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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pillow Talk

Woo, it's me, Dave! Have you read Holly's blog yet today? Remember the items I helped Mom make for the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue fund-raiser? The quilt and pillow, that's right! Guess who "borrowed" her human's credit card, bid on them BOTH and won? Our very dear (and bee-woo-tiful) friend Hollybollyboo! Woooooo!

Did you see the pix of her resting her pretty head on the pillow? Oh, she looks so comfy and snuggly, doesn't she? I'd love a pillow like that for the living room.

All I have to lay on is a dinosaur bone.

Woo is me.

I hope Mom will make me a pillow like the one Holly has. Oh, sure. I have my cool Texas flag pillow - but that's in the bedroom. I have a cool denim one in there, too. But it's in there! And my fluffy work place pillow/bed, but that's downstairs in the Quilt Studio. I think Mom needs to make me a new one for the living room. I want to be as comfy like Holly! Woo.

Luv - and sweet dreams to Holly!


  1. Dave,
    You're so abused! No pillow in the living room? What are your parents thinking? You should have options in every room. What would you rest your head on while chewing your dinosaur bone? I feel so sorry for you.


  2. A pillow in every room? That's a great idea! I'm sooooo going to tell my Mom I need oa pillow in everyroom!!

  3. Poor Dave, living in such an uncomfy environment. I feel so bad for you...humans can be so thoughtless! Hopefully your Mom will make you a nice, comfy pillow for every possible space that you can occupy! I'll keep my paws crossed...and I gotta start yelling at my Mom, too!


  4. Dave, your mom is so mean to you! Tell her to get sewing after she weeds the garden and washes the car and does the laundry and makes dinner for all of you! hehehehe

    Love ya lots,

  5. "Poor Dave only has a dinosaur bone for his head.

    But pretty Holly has lovely pillows and quilts instead.

    Dave is a poet and a kinda Lab type like me!

    He is artistic, freckled nosed and loving, you see!

    So let's hope his sweet Mama finds it in her kind heart instead.....

    To let Dave have a pretty quilt for himself in the Living Room for his bed."

    A "Marvin Poem for Freckled Nose Lab Sibe Dave"...........With all my Labrador Collie love xxxxxxxx

    Signed Marvin The Bard of Dunblane, Scotland xxxxx Och Aye The Noo and a Woooooo to You!

  6. you most certainly need a pillow for the living room. holly looks so content with her new quilt. I need to figure out how to get mom's card to order some treats and more cuz!!

  7. Oh Dave! How sad all you have is that very uncomfortable bone for your adorable head! I felt sooo bad for you looking at those pictures! I definitely think your mom needs to make you a pillow that matches the one I got! How cool would that be!?!?!? Time to take up some direction from Queen Meeshka and CLAW your human till you get a pillow for the living room!!

    Your very content and comfy Malagal,

  8. Dave, you look so sad resting on your dino bone. You should get your mom to make you more comfy pillow.

    ~ Girl girl

  9. Cute pictures!


  10. Hi Dave,
    Mummy has been writing reports for school so she hasn't had much time to help us with our blog!! Naughty mummy. Anyway we popped over to see what our favourite Sibes are doing. Pillows are a neccessity for every comfort seeking pup aren't they. I guess your mum will be moved by that oh so sad face of yours and make you a pillow for the lounge room. Your Haikwoo was of course great.
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Steve: I know. It's really hard around here sometimes. Woo.

    Kaos: You deserve it!

    Marley: Woo is me.

    Maggie: Your comment made my mom laugh. It made ME think ... well, yeah. Get with it!

    Marvin: Your poem touched my heart. You really need to put all of your works of art into a book!

    Oh... hey... but I'm NOT a Labrador!

    Joey: I'm glad Holly is comfy!!

    Holly: I'm so glad you like all the cool stuff. And I usually use my mom for a pillow ... but now I think she should make me one. To match yours! Woo.

    Girl Girl: I made the picture our desk-top photo so my mom would see it and be reminded of how SAD I look. Cross your paws for me - maybe she'll make another pillow for me!

    Sparky: Thank woo. and thank woo for visiting!

    Jazz & Dixie: Your mom putting work for school over your blog is as bad as mine not making me another pillow! Wooo... so sad. So very sad.
    We miss your posts and hope your mom has more time to help you with your blog soon! And thank woo for your kind words on my Haik-woo!


  12. Poor thing! I can't believe you have to sleep on a bone.

  13. Cubby: Life is hard sometimes for a Siberian named Dave. Woo.