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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flowers for Mom!

Ha roo, pups! Sunday was Mother's Day here in the States, as many of you already know. I thought I'd do something especially nice for my mom. She took me out front do shoot some garden pix and I thought I'd found JUST the right way to say "I love roo, Mom." Flowers! Girls love flowers! Am I right here?!?! She was taking pix of something called "peonies", which at first I thought were called "pee on me"s, but hmm, my mistake apparently. Who knew? She's got some pretty full double ones:

Oooh, look! There's a bug on it! Cool! And she has some single, old-fashioned ones:

I really liked those single ones. I thought I'd found just the thing for Mom for Mother's Day and tried to pick one for her!

Mmm.... yum!

Before I could even get the tasty petals all the way into my mouth, I got one of those confusing "NononoZimmienonono" things. What does that mean? A guy tries to do something nice for his mom, and that's the thanks he gets? Bipeds. I'll never figure them out.

Play bows,

PS: For those of you who are wondering - yes, they were real tasty!


  1. Those are beautiful flowers! I wonder if NononoZimmienonono is anything like Kaosnononononono.

  2. Kaos: Beautiful ... and tasty!
    Hmm... the two could well be related. Do you have any idea what "Kaosnononononono" means?
    Play bows,

  3. Hi Zim...
    Those flowers are so beautiful...and look tasty too. I so would have gotten NononoRubyNonono too!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. At least you can get a taste of your flowers. Our mom put up a fence around the flowers in the backyard. I'm sure it had nothign to do with the fact that we completely chewed up the plants this winter. They have leaves on them again now though and I just want to eat them! Stupid fence.


  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Those are really pretty flowers!!!!

    (oh and tell your mom thanks for helping my mom with the .gif! My mom is like SOOOOO computer dumb!!!)


  6. I'm with you on the confusing humans and flowers. Have you also noticed that they are never grateful for the nice holes we dig so they can *plant* their silly flowers?

    see ya

  7. Such lovely Flowers for your mom, Zim! Young Kyzer picked a Dandelion yesterday, but I do not think it was for anyone other than himself. I gently suggested that the greens of Dandelion are tastier.

    I hope your Weather is less Stormy (that is, better for Stormy!). I see it is much the same as in Archangelsk, so you must be Happy!


  8. Zim I totally understand! Mom does that to me too....nomadieno or ehmaaaaadieee.........

  9. my mom just loves peonies! She has tried many times, unsuccessfully, to grow them here in New Mexico. Too hot and the ground isn't acid enough she says........... her grammy used to grow them and take them to the cemetery for Memorial Day. I'm sure the peonies were very tasty!


  10. Ah how could your mom not know you were trying to pick it for her. Humans are weird

  11. My Mom loves Pee-O-knees!! Her's haven't bloomed yet though. I love them because lots & lots of yummy ants march around on the buds & I can lick 'em off!


  12. Ruby: Just what exactly does "NononoRubyNonono" mean? Those kind of words crack me up!

    Steve: Hmm...a fence around the flowers? Maybe they can't be trusted off-lead either. Ha roo roo roo!

    Bruin: No sweat on the .gif thingy. Storm is the one who knew how to do it. Did my mom try to take the credit?

    Pippin: Exactly! Bipeds have some STRANGE ideas!

    Dear Tansy: Thank roo! We had a little storm last night, but now it's really nice out - overcast, chilly for bipeds and a little rain.
    Mmm, I think I'd like dandelions. Greens, flowers, all of it. I love vegetation!

    Madie: Moms seem to have a strange language all to their own. What DO they mean by these things?

    C-K-C: My mom especially loves these peonies because they used to grow in a friend's yard and she gave her some roots or something and now they grow here!
    You should print out a picture of ours and give it to your mom. Not as tasty as real ones, but maybe your mom would like it!

    Peanut: You can say THAT again!

    Play bows,

  13. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Oh sweet Zim.. I am so sorry that your mom did not let you pick her a flower. You can come over anytime and pick me a flower :) Hey, blue looks awesome on you and what kind of collar are you wearing???
    Hugs and kisses,

    Oh, Tia says MEOW! I love greenery!!!

  14. Woweee Zimmie, I sure do like your ideas. I've been having a lot of fun with tulips and lilacs these past couple of weeks, but your mom's peonies look absolutely delicious!!!

  15. Sitka: I have to be so QUICK around my mom! It's like ... like she knows what I'm going to do even before I try it! Scary. Does your mom let you pick flowers? I'd hate for your mom to tell me "NononononoZimmienononono"!
    My collar? Oooh, how 'bout I blog about that tomorrow! It's really cool; I can tell you JUST where to get one! And thank roo. :) Blue is my assigned color. Collar color and leash color.

    Marls: Stick with me, pup! I know all KINDS of cool stuff! HA roo roo roo!
    Tulips!? I had to try to get some from the neighbors. Someone named "Bambi" beat me to ours. And Jack Frost killed our lilacs before I could get to them. I LOVE lilacs! Grab some for me = OK?

