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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cool Collar Color

Ha roo, everypup and Girl girl! (We were really happy to see a comment from you!) It's me - Zim. Two days in a row. Cool, huh?

Speaking of cool, my very cool friend Sitka asked about my collar yesterday. She said, "Hey, blue looks awesome on you and what kind of collar are you wearing???" Ha roo and thank roo, Sitka. You're really a sweet girl!

As some of you may know, we're all assigned cool collar colors. Mine just happens to be blue. Storm has red (a power color, as is fitting!), Amber wears green (it looks really nice with her red and white fur!) and Dave has purple. He claims it signifies royalty ... whatever. I think it might have been one of the few options left, since he was the last one of us to be adopted and assigned a collar color. But again ... whatever.

I had Mom take this picture of me out on the deck yesterday, so you could get a good look at my collar. It's called a "Limited Slip Collar" and we get them from a place called Wolf Packs.

All the hardware is a very strong metal and the nylon part is an inch thick. Very strong! They are nice and comfy - but if you pull, they tighten! But only up to a certain point, which is nice. It prevents us from being able to do the "back up, shimmy, twist, gotta get free" maneuver. Mom and Dad are always worried about our safety.

Could you see it OK? Here is a shot of Dave and Storm, modeling their collars - an action shot out on a walk! You can see they've tightened up, but only as far as the little "Wolf Packs" tag, so it won't choke them or hurt their throats. I mean ... we're Siberians. We HAVE to pull. It's in our contracts.

You also might notice that in addition to our city tag, rabies tag and another ID tag, we all wear a dog tag. Yeah, like soldiers in our real Army wear! Cool, huh? I like it 'cuz it's COOL! Mom and Dad like them because the info doesn't wear off like it can and does on our other tags! Everyone's happy this way!

The girls got to wear silencers on theirs at first. Mom had this wacky idea that Dave and I might eat ours (yeah, I couldn't believe that accusation either!), so we didn't get to wear them. Storm and Am's wore out fairly quickly, so they didn't get to be commandos real long. They were really cool while they lasted, though. Here's an old picture of Storm wearing hers.

See the black rubbery thing? That's the silencer. Cool, huh? Everything about Stormy is cool!

Anyroo..... that's our collar, Sitka! They're comfy and safe and come in cool colors! How about the rest of you? What kind of collars do you wear?

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Woo Zim! I totally love your collar! I may have to get mom to get me one. The cost is not bad at all! The only problem is I would not have my UGA collar :(

    I will have to post some pics of mine later tonight. I have a UGA collar which is RED like Stormy's. I am a PRO at the "backup, shimmy, twist, gotta get free" maneuver! When I go for walks, I wear a gentle leader (in red).

    Oh, I also have a DOG TAG. Mom got it from some website called Boomerang Tags (I think). It is just like yours Zim. Mom got tired of purchasing tag after tag because I LOVE to lick my metal tags and would lick the writing off! I love my tag! Mom also got it engraved on the back with allergies and stuff!


  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Oh Zim... I forgot to mention that the picture of you on your blog today is VERY handsome! I may have to print that one out :)

  3. We all wear Lupine collars. I'll have to get back to you on it's pattern. I can't see it from where I'm sitting!

  4. Hey Zim...
    Those are some very cool collars you 4 have. I like that your parents have taken safety, security and style into account. Very, very important.

    I have LOTS of collars...all different collars, but I think my favorite is a brown one with little blue flowers...I like it because it was the very first give my Mom gave me.

    Lots of Licks, Trooper Ruby Bleu!

  5. Well you do look great in blue. If you can believe this, I have the same collar since the very first day I came home at 8 weeks old. Dad poked some extra holes in it then to make it small. Now it still fits and the leather is still holding strong. We wear harnesses of thick nylon when we go on walks so our collars don't need to be too tough. doofus has a bunch of collars because he likes to dress up like a girl.

  6. Zim,
    I think it's totally cool that you were a blue collar. I too wear blue! Kat wears pink like the girlie-girl she is. I wear blue because it's so manly, don't you think? Right now when we go for walks, we wear our correction collars that are chains. I love when I see those collars because I know we are going somewhere good. Otherwise we wear our blue (or pink) collars from PetsMart. I think they are Aspen brand. We have tags too. One with our name, one for rabies, and one for city registration. We also have a tag saying we are microchipped, but it's not on our collars because it's plastic and Mom thinks it will break. She did engrave on our name tags that we have a microchip though, so I think we are covered.


  7. I loved your blog about collars Zim & think you're ever so handsome...wooo!!!! I think we would make a stunning red team:)

    My little brother Prince & I wear limited slip collars too - they are great as they don't mark our lovely Siberian coats.

    Princey has a blue collar (he looks like such a handsome boy in blue). My colour is green, I think I look pretty hot in that colour & so does my Mom:)

    Our racing harnesses & walking harnesses that Mom had made for us are colour co-ordinated too, she likes being co-ordinated. Even our leads/lines are the right colours - the lead Mom uses all the time is a green one with a bungy & the bit that clips on the end that splits into two for me & Princey has one side blue & one green:)

    We have tags on our collars, our registration tags incase we go wandering & identification tags too (Prince's is blue, mine is black as Mom couldn't get green for me).

