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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ask the Ao4 - I - Sitka's Haik-woo

Ha roo, readers! It's me - Stormy! Welcome to a new feature here at the Army of 4 Digest - Ask the Ao4! We welcome you, our loyal readers, to ask us all those questions that are troubling you - anything from help training your biped to advice for the lovelorn! You've got the questions, we've got the answers! Maybe you even want to just learn a little more about us or one of us and have a specific question in mind! It can be any family-friendly question!

Just leave your questions in our comments section or shoot us an email and we'll do our best to respond! You can even specify which one of us you have a question for! Want to know my secret of house-breaking puppies? How Amber comes up with those silly jokes? Perhaps you'd like some advice from Zim about how to win over the new Poodle at the end of the street! Dave has already received a question, and we'd like to use it to launch Ask the Ao4!

Dave's question came from our friend Sitka. She sent him a very polite email in which she said: "Woo Dave... OK, I got inspired tonight and wrote a Haik-woo according to your rules. Let me know what you think!!!" She then wrote out the Haik-woo and asked Dave, "OK, so how did I do? Tia says that it is OK and that I have a ways to go to be good like the handsome Dave!" That made Dave blush and the rest of us ha roo roo roo!

Dave responded, "It's brilliant! Very well executed and the message - really perfect!" He liked it so well that, with Sitka's permission, he teamed it up with a favorite picture of Sitka and put the whole thing into a cool Haik-woo picture. Without further ado -- here's Sitka's Haik-woo #1!

Amber especially likes the whole sentiment behind Sitka's Haik-woo. You may recall Dave has written one summing up the very sweet Amber's thoughts on brushing. Remember Haik-woo #17? Ha roo roo roo!

Thanks for a great question, Sitka - and a great Haik-woo. Who's next? Who has a question they'd like to Ask the Ao4?!?

On behalf of all of us - tail wags!


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Brushes are EVIL!!! Amber is so right there. Stormy, what a GREAT feature you have started with your crew! I hope you get some wonderful questions from all of our friends.

  2. Dave, you're an inspiration to everypup...Sitka did a great job with that Haik-woo!

    I actually have a question for Zimmie...going right along with your suggested question. I have a new neighbor-pup, a 4 month old Lab/Rottie/Retreiver mix named Lexi. She comes over to play, and even though she's 1/2 my size, she tries to dominate me!! I really like her, but am I going about things the right way? Should I keep letting her win? I look forward to sniffing time every night when we go for big walkies together. What's a pup to do?

    Help this lovelorn guy out, please!!


    P.S. Amber...you're the most beautiful girl in the world, I'm convinced!

  3. And Stormy...I think you're the best mommy pup ever :o)


  4. Wow, Sitka sure did an excellent job at her Haik-woo!!!

    Questions eh? I'll have to think on those for a while and see what sort of list I can come up with.


  5. ooooooh I like this idea very much!

    A Dog Problem Page! Wow! I think you will be inundated with questions you know!

    I am going to have a quiet time in my basket now, and try to think of some problem I may have!

    Sitka's Haik-woo was fandabidozi, Dave is such a good teacher!

    Off to think up some problems now.....and Jeannie says, I am shedding too, usual old joke.....there is enough fur here to make three more Marvins! The old ones are the best so they say!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxx

  6. Instead of "Dear Abby", you're "Dear Army"! Woo, woo. (Maybe Amber will think that's funny.) I too like Sitka's poem. Steve is really good at letting Mom furminate him, but I make her chase me. Steve also just stands still for being hosed down and shampooed up, but again, I make them chase me.


  7. Amber,

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

  8. you guys are the experts on being cool and since you are siberian on being COLD! it is always hot here, how can I keep cool without going in the evil pool?????

