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Monday, May 07, 2007

MaPaw Auction Items!

Woo! It's me - Dave, everypup! I came in off of Leave to remind you about the important eBay auction going on to support the MaPaw Siberian Husky rescue group. You can bid on and win all KINDS of great things, regardless of where you are around the world! All the items are really cool - but I wanted to tell you about a couple I helped Mom with! Here I am with them:

Woo. I'd love to take a nap on this quilt!

The quilted throw measures approximately 32 x 32" and is great tossed over your bed! Doesn't it look comfy? We have a couple like that, so Mom can toss them in the wash a couple times a week and make them all clean and Downey-fresh! It's made using the popular "fray edge" technique and only gets better with subsequent washings! Really! And those seams are great for scratching your back, if you roll around on the quilt! It feels SO good! Mom didn't let me try this one out, but the others are like that.

The front is 100% cotton fabrics, all in dog-themed prints. I matched them myself, so you know they're all color-coordinated. The pet shop fabric features all kinds of puppies and kittens - to include a play-bowing red and white Siberian! I'm SURE they are all from a rescue group or the local shelter. ...Or they could be shopping for toys or treats! There's a dachsie on there, a Scottie, some kit-cats, a spotty dog, all KINDS of pups! The back is made from "recycled" denim and Mom stitched it all together with the goldish heavy-weight denim thread.

Are you sure I can't take a nap on this? It looks so comfy ... and it's calling me!

Here's a good shot of the pillow. It's 14 x 14 inches and the cover can come off for washing. The back is the pet shop fabric; there are some cool close-ups on the auction page!

Please check out the MaPaw fund-raiser. They have some sweet, sweet puppers in their care right now who need a lot of medical care. Wouldn't it be great to help them out?

To answer a question posed by a very adorable somepup... I do not come with the quilt! I would miss my mom too much. Woo. If any of our blogging pals are the winners of either item, though - let us know and we'll include special sniffie bags for you or maybe something else really special that you'll like!

Thanks for checking out the auction! And for your well-wishes while we get through this stormy weather!



  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Hey Dave! That quilt looks mighty comfy! I might have to talk mom into bidding on it!

    Glad to see you made it through the weather. I'm from Missouri so I know all about the bad midwest weather too!

    Keep on barkin'


  2. I plan on winning. I know this because I am a Malamute, who knows when she wants something, she gets it. Well, that and the human woman has agreed to spend lots of money for me TO get it! That's why I make her go to work everyday....so she can buy me things!

    Since you don't come with the quilt, can I get an autograph instead? That would be a great consolation prize!


  3. Thank woo, Bruin! I wanted to try it out real bad, but Mom said that's for whoever buys it during the fund-raiser! Maybe I should get Mom's credit card ....
    Missouri? Hey! We're neighbors!

    Hollybollyboo: If you win the quilt, I promise I will give you my pawtograph AND something very special! Woo.


  4. I will have to tell my mom to bid. Have fun on your leave. We will miss you terribly!!!


  5. The Mom just bid on that great pillow! I think I'll have to steal her card and up the minimum bid though.........even if you don't come with it Dave!


  6. Wow Dave. Thanks for helping your Mom make that great quilt and pillow to help Dawkin and Jasper. You have great taste!

  7. Hey Dave, that quilt look really really comfy. You make a great model with it too

    ~ fufu

  8. Wow Dave, thanks for helping your mom coordinate the beautiful throw and pillow. They are some of the best items we have!

  9. If, excuse me, WHEN I win, I would also like for your to sleep on it the night before you send it so it is covered it your fur. Fur covered blankets fit in much better here.


  10. Good luck on the auction. We hope you raise lots of money to help the sick doggies. We want them to as healthy and happy as the Ao4! Mom says she will check out the auction too!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  11. We'll go check out the auction! Mom & dad don't spend near enough on us. Dave, you are one great model! You will surely help sell those great items. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  12. Hi Dave,
    wow that's a nice quilt and pillow!! Your mum talked about the "Bento box" pattern she made for a quilt. We'd like to see that one too when you guys are back blogging. We checked out the closeup on e-bay and have to agree with everyother pup and say you are a very good model. Have you thought about a career change?
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. Nice quilt and pillow! Mama wants to bid, but she can't use paypal right now (she has issues with it)!

  14. Kat & Steve: Thank woo. We'll be back Thursday.

    Dakota: I could send you some of my fur! Woo.

    Echo: It was my pleasure! We love helping pups in need!!!

    Fu Fu: I would like to test it out, but Mom won't let me. Others like it are VERY comfy!!!

    Magnum: You guys have all KINDS of cool stuff! Everypup should go look - there is something for everyone!

    Holly: Really? You want me to sleep on it first when you win it? Oh..... oh, I hope you're the winner! Woo.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy: Thank woo! Remember - there is a dachsie on this quilt -- so you might like IT!

    Tasha & Eva: I guess being a Working Breed means doing whatever I've gotta do to get the job done. Even if that means being a model!

    Jazz & Dixie: Zim said he'll post the Bento Box pix on Friday!
    I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a model. It was VERY hard not plopping down on that quilt! It was all I could DO to restrain myself! Oh... that and I was on a leash. Woo.

    Poseidon: I understand. Maybe there's another way?

    Luv to everypup,

  15. What a talented biped you have there Dave--

    We took a vote about whether Fox should be part of Ao4. The vote was 7-5. But wait, you say, there are only 6 dogs in the flock--what gives. Well, I decided that as supreme flock mistress, I got six votes all for myself and then I twisted Hamish' ears so that he'd vote on my side and avoid a tie.

    So, definitely no Fox--thanks for asking though

    See ya

  16. Hi you Four! Hope all ok with you, I am back - though only part time - as Jeannie has some nursing to do still.

    Just checking you all out, hope all is well!!

    love and caring licks, Marvin xxxx

  17. Dear Pippin: Woo. You sound a lot like Stormy. "No Fox". Gotcha.
    Mom says thanks for the kind words on the quilty stuff. I'm a big help to her.

    Marvin: Glad to see you back! I hope your dad's recovery goes well! Give him a big hug for me!