    Mom gets all our gear from a lady that makes sled dog equipment.....we're sled dogs you know & troopers - how cool is that!!!

    I think the colours your Mom has picked for the AO4 are just the right ones for each of you....you all look stunning.


  8. I have lots of collars - mostly leather ones that buckle. My favorite one is from masterspride.com and it has a brass name plate on it. Mom likes that one best too because it doesn't jingle. Mitch will be getting one soon - as soon as he stops growing so fast!

    Love ya lots,

  9. Mom and Dad have a hard time finding good collars for me. Do those kinds of collars come in florecent orange or camo? I might have to have Mom look into those. Since I'm all black Mom says I have to have a collar that stands out. I had a blue one and she was always tripping over me and running into me. My 2 most favorite colors are florecent orange and camo (the colors Dad has gets out for pheasant hunting!) Once Mom is better from her surgery I'm going to haev her look into those collars.

  10. I love your collars! They are really cool! I have four collars, all from Old Navy. A blue one, red one, fire-works one, and a pink one with green polka-dots. My mommy gives me a new one for my birthday almost every year! I have to rotate through them all. I also have a choker one, but I only use that when I take a bath, 'cause I won't stand still. I love your collars, though!

  11. Hi Zim -
    Our collars are almost like yours! They're the limited slip kind because we like to do that shimmy-squirm thingy too. Mom's a fast learner so she knew a plain ol collar wasn't gonna cut it for us extreme dogs! She doesn't like the plastic clippy kind either. We've snapped a few of them! She looks for the kind that go over our heads and then adjust so that we don't have anything to break. DARN! We have that chip thing too but we ate our little flimsy yellow rubber tags that came with it. Mom had to order metal ones from the chip company. She said she liked the idea of engraving the chip info. on a regular tag. We use Boomerang tags too. She says "they're fast!" and she likes that they'll engrave on both sides. Dad's chasing us around with the camera now to get pics of our collars. Yikes....gotta run!

  12. Hi Zim, oh I wanna join the army too. You doggies are so fun.
    I think Eil has a dog tag somewhere. Maybe I can borrow hers ..

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Hi Zimmy! Tasha here. Those are some nice collars you guys have. Perfect for pulling Sibes. We have round leather collars. Because of the long fur we both have, the flat collars tend to mat the our fur under the collar. When we go on walkies, dad uses choke chains. We walk really good for him most of the time, so we don't choke ourselves much. Also Zim, tell your humans THANK WOOO very much for all the hard work that went into the AO4 Trooper gif. Dad got ours up and running finally and it looks REALLY COOL! We really appreciate the time and effort they went through to get this cool item out to all the loyal Troopers out there! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

  14. We have assigned colors too!! Shermie is Blue, Penny is Red & Lola is Pink.

    We all wear martingale collars b/c Mom worries about us slipping out of them too. Our Moms are very smart!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  15. Hey Zimmie,

    Remember me? It's your buddy Althea. I'm back. I posted a couple times last week. I thought it would be a good time to get back to blogging since it looks like you and Sitka are getting little to friendly. I wanted to make sure you hadn't forgotten about me.

    Thanks for posting the info on where you get your collars. Lares and I also wear Limited Slip Collars. They are great, although I can still back out of mine if I try hard enough. Mom and Dad have been looking for a new one for me. Mom thinks blue would be a good color for me (I agree) but Petsmart and PetCo have a pretty limited selection of this type of collar. Dad is pretty disappointed with their leash selection too. He says they are all too thin. Some thing about them hurting his hand when we take walks. I'll have to tell him about where you get yours.


  16. You are so so so so handsome in those pictures Zim. And I love your collar. I will get Jeannie to show a picture of mine, very soon.

    love and licks, Your friend and Trooper Marvin xxxxx

  17. Those dog tags are really cool but we don't wear collars. I hope that doesn't make us sound bad. When we go for a walk, mom or dad usually just take one of us at time and we share a girly green and purple collar (not that purple looks girly on you Dave).

    The FleasGang

  18. Sitka: You could always have your WolfPack collar for "go" and your UGA collar for "show"! I can't wait to see it!
    And thank roo for saying I look handsome! Ha ROO!

    Tubey: Show us your collar! Inquiring minds... you know!

    Ruby Bleu: Your collar sounds really nice - the brown one with the little flowers! You should post a picture so we can see it!

    Joe Stains: Thank roo! I'm a blue collar guy. Ha roo roo roo!
    You have the SAME collar from when you were a little guy?!?! Wow. I guess since you walk in harnesses, you wouldn't have to replace your collar too often. We replace ours about every 6 months. Leashes, too. Safety first!