  9. Oh this is so great.. I got a question. What is the favourite drink for each of you?

    ~ Girl girl

  10. Hi Stormy, Tasha here. What a great idea! We trust you guys way more than that crazy Ceaser Milan guy. He's human, what could he know about dogs? I have a question for you. When Eva and I are at home, Eva is always attacking me, but when we go to the dog park, she won't even play with the other dogs. She's afraid of them. What do you think her problem is? We already know she's not the brightest bulb, but this has been driving me crazy! Please help, oh wise Stormy!! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

  11. Hi Stormy, I have a question for Ask the Ao4! My Mum keeps squirting me with a water bottle when I bark; I am a Beagle and can't help it, what should I do?

  12. Ok guys here's our question. Its kinda related to Sitka's Haikwoo (which we must say was well done!)- What do you think of the Furminator?? Mum has one that she used once towards the end of autumn last year. It seemed to take out a lot of our downy undercoat and mum was worried that we would need that for winter to keep warm here in the cold Tokyo winter. So she put it away. However things are warming up over here and of course we are both shedding like crazy. So she has dug it out and used it again. Its not coming up with the longer hairs that are falling out all over the floor but the undercoat. Please advise AO4,
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. Dear Stormy

    How do I prevent my Mama from going cross eyed?

    She has been trying to put something called a Favatar on the heading of my blog, but her eyes hurt now; she is teaching me new "naughty" words; and is in the process of hurling the computer out of the window or putting an axe through it; whichever is a quicker and easier death for it!

    Advice much appreciated if you have any?

    Well you did ask for questions.......

    love and puzzled licks from Marvin xxxxxxxx

  14. What a great idea! I have a question. How do we keep Mom from washing the rugs and blankets that are in our crates? Just when we get them all smelly and full of fur she takes them out and washes them. Do I go upstairs and take her blakets away to wash? I think not! Go figure!

  15. Hiiii it's me Maddie the Chocolate bunny!

    You know i DO have one question today! What color Lab Lab fur does
    Dave Dave have underneath that ever so sweet Black & White Sibe
    costume? Oh please do tell!??????

    Wooooooooooooof! xoxoxoxo, Maddie :-)

  16. Thanks to one and all for the great questions! Look for the responses within a few days! How exciting!

    Sitka & Tia: Amber is one sharp puppy! Glad you like the new feature -- I LOVED your Haik-woo!

    Marley: Zim is anxious to answer this. It's right up his alley -- he is Mr. Charming! Stay tuned and thanks for the question!
    And Amber and I both thank you for your sweet compliments!

    Holly: It's like she was born to write Haik-woo, don't you think?

    Marvin: Thank roo!

    Kat: "Dear Army"? Ha roo roo roo! Amber likes that one - so do I! Very clever!

    Fargo: Amber just put an answer up for you. I hope you won't be sorry she's the one to whom you posed the question. HA roo roo roo!

    Joe Stains: Great question! (And thanks for the compliment!) We'll have an answer for you shortly!

    Girl Girl: Thanks for a great question! Stay tuned!!!

    Tasha & Eva: Very interesting question! This is one I'll handle myself! Tune back in!

    Nugget: Another great question! Pup, we've got some wonderful readers! We'll handle that one soon, too!!

    Jazz & Dixie: We'll respond to your great question shortly, too. Remember, our thoughts on the FURminator may not be quite the same as our mom's!

    Marvin: Perhaps we should post how to do a Favatar/favicon? We'll respond soon - in the meantime, back at your mom and make her take you for a walk. That'll help!

    Echo: Bipeds have some funny ideas sometimes. We'll come up with a solution to your dilemma very soon!

    Maddie: Oh, ha roo roo rooooo! What color Lab is Dave under his Sibe suit?!? Oh, ha roo roo rooooo! That's a killer! Will respond within a few days; must stop laughing first! Oh, ha roo roo roooo!

    Tail wags to all!

  17. wut a pawsome haik-woo! sitka rules!

    i haf many questions but it seems that you already haf way more than you cud ever answer so i will save mine for later.

    luv ivy

  18. Ivy: This will be a continuing feature on our blog, so please submit questions ANY time! And yes! Isn't Sitka talented!?!?

    Tail wags,