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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Salute - Girl Girl!

Before we begin our post, Girl Girl asked us all to be happy and not to dwell on the loss of her dear brother and our friend FuFu. We were going to salute him today, in fact, but out of respect for Girl Girl's wishes, we've changed our plans. We do miss him so much and had friends email us their condolences to pass along, too. We'll put that in as the first comment here.

We admire Girl Girl's spirit, spunk, and celebration of life - and want to honor how bravely she's following in FuFu's paw-prints. This week our Sunday Salute goes out to a new friend in the blogging world and the tiniest Trooper in the Ao4 - Girl Girl!

She's jumped right in already and has started her training! Here she is, doing what she loves to do - run!

Girl Girl doing PT

She seems to have a lot in common with us, so we have deemed her a Hamster-berian! Ha roooo! (She's even working on learning how to "woo"!)

Here she is, working out by climbing on the bars to her cage.

We couldn't help but notice this bears a striking resemblance to the "weaver", a traditional component of the Army's "Confidence Course". HOOAH, Girl Girl!

OutSTANDing work, Girl Girl! You'll be ready to sneak behind enemy lines and infiltrate their camp in no time! Not that we have any enemies ... but we're still keeping our eyes out for the C(un)IA.

For all you do, Girl Girl - we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. From our friends:
    dear Fu-fu's mum
    my sister kali and myself were very sorry to hear fu-fu had gone to the bridge.
    you don't know us, we are 2 siberian huskies who live in mexico city with our mum and dad and we always read fu-fu's blog. my mum and dad told us that he lived in a far away place called singapore, they have been there and they loved it, especially the botanic gardens. they said that fu-fu was very lucky to have had a wonderful family like you.
    fu-fu was a wonderful furry little thing who was generous enough to offer his fu-fu mobile and collect every single friend he cuold think of so nobody missed a good party.
    we will miss fu-fu's posts, although we look forward to reading girlgirl's now.
    fu-fu we hope they have good accommodations up there where you are now, you certainly deserve them.
    k and kali in mexico city

  2. What a wonderful salute this week guys! You've got mom all teary eyed!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Awesome salute to GirlGirl...Go GirlGirl!

    Lots Of Licks, Ruby

  4. oh my what a good salute. GirlGirl is a definite asset to the Ao4 and we are lucky to have her!!!

  5. I am so glad we have girl girl now that FuFu is gone. She is a great assest to the AO4 army.

  6. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Woo Woo What a great Sunday Salute! Girl Girl certaintly is an asset to the AO4. We are very lucky to have her!!!
    Hugs, Sitka and Tia

  7. Woo AO4. A big Thank Roo to you doggies for having me in the army and what a lovely post on me. I love being a Hamster-berian so far.

    I'm still in training now, will show you new moves soon

    ~ Girl girl

    ps. K and Kali, thank you huskies so much for your kind words. Fufu sure was a great hamsterrier who touched many. Thanks for reading our blog.

  8. A wonderful salute to a wonderful little guy! We'll miss reading about all his adventures, but we're sure that Girl Girl will carry on his great work. We look forward to reading her posts. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  9. oh that is a lovely Sunday Salute to our new Hamster-berian pal, Girl Girl!

    Fu Fu will always be in our good memories and I think Girl Girl will continue in his great tradition.

    love and licks from Trooper Marvin xxxxxxxx

  10. K & Kali, Maggie, Ruby, Joe, Peanut, & Sitka: Thank roo! We are HAPPY to salute little Girl Girl! :) What a Trooper!

    Girl Girl: You're the best Hamster-berian we've ever known! Don't over-do on your training! Work hard, play hard!

    Tasha & Eva and Marvin: (What a great combo!) Thanks, guys! We think she is totally deserving of a salute!!!

    Tail wags,

  11. Great Salute Ao4!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  12. G'day Ao4, you and girl girl, rock! xxx Asta down under

  13. Lola, Penny & Sherman: Thank roo!

    Asta: Thank roo, and we agree -- Girl Girl rocks!

    Tail wags,