with beagles! The TV in our house is big and on a lot so we sometimes tune in. We prefer viewing from the couch though as it is a better vantage point.
    Jazz and Dixie

  18. Hey four of you! Nive to meet you guys! Just found you from TinTin's Blog. I'm loving your blog. Dave, you have very piercing blue eyes. Scary...lol! Hey can I add you guys as my friends? Oh and do visit my blog, you should consider looking at what my sista Faith posted last night. It's mainly for olde boys but you girls can have a look too! But you girls might choke & the boys might drool looking at the pictures...hahahaha!!!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  19. Butchy & Snickers: I like to watch those shows, too! One time, there was an agility pup who barked every time he weaved through the weave poles. He was GREAT!

    Maggie: I like to listen to them! But I don't bark!

    Tubey: It HAS to be! He's a good actor, though!

    Dakota: Same here with our mom!

    Tasha & Eva: Dave says "thank woo" for the compliment on his Haik-woo! Our surround sound downstairs confuses me, too!

    Joe: I've never watched baseball! I'll have to try it!

    Fu Fu: A costume? I never thought of that. Stormy said something about a Lab in a Sibe suit and "ha roo roo rooed" about it and said the "wolf" could be anypup.

    Jazz & Dixie: There's a commercial here with a Beagle on it for a TV - and the Beagle uses the remote control!

    Amber: Nice to meet you, too! Sure, you can add us to your friends list - thanks!
    And Dave says "thank woo" about his eyes. One of mine is blue, too.
    Dave? Scary? Ha roo roo roo!

    Play bows,