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Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Our Am...aversary!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Stormy! We're back from Leave and just in time to celebrate a VERY important day around here. The day we adopted Amber! That's right - it's our Amaversary!!! Here we are - I know you've seen this picture before, but it's one of my favs, so bear with me.

I just couldn't believe it when Mom and Dad brought her home to me back in '99 and let me know I'd just had a puppy! I was ecstatic! She was already 4 months old and we took to each other right away! I'd always wanted a puppy of my own! She was and is perfect in every way!

I helped train her, of course. I even house-broke her! That was easy - she wanted to be just like me and our great brother Booter. Here I am, tiring her out - you know that old adage is true: A tired Siberian is a good Siberian. Of course, I think ALL pups are good .... but that's another story.

Come on, Ammy! Catch me if you can!

Since Booter was half Lab and half Australian Shepherd, he could herd us up for Mom, which was very cool! In that picture above, he was waiting for the "Round 'em up, Boots!" request. I mean "command". Whatever. He usually got her corralled first.

Here's the little one!

We're all so very happy to have Ammy in our lives. She is the best girl puppy I've ever had - kind, playful, strong, loyal, brave, a little silly, and ever-so-sweet. Celebrate the day with us, friends! Happy Ammyversary!!!

Tail wags,


  1. Happy Amaversary! I envy you all having each other to play with.


  2. Welcome back from leave! Happy Amaversary! We're glad Amber is in your family too!

    Steve and Kat

  3. Happy Amaversary!!!!

    Give her kisses for us!

    The Brat Pack

  4. Happy Ammyversary!! She is such a pretty girl! You did a great job raising her Stormy!

    I'm glad you are back, I missed you all!


  5. Happiest Amaversary to all of you! What a great day to celebrate!


  6. Happy Amaversary to all of you! What a happy day. You did good Storm.
    P.S. Mom LOVES the picture of you and Amber!

  7. Congratulations on your Ammyversary, Amber!! Does it seem like its been 7 years since you found your furever home? We think probably not! Stormy, you look like a very proud momma in that first picture! You have done an excellent job of training Ammy. We also think that Booter was a very handsome boy. Again Happy Ammyversary Amber!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  8. Happy Ammyversary! I am so glad you brought all your sweetness to the Ao4.

  9. YEAY!!! Ammy!!! We love you Ammy, happy Amiversary!
    China & Madie

  10. Happy Amaversary! Mitch was 4 months when we got him too and I'm helping to raise him just like you raised Amber, Storm! I hope Mitch grows up to be as well behaved as Amber is!

    Love ya lots,

  11. Ammy looks like my mom's childhood dog Cinnamon Sam. She's such a pretty honey-pup!

  12. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Happy Amaversary!!!

  13. happy happy ammyversary! i hope you had lots of cookies and snuggles.

    luv ivy

  14. To the Sweetest Redhead we know,

    Happy Happy Happy Amaversary!
    How do you keep on getting more attrative each year!?

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Lab Bunny

  15. what a great day and a great dog! happy amaversary!!!!!!

  16. Happy Amaversary, everydog!


  17. Happy Amaversary Amber, you're such a sweet doggie

    ~ fufu

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  19. Happy Amaversary, Ao4!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  20. Good to see you guys back! A very happy Amaversary to Amber! Both of us were about 4.5months when our mummy got us and we, like you, are very happy to be with a caring, loving family.
    Jazz and Dixie

  21. Wimsey: You can come over ANY time! There's always someone who feels like playing!

    Kat & Steve: Thank roooooo! She HAS to be in our family - I gave birth to her. Even though she was 4 months old!

    Tubey: Thank roooooo!

    Thrawn (et al): Thank roo - I'll go lick Am on the nose for you!

    Holly: Thank roo! Amber is a really good puppy! Like Zim, she is and was a quick study!

    Marls: Thank roo! It's a great day!

    Echo: Thank roo! She's the best Mother's Day gift I could ask for! My mom really likes the picture of us, too. Can you tell how HAPPY I was to have my puppy!?!?!

    Tasha & Eva: Thank roo from both me and Am; we can't believe how fast the time passes!
    Thank roo, too, for your kind words about Booter. He was really, really a great brother!!!

    Magnum: She's incredibly sweet!!! InCREDibly!

    Tail wags,

  22. China & Madie: Thank roo! I love you, too! I love ALL of you!!!


  23. Maggie: Thank roo, and good luck with Mitch. Be positive and supportive, but if he REALLY needs it, grab him by the neck and throw him down. Remind him that YOU rule. (And the bipeds, too, I guess. Though I do NOT recommend them doing the throw down.)

    Boomer: Your mom's pup must have been GORGEOUS! I love his name!

    Bruin: Thank roo!

    Tail wags,

  24. Hi Ivy: I did! I got tons of cookies and smoochies and everything! Thank roo, it was a GREAT day!

    Dear Frankie and Maddie: Thank roo! You two are SOOooooo sweet! I'm just me - Ammy. :)

    Hi Joey! You are so sweet, too! Thank roooooo!

    Thor: Thank roo - we all had a really nice day!!!

    Fu Fu: Thank roo - and you're the sweetest hamsterrier I've EVER known!!!

    Roxie, Sammy and Andy: Thank roo, sweet dachsie friends!!!!!!!!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo! I was a little bit afraid to leave my mama dog and daddy dog, but I was so happy when I came home and met Stormy and Booter! I'm so glad you have such a loving home, too!!!

    Love to everypuppy and thank rooo for the happy wishes!

  25. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Woo Woo Amber! Happy Amaversary (2 days late)!! I hope you had a great day with your "pack"!
    Hugs to you beautiful girl!

  26. Happy Amaversary! What a lovely post! Sorry we are a bit behind with catching up with all the news on the Dog Blogs.

    ooooh Stormy, but being Marvin, as you know, I always mis understand stuff I read.......but try as I might I cannot see the "bear with me"?????

    Is the bear hiding?

    Why is there an invisible bear at Ammis's anniversary.....

    so many questions, so little answers, the world is a puzzling place for Me Marvin you know!

    Love and puzzled licks, from Marvin xxxxxx