    Play bows,

  16. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Woo Handsome Zimmie!

    Well... I think I emailed you about this. I have never picked flowers, but I did up-root watermelons that Dad did not put a cage over. I got the nonononononoSitkanonononono thing!! Now, There is some cat nip in the backyard that I TRY to eat. I am told no, yet Tia gets to eat it? I dont understand. Yes, my mom knows what I am about to do before I show any movement. I don't understand. Mom says something about a "Mom's instinct"! Well, I am excited to hear about your collar tomorrow. Red is my signature color! And it just so happens that my FAVORITE football team is UGA and their colors are red and black. So, my collar and leash is UGA red related (as well as my "nose" - gentle leader).

    HUGS and kisses!

  17. Those are such pretty flowers!! Dad mowed over all the flowers in our yard when we first moved in. Mom was very angry when he did that! His excuse was that they would just die anyway cuz the boys would pee on them and kill them. She was still mad!

    I think it was a very nice gesture that you tried to pick that flower for your mom! She deserved it!


  18. those flowers are soo pretty. we didnt get anything for our mom at all.

  19. My mom wishes she could have "pee on me's" in her yard but she says we don't have the right weather. I don't mind, we have the roses to snack on!

  20. Hey, Zim, the flowers are cool looking. We don't have flowers 'cuz we're in the desert!

    Ammy: you're a hottie! Woooooo-hoooooo! Will you be my long-distance girlfriend? I told Zim to ask you for me, but I decided to do it myself!


  21. Hello Zim, hope your mum had a great mother's day. The flower is very pretty. You have the same grey color fur as me

    ~ Girl girl

  22. Those are very pretty flowers, Zim. We haven't gotten any good ones yet, but hopefully soon we will have some. The humans don't really have green thumbs (whatever that means, dad told me to put that in). When we have some good flowers we'll post them. Isn't it amazing how many times we pups try to do something nice for our humans and get tol "NOOO". Ungrateful humans! Belly Rubs, Tasha.
    P.S. We didn't get your e-mail with the AO4 gif file. Dad probably typed in the wrong address so here it is again. pupguy@hotmail.com

  23. Hi Zim -
    Moms are weird sometimes. My Mom speaks that "nononono" language too. She and Dad keep saying they're gonna count how many times they say my name in a day. What's up with that!? Anywoo....bewooootiful posies. You can always get one when your Mom's not lookin.

  24. Sitka: Dave started drooling when you mentioned "watermelons". He LOVES those! See our post today about our collars!

    Holly: I'm sure your dad didn't mean to hurt the flowers! Maybe uh... maybe he thought mowing them would help spread the seeds and make MORE flowers! HA rooo!

    Joe: I TRIED to pick this, but it was a no-go. So I didn't really get my mom anything either. I tried.

    Boomer: Roses? Ohhh... I've tasted some of those from the neighbors' garden. They're delicious! I like those "rose hip" things, too.

    Thor: I think you live by Joe Stains! You guys should order flowers from a florist and try them. really. They're so tasty!
    Am is blushing - and will leave you a comment in a minute.

    Girl girl: Great to see you here! I do look grey here, don't I? I'm really a reddish-brown like Amber. And my mom. Ha roo roo roo! You're so adorable - I hope you'll join the Ao4!

    Tasha & Eva: Mom mom doesn't have much of a green thumb either. She just asks the nursery guys TONS of questions and tries to do what they say. And also tries to keep my munching tendencies to a minimum. :)
    We emailed you the code again - I hope you got it!

    Echo: That "nonononono" stuff gets tossed around here a lot. I've learned to tune it out for the most part. Ha roo roo roo!
    Oooh, yeah. I have to be on a leash out there (no fence) but I can get Am or Dave or Storm to distract Mom! Great idea!

    Play bows,

  25. Dear Thor: Hi, it's Amber. I think you're a very sweet Siberian and you're very handsome and I'd certainly like to get to know you much better. I would like to consider you a boyfriend - but keep in mind that my daddy and my brothers and Stormy don't think I should get into a serious relationship and that they have to monitor everything I do because I'm just a little Kansas farm girl. They are all very protective of me and I know they only do it because they love me but I'm really not all that innocent or anything! I have a boyfriend named K in Mexico and other boyfriends long distance, too, so yes, I would like to have you as a long-distance boyfriend, too! I had a crush on a Black Lab here named Dirk - he is over 120 pounds and has really shiny fur and is my age and I think he's really sweet but he always hides behind his mama when I roo to him and my mom said maybe I talk too much? Do you think I talk too much?

  26. Hey Zim,
    Those are bootiful peonies. Mama has several kinds too, but none are blooming yet. The double deep red is almost ready to open. She does have a few pinks too & a white with red flecs & a peachy colored one. We'll try to get pictures when they are in bloom. That is so nice of you to pose for pics with the pretty flowers for your Mama on Mother's Day. You are such a good boy!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  27. Butchy & Snickers: Oh, I can't wait to see your posies! Are they tasty? I'll bet so.
    Play bows,