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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Join the Pups Who've Joined the Ao4

Ha roo. Storm here. Supreme Commander of the Army of Four.

Join the pups who've joined the Army. Of Four.

Everypup who has contacted me about joining the Ao4 should be in this list...

Pippin and her flock: Tansy, Hamish, Renzo, Rafe and Kyzer

Holly and her pack: Samuel, Abby, Monty and Kona

K & Kali

Sitka and her "sister" Tia

Thor & his Wild Hunt pack (Smoky, Bandit & Cheyenne)

Peanut & Flash

Tubey and his roommates: Roo Roo, Fargo, Misha, Nikki and Lex

The Dachsies (Roxie, Andy & Sammy)

Team Husky: Prince & Summer

Further additions:

Joe Stains and Tanner

The Dogs of Jackman Avenue: Lola, Sherman & Penny

Ruby Bleu

Fleas Gang: Simon, Scarlett & Shelly

... and you are now to be considered a Trooper in the Army of Four. (Don't get hung up on the number - it's a moniker type of thing.) Being a Trooper in the Ao4 means we all cover each other's six, stick together in case of trouble, be supportive of each other, and teach each other cool stuff, as I explained the other day. I hope we'll also share stories of the adventures we encounter while out on our missions! (More to come on those!)

Yes, we have a couple members already who are not exactly dogs ... oh, like for instance Fu Fu and Tia ... but I will not turn away a sincere recruit! I half expect to hear that Kyzer's friend Fox will want to join, too - and if he volunteers, I will not turn him away! We welcome all - as long as your desire to join up is made in earnest. And Joey - if Tanner would like to join on his own volition, have him contact me!

I'm putting the finishing touches on a cool animated gif file for you to post on your blogs; I'll have that up in a couple days. Carry on, troops! We are ARMY STRONG!

Tail wags,



  2. Storms,

    Very Very cool our own animated Gif and look at all of the great
    Animal Troops, dogs and all!
    How fun can't wait :-)XOXOXO,

    Maddie and Frankie

  3. The Dogs of Jackman Ave are reporting for duty! We've been in boot camp for a while so we should be very good solidiers. Lola can distract the enemy with her "hussy" ways, Sherman can grump them into submission & Penny can stomp all over them till the surrender!

  4. ARMY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooah!
    China & Madie

  5. Storm! I am beside myself with glee at this wonderful news.

    I have made it into the Fantastic Army of Four! Wowzer Bowzer!

    I must go outside and have a HUGE HUGE BARK just to celebrate and let the neighbours know my news!

    I have contacted Fu Fu, because the walking is proving too onerous, even for me. Fu Fu has the Fu Fu Mobile, so there are plans afoot to be driven to Kansas by Fu Fu.

    (Amber - did you like me little joke there....."plsns afoot"!!!!!!)

    love and honoured licks, Marvin xxxxx

  6. sorry my last comment had typos in at the end, these keys are just tooo small for my paws you know!

    it was meant to say

    "Amber did you like my little joke there .....plans afoot"!

  7. HOOAH I am going to get into contact with my fellow soldiers. :)

  8. I am so excited...and ready to serve!!


  9. tanner said he wants to join, and well, I cant let him do something and not do it myself, so count us in!

    ready to report or um whatever?

  10. OMDOG that was totally me NOT my dumb dad!

    Joe STains NOT TOM

  11. Way COOL!! I am so pumped! I can't wait for my animated gif file!!


  12. Ao4...
    Is it too late for a very energetic, fast moving Boston to join? Hi I'm Ruby and I'm ready to report for duty!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  13. I am so excited to be a part of the AO4. WOOHOO.

  14. Wooo.. I'm in the army. Dont worry Stormy, I'll make your doggies proud

    ~ fufu

  15. I would like to join up too - but I think I would be too distracted to participate in any missions, being so close to Dave and all. He sure is handsome !


  16. What a force to be reckoned with! We are sooo proud to be Troopers in the Army of 4! Thank you very much, Commander Stormy, for inducting us into this mighty unit. We're ready go! Belly Rubs and Salutes, Tasha & Eva.

  17. Wooo! I am excited and honored to be recruited.

  18. Where do we sign? Three pups are willing and eager to report for duty.

  19. Drill SGT Zim here, listen up, pups!!

    Kaos: I think you mean "HOOAH", right?

    Maddie & Frankie: Stay alert! The animated gif file will be posted soon!

    Dogs of Jackman Ave: You're in! Did you say Lola has "husky" ways? Ha roo roo roo.

    China & Madie: HOOAH!

    Marvin: Am liked your joke a lot. Had I thought more about the trek to Kansas, I would have recommended that you catch a ride with the Queen. She could have gotten you as far as Kentucky!

    Peanut: Great show of support! Way to go! HOOAH!

    Marley: You won't be sorry you joined up - promise!

    Joe & Tanner: Glad you both saw the light! We need you two on the team!

    Holly: It will be posted probably tomorrow (Saturday).

    Ruby Bleu: VERY cool. I love energetic pups! You're in! Stormy said so.

    Sooky: Can you say HOOAH!?

    Fu Fu: You WILL make us proud, Fu Fu! Glad to have you on board!

    Opy: Consider it. We'd love to have you with us. We'll keep you busy enough that you won't be distracted by Dave. (He said to tell you "woo".)

    Tasha & Eva! We've got a great team going, don't we!?!

    Magnum: We are VERY pleased to have you with us!

    Fleas Gang: I signed you up! COOL! Glad to have you with us!

    Play bows, everypup - and HOOAH!

  20. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Bruin reporting for duty! I'm ready to serve!

  21. Sgt Preston here. Private Silver and I would like to join up. Hope we are not too late.

  22. Alright, I'm in. But I think my brother might be a little young to be enlisted.

    Chicks dig a dog in uniform, right?

  23. Ohoh, Im late for this???

    Can I join too?? What the requirement?? What i need to do???

  24. Do we get to go to Boot Camp??! Or would that be Paw Camp?

  25. Army recruit Dakota, reporting for duty.

  26. Madam Stormy,

    My Apologies for the Lateness of Response. (One of our people was Absent with Leave to visit the Elders.) We are Delighted to be Troopers of the Army of Four! I know the Border Collie Boys will be Steadfast and Strong. Pippin, Renzo and I will be Thoughtful and Reliable as well. Perhaps I may have a High Ranking in accordance with my Couch Domain?

    Thank you,

  27. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I want to be a new recruit.How do I sign up.I am friends with Joe Stains.My name is Stella

  28. Hey Storm,
    I see my cousins Butchy & Snickers are troopers in the AO4. Can I join too??? I'll be 6 months old on June 1st, is that old enough?? I'm even going to have my boy bits removed soon......
    Let me know, arf arf!
    Wags & Licks,