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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ask the Ao4 - V - Bedding and Sibe Colors

Ha roo, puppers! It's me - Zim! My turn to field a couple of the great questions you've sent in! We really appreciate all the inquiries!

Our wonderful friend and fellow Sibe Echo asked, "How do we keep Mom from washing the rugs and blankets that are in our crates? Just when we get them all smelly and full of fur she takes them out and washes them. Do I go upstairs and take her blankets away to wash? I think not! Go figure!" This is a tough one. Call us "different" if you must, but we all love the smells of fresh laundry and fabric softener.

Mmm... original scent Downey!

As a Drill SGT, it is my duty to inspect all bedding and to make sure the beds are made properly. This means our beds and the one the bipeds call "theirs". (Ha roo roo roo.) Here is one such inspection, in progress. Check the right-paw side of the photo. That's me. Helping.

For some reason, that kind of help seems to slow Mom down, as does this sort of action:

Mom calls that picture "My sheets have a tail." Ha roo roo roo. Oftentimes, help like this makes my mom give up - not when it comes the the bipeds' bed, but at least when it comes to ours. Maybe you should help out like this, Echo! Not only is it great fun, but I know my mom is always real appreciative - I get lots of "Thank you, Zim, what would I do without your help?" type of comments. And she always appreciates me turning a 5-minute task into a 20-minute one. I'll bet you'd get the same thanks from your mom! And who knows? You might learn to like the smell of Downey!

Our little hamster-berian friend Girl Girl asked a great question: "Can I ask why are some huskies black/white while some are red/white?? What other colors do huskies come in?" I asked Stormy about this, and she went into a VERY long discussion about genetics that was WAY over my head... so I'll go for a simpler version of the answer. I could tell you that when God invented the Siberian Husky, we were so special that He decided we should come in lots of different colors, but that might sound breed-conceited. But what is true is that we do come in a variety of colors - black/white (like Storm and Dave), red/white (like Am and me), grey/white (like our great-sister Jesse!), all white (like our bee-roo-tiful friend Frankie) -- and others! (Please check out this hyperlink to see all the wonderful varieties!) Just like Labs come in different colors (Yellow, Black, Chocolate), so do we! Cool, huh?

That's it for today, readers. More tomorrow - from me! Ha roo!

Play bows,


  1. Those were a couple of great questions! Samuel likes to help make the humans bed too. I think it's his way of making sure the fur gets on the sheets before the covers go on!! Ha roo roo!!

    The Sibe does come in lots of colors. People often ask what kind of dog Abby is, because she is mostly black. If she didn't have the blue eyes, no one would ever guess he is a Siberian!

    But, they think I am one too. I don't think humans really get the size difference between Mals and Sibes.


  2. Thanks Zim! I'll try to help Mom when I see her collecting our crate stuff. That oughta do it. Downey....hmmmm. I'll have to check that out. I see you've got that inspection thing down to a science! I love the sheets with a tail. That one made Mom laugh alot!

  3. Your pictures are just so cute! I love the one with your feet just peeking out under the sheets!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Zim,

    You are so helpful and you look really cute wrapped up in that sheet.


  5. I help with making the bed, too! I never get that wrapped up though. I will definately have to try that method though.

  6. "Ahem" A Poem from Marvin.

    "Colours of the Husky"

    The Fandabidozi and wonderful Husky Army of Four -

    Come in different colour ways, all of which we so adore.

    Storm and Dave are black 'n white -
    whilst Am and Zim are white 'n red,
    Almost technicolour, let it be said!

    But to explain Stormy barked a big long word,
    She called it 'Genetics', well that's an expression I have never heard!

    All I would say looking at their lovely colours and faces,
    They are handsome, pretty and so very gracious."

    To my Husky Pals, Dave, Amber, Stormy and Zim.

    Clever, handsome and witty as well!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx ;0)

    ps I am valiantly trying to think of a question you do not know the answer to! You are all so darn clever!

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Oh yes Zimmie... I LOVE to help make the bed! I plop myself right down in the middle of the bed and let mom toss the covers over me. Once the bed is made, Tia will root up the covers and crawl between the sheets.

    Hugs cutie,

  8. Stormy is so smart. Now I know my fur is banded rather than monochrome.

  9. You are very helpful. Wilbur likes to get in the covers when Mom is making the bed too.


  10. Hey guess what! Mom found the Dog with Blogs TV!!! We watched you all's channel and it was way cool! You should get your Mom to make more videos we'd love to hear you all singing too! Oh and your Mom kinda sounds like our Mom a little. Oh and we liked the cookie video we could totally tell each of your expressions as you got your cookie...Zimmie you looked totally surprised you were getting one!
    China & Madie
    P.S. Mom wants to video us playing but we get shy when the camera comes out!

  11. we love helping with the bed making too, we are not quite as good as you guys though!

  12. Zim, those are great answers. You look really cute helping out in making the bed. Love that "my sheets have tail" pictures