    Steve: That's COOL that you wear blue, too! Does Kat like pink? I think she'd look pretty in it.
    We don't use those chain kind of collars; Mom and Dad tried them with our great sisters and not only did they really not keep them from pulling, but they stained their fur. And cut it. These limited slips help train without the pain. Ha roo! Maybe your parents could look in to them?

    Butchy & Snickers: There is a school of thought that says you shouldn't leave any collar on your pup - but Mom and Dad don't think it's safe for us to go around without them - and Mom likes hearing our tags jingle so she knows what we're getting into. I mean "where we are". They're almost always right here with us, so we think it's OK. The girls used to wear the kind like you mentioned with the plastic snap thingy but for us Sibes, they like that limited slip feature.
    We get our leads from PetsMart; they color-coordinate with our collars! We get the double-thick 1" wide ones. And with the kind of clip you can see in the pic of Dave and Storms.

    Hi Summer! And Prince! Great to hear from roo! Me, handsome? Thank roo! You're quite bee-roo-tiful! I like green. My sister Amber wears green and looks really pretty in it.
    You guys have all KINDS of cool equipment! I'd love to see your harnesses and learn the difference between a walking harness and a racing harness!
    Our leashes match our collars. That's so if Mom hands Dad a leash and says, "You have Zim, right?" he knows he should have the blue one. It's safer that way!

    Maggie: As I was telling Butchy & Snickers, our mom seems to LIKE hearing our tags. It's almost like she thinks we're going to get into mischief or something! I like how your collar looks on you!! Is Mitch wearing your paw-me-downs?

    Kaos: The WolfPack people make reflective ones - maybe that would work? I'd LOVE a camo one myself - that'd be COOL!
    We hope your mom feels better soon!

    Abby: Thank roo! Your collars sound very pretty! Fireworks would be COOL!

    Echo: It's like Storm says - it's part of our job to keep our bipeds on their toes! Special collars for special Siberians, right?!?! Where do you get your collars? We'd love to see pictures and have another source for limited slips!

    Play bows,

  19. Girl girl: We're SO happy you want to join the Ao4! That's outSTANDing!

    Tasha: It's cool to read about how different collars work for different pups! I wouldn't have thought about your hair getting messed up - but that makes perfect sense!
    Oh ... and Charlie the Big Dog's dad was the one who was able to get the gif file to play. And Stormy did the rest of the work. Mom says you're very sweet, though.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola: We've heard about those kind of collars and Mom was very interested in them. Can you pups post pix of yours? Do you have matching leashes?
    Dave had to wear pink for a while ...

    ALTHEA!!!!!!! ALTHEA, my bee-roo-tiful redheaded friend!!! I'm so glad you're BACK! I just left a message on your blog. I've been so worried about roo!
    Our bipeds have never seen limited slips at PetsMart - we always order ours on line. We do get our leashes there, though. You'd look bee-roo-tiful in ANY collar color!
    Oh.. and don't worry about me and Sitka. She's a black and white; you're a red and white. You're in different categories.

    Marvin: Thank roo! And we're anxious to see your collar!

    FleasGang: Dave says your collar sounds cool. When he first got here, he was just supposed to be a weekend "foster". (Ha roo roo roo!) He didn't have his own collar, so he had to wear a spare we had -- and it was pink. Then he had teal. He likes purple. Kansas State U is right here (that's the vet school we go to!) and their color is purple, so EVERYONE in this town wears purple. He fits right in. Even though he's from Texas.

    Play bows,

  20. We got our collars at Petsmart too. They are very pretty with cool designs on them and they snap instead of buckle. I like your collars, they are VERY cool! Those are beautiful pictures of you and Stormy!


  21. Holly: Show us your collars! Ha roo! We haven't found limited slip collars at PetsMart - just our leashes. We'd love to have some with cool designs!
    Play bows and thank roo!

  22. Cool collar! We get to change collar colors every year. This year, mine is purple (I am the king) and Dakota's is red.

  23. Cubby: See? Cubby said it, too. Purple is for ROYALTY!

  24. I have a bright red harness 'cuz Mom couldn't find a purple one, Snoky has a burgundy harness, Bandit has a reflective collar, and Cheyenne has a bright blue collar so people can see it against her and realize she isn't a wild coyote! But I like your collar, Zim! And I need to get dogtags too!

  25. I think limited slip is the best collar for Sibes. I don't like dangling dog tags since they can get caught easily (not that you dogs would ever stick your head somewhere your tag could get stuck). Anyway, we get the collar tags from boomerangtags.com. Writing won't rub off and no dangling tags so can't get stuck plus no "jingling" so no silencer needed.

  26. Zim, lovely collars and ya'll are SO cool with your army tags!

    I used to have a cute blue collar, but it got so stinky that a trip to the washing machine w/ vinegar didn't keep the funk from coming back (I told my momster that the funk was due to all the borrid baths she gave me, but somehow, she chose not to believe me). Momster bought me a pink collar to replace the blue one cause everyone thought I was a boy but I'm a girl (it doesn't matter to me, seeing as my equipment was removed). Hopefully I can stink it up again and get me some cool camo!