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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Follow the ...Brick Road

Hey everypup. It's me - Zim. Sorry I'm late posting; it's been a busy day. Anyroo... did you catch our pal Marvin's blog today? He lives in a really cool place called "Scotland" and he's heading to Kansas! I wonder if he's walking or driving? Hmm... I'll have to ask! He wrote one of his cool poems about the whole thing and I had to wonder about these two lines:

...They say the road to Kansas is made out of yellow bricks,
This road isn't yellow, apart from that the description fits...

Wow. So... not exactly a "yellow brick road"... but one Marvin thinks heads to our house anyway. Hey! Here's a brick road! Or a brick path, anyway!

I'm gonna stand here and wait for Marvin.

Until he gets here - play bows, everypup!


  1. Are you going to have a poet's conference? How exciting!

  2. Good luck waiting! I hope you get fed!

  3. Hi guys! I saw your comment on my blog and the reason my blogger profile isn't enabled is actually beacause the account is my Mom's and she put me on her's. She hasn't updated her blog in forever though so I think she should just delete her's and let me have total control over the account. On most blogs I type in my link, but on your blog it will only let me use my blogger login. I'd be very honored if you linked to my blog!

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Wow Zim... are you standing in your backyard? It looks like a VERY awesome and very well landscaped yard. Did you have a hand in making it so pretty? You are SOOOO handsome.

    Hugs, Sitka

  5. Hey Zim -
    Maybe you can meet him with your new tank! He'll be sure to see you.

  6. Hey Zimmie!

    Very nice pic of you and the landscaping. Marvin's heading to Kansas! Wow cool. I hope he doesn't run accross the Wicked Cat witch, have you ever seen it?
    How scarey! Say hi to Dorothy and
    Toto too. Stay safe Marvin on your travels. Boy I hope he runs across some great Doggie Cafes on his journey!

    Maddie the Chocolate Lab Bunny

  7. Hey Zim, good thinking. With you standing there Marvin wont miss you when he walked pass.
    I love that pic of you boys in the tank in the previous post. :)


  8. Oh, well crap! If I knew all I had to do was follow the brick road, I would have been there MONTH'S ago!!


  9. Woos, all! Can Marvin walk all the way to Kansas? When will he get there? You should have lots of fun! Oh, and hey, Zim, you asked me what happened to my photo. Which photo are you talking about??

  10. oooooh Zim, so glad you are waiting for me! I may be some time, as I am definitely walking to Kansas.

    Jeannie just won't give up her car for me to use as she says I do not have a driving licence yet.

    Also, the aeroplane fare is tooooo darn expensive.

    So walking it is! It is some long road I can tell you!

    See you in about five years at this rate! Have some cool water ready for me!

    love and many tired licks, Marv xxxx

  11. you guys will have a riotin' good time when Marvin gets there!!!


  12. Magnum: A poet's conference? Wowzers, maybe he and Dave are planning something!

    Abby: You hope I get fed? You mean ... he won't be here until after dinner time?

    Hey Kaos: Oh! That makes sense. Yeah, I think you should have total control over the whole thing. Credit cards, too. Really.

    Sitka: HA ROO! Yes, that's our backyard. I supervised the whole landscaping process! We had it "re-done" a couple years ago - we'll have to post pix!
    Thanx for saying I'm handsome. :)

    Echo: Great idea!

    Maddie & Frankie: Oooh, doggy cafes! Can you imagine?
    I hope he doesn't get caught by the Wicked (cat) Witch either - or the Giant! Scary stuff!

    Fu Fu: He'll be SURE to see me if I'm standing right on the path, don't you think?
    Thanks - we love our tank picture!

    Holly: Oh, yeah. Just follow the ...brick road and you can find your Davy! He even CHOSE the pavers in our brick path!

    Hey Thor: Well, Marvin does a lot of walking, so he should be able to walk from Scotland to Kansas - shouldn't he?
    Your picture that usually shows up when you leave comments isn't there on our screen, like everyone else's. All I see is a red "x". Could be our security settings, though!

    Marvin: I thought you'd be able to walk here by supper time! Maybe not ... Stormy said Scotland is really a long walk from here. Longer than the other side of the park even! Wow. Who knew?
    Too bad your mom won't let you borrow the car. Driving would have made it faster.

    Fei: We will!

    Play bows,