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Monday, April 30, 2007

Tanks a Lot, Boys!

Storm here. (Amber chose the title for today's post. Can you tell?)

I'm not sure quite how they did it. I tasked the boys to come up with a tank, since our friend Peanut said he wants to join the Ao4 and if we could get a tank ... he said he could be a tanker like his dad was. His brother Flash wants to join up, too - so I thought it would behoove us to get a tank. Though a hard task, I thought it would be a good test for Dave and Zim. Check this out:

Pretty cool. I told them to put it in the driveway, behind the Celica. I'm sure Mom won't mind.

OK... so far, those wanting to join the A04 are: Charlie the Big Dog; Marvin; Pippin and her flock: Tansy, Hamish, Renzo, Rafe and Kyzer; Echo; Holly; Fu Fu; Butchy & Snickers; Marley; K & Kali; Steve & Kat; Sitka; China & Madie; Thor & his Wild Hunt pack; Peanut & Flash; Tubey; Magnum; Jazz & Dixie; Tasha & Eva; the Dachsies (Roxie, Andy & Sammy); and Maddie & Frankie. Anypup else? Holly, Magnum and Tubey - what about your housemates?

Tail wags,


  1. Cool tank!! I think Meeshka would appreciate that for the HULA takeover!!

    Have the siblings join the Ao4? Well, ok, I guess I will be nice and have you include them!

    You are the most pawsome foursome!


  2. Hey guess what if we get to go to Fort Irwin again it's a National Training Center so then everypup can come visit us for Army Training! There's lots of tanks and planes and stuff laying around Fort Irwin so I'm sure we could just grab one for our uses.
    China & Madie

  3. oooooooooooooh such a cool pic Storm! Yay! I so so so so want to run with your pack and to be on the tank with you all would be sooooooooooooooo fandabidozi!

    grrrrreat pics!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx
    ps Jeannie says we have no pics today as the camera is charging after yesterday's fun and games!

  4. Yeah, all of us want to joint up. But don't let that stupid Dyson join even if it asks to!!! It's an enemy combatant.

  5. That is so cool! You're going to have to call it the Army of 40! (Or something, I'll admit I didn't actually count up how many pups want to join.)


  6. Its nice that your Queen of the world will have a powerful army such as this.

    The mutatoe and spineless are not fit for duty, but I will do my queen-like hand wave to you as the tanks drive by my spacious castle.


  7. I want to join! I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm really good at helping Dad clean guns and I'm really good at flushing birds (ans once I flushed a deer!). If you need anybody to clean guns and flush anything, I can do that!

  8. Wow - that tank is the coolest. Dave and Zimmie were right on task! Way to go, boys!

  9. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Well... if other members of the house can be a member... Can Tia join???

    Hugs, Sitka

  10. We at Team Husky would be honoured to join the AO4!!!

    How are we going to fit everypuppy in the tank......we might have to get a whole fleet of tanks.....woooooo!!!

    Please put our names on your list.....Prince & Summer, & our Mum said she will help in anyway she can.

    Can't wait
    P & S

  11. OH COOOOOL! I love your tank! Does it have buttons? Mom says I like to push buttons. Can we squash something with it???!

  12. Hey AO4, Tasha here. Way cool picture, Storm! The Army is getting stronger every day. The other day mom bougth us Doggles. She says its for riding in her convertible but we are going to use them as soon as we can find an airplane for the Army-of-Who-Knows-How-Many! Belly Rubs, Tasha

  13. Holly: Great! I'll add Abby, Kona, Monty and Samuel!

    China & Madie: Are you PCSing soon or just thinking about the future? I think it would be nice to have a Bradley ... can you snag us one of those?

    Marvin: Who'd a thought the boys could pull it off, you know? I'm very proud of them!

    Tubey: Cool! Adding Nikki, Fargo, Roo Roo, Misha and Lex. No Dysons allowed!!!

    Steve & Kat: It's great to band together!

    Meeshka: I understand about your brothers! We will do an eyes right as we swing through Meeshka-ville!

    Kaos: Excellent!

    Marley: They do look good in that tank, don't they?

    Sitka: Tia? Hmm... well, she's your sister, right? I'm instituting a "Don't Ask, Don't Meow" policy. She's in.

    Team Husky! Great to have you on board! We're adding Prince and Summer to our roll!

    Echo: Ha roo roo roo! Zim seems to have that talent, too. Yes, we can squash all kinds of stuff!

    Tasha & Eva: Doggles? Cool! Do you have a picture of you in them yet?

    Tail wags, all!

  14. Woo Hoo a tank. Dad saw the picture and said hey cool it's a plow tank just like he had. So I am learning everything he knows so I can work everything on it. Good job AO4

  15. Hey guys! Check out my blog, I am starting to trek to Kansas on there - following a kind of Yellow Brick Road which I found today on my walkies.

    See you soon! Haroooooooooooooooooo!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

  16. Ya know, my new grandpa is ex-Air Force and worked for the people that built the F14. I'm sure I can get hold of some stuff through him. He was a pilot once, so planes should not be a problem! If I get us an F14, can I fly it? Pleeeeeeeeze????

  17. I would like to join the AO4 too.
    Great tank picture. Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  18. Peanut: That's great! Hooah!

    Marvin: YOu are so cool!

    Thor: A plane!?!? That would be GREAT! Yes, you can drive it!

    Sooky: Great! You're in! We're glad you want to join us!

    Tail wags,

  19. YEAH SOON! Like August! Papa has to go to ANOC first then we leave to Fort Irwin! We'll check on the Bradley!
    China & Madie