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Friday, May 18, 2007


We've been tagged by China and Madie's mom! We're supposed to tell 7 things about us then tag other friends! How fun! Thanks for tagging us! I, Stormy, will answer for all of us.

1. We love to run. Us girls would make great sled doggies, as we love nothing better than having Dad hook us up and take us on a run. I have some hip issues and am well over 11 years old, so I don't get to go as often as I'd like. But I DO get to go sometimes! Dave likes to run, too, but since he has a bum shoulder he's more into zoomies with Zim and running after his Kong-on-a-Rope in the back yard. Zim ... um ... he loves to do zoomies. And he does go running with Dad, but his heart isn't in it. He didn't get a real good start in life and has some lingering issues with stamina and heat exhaustion.

2. We love being a pack! Siberians are pack animals by nature and we LOVE being together. We love each other something fierce, despite some of the joking we do back and forth.

3. We like going to the vet's. I know ... a lot of you get upset about it. But we love meeting new people and seeing old friends. We're all social butterflies and love being adored by one and all. All the bipeds at our vet hospital are REALLY nice and we love seeing them. As long as we're not having to fast before blood work or a dental or something, they give us COOKIES! Lots of COOKIES! And ear scratchies. And for Dave - hugs and tummy rubs, his favorites!

4. We're not destructive. Some Siberians are, but our bipeds (a) keep us gainfully occupied, (b) get us tired, (c) don't leave much laying around that interests us, and (d) I don't know ... we just aren't. Sure, there has been a little incident here or there ... or perhaps here, but for the most part, those all happened during our training periods. Really.

5. We shed. A LOT. This is why Mom and Zim have 4 vacuums. And Mom has a collection of different brushes for us. Keep it interesting, I guess.

6. Cameras. Zim LOVES the camera! Seriously - he loves to pose. Dave does, too, but not as much as Zim. Amber doesn't like the camera in the house, but thinks it's all right outside - probably because there is so much else going on out there to sniff and see! I'm OK about it, but if I don't feel like cooperating, you might as well stick the camera back on the charger. If I do ... you could get a picture like the one at right. Mom took that about 2 weeks ago. It's my "happy" look. Like it?

7. We all have jobs. I am the Supreme Commander of the Ao4 and I supervise everypup. Amber is our Security Specialist and Top Negotiator. She guards us and always intervenes if there is trouble around, calming everyone down. Zim is our Drill Sergeant - always inspecting, revving everyone up, pushing them to their limits and beyond. Sometimes ... way beyond. Ha roo roo roo! Dave is, as many of you know, Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. He's not limited to work in the Quilt Studio, he chose the tile and grout for the Library/Media Room and the brick pavers for the cool path in our back yard. He's very good at what he does, don't you think?

We tag Joe Stains & Tanner, Holly, and since this was started by a biped - we're going to tag our biped friend Tierre!

Tail wags,


  1. Oh Stormy! That is such a pretty picture of you smiling!! You look VERY happy!

    Amazing you all fit on the bed together! I'm not sure all of us would fit our our humans bed, and it's king sized!

    Thank you for tagging me! I will have to think about what all I want to tell.........


  2. Yeah that was fun! Thanks to each of you! And our Mom says to give you all pets the way you like em!
    China & Madie

  3. you forgot to mention that amber is the comedian also!!! I cant wait to see what the doofus has to say for this!

  4. Dear AO4, I enjoyed getting to know so many things about you. You're all sure pwetty. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sorry to be so slow in paying a return visit. My mum has been digging stuff up all week, so she hasn't had time to help me blog. I hope you'll come back and sign my guest book! xxx Asta

  5. G'day Ao4, Thanks for signing my guest book! you are all supreme. xxx Asta

  6. You like the vet??? Maybe I should switch so I can make this same statement!

    Love ya lots,

  7. It was nice learning more stuff about all you guys.

  8. It was great learning more about you, but I'm having problems with the vet thing. I don't have to go very often and it really isn't that bad, but I still don't like it. Maybe it's because I don't get any cookies! Your vet and my vet need to have a conversation!

  9. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Stormy, I agree with Holly! That is a GREAT photo of your beautiful smile!!! What great information you provided us with. You are always on top of things!

  10. Stormy - you have a grrrrrreat smile in the picture there!

    though I am not sure about liking the vet, I sure do not like mine, or where he puts the thermometer........(?) ..... I mean ....why there of all places?????

  11. I love your happy picture, Stormy!

  12. Hi Stormy -
    With that list how could anyone not want one of us?! Life would be so boring without us wouldn't it?

  13. Holly: Thank roo for the compliments on my picture! That is so kind of you!
    We don't normally all get on the bed at one time. We were bribbed with cookies!

    China & Madie: It was VERY fun! Thank roo to your mama!

    Joe: Ha roo! Yes, Amber IS quite the comedian, you're right! She always has a funny joke for us!

    Asta: You have a lovely blog! We'll be back to visit again soon!

    Maggie: Yes! All the bipeds at our vet's are GREAT! You should switch!

    Peanut: Thank roo! Everypup has cool stuff to share! I hope the tag game will make the rounds!

    Kaos: Our vet is a university teaching hospital - so they're training future vets how to be really great to all of us! In turn, we show them how sweet pups can be!

    Sitka: Thank roo! You are very sweet! Please give a tail wag to Tia for me!

    Marvin: Thank roo, too. And the thermometer? Well... that's when the cookies start - so we're thinking more about the wonderful cookies than the thermometer!

    Cubby: Thank roo so much!

    Echo: I can't even imagine it! A total bore!

    Tail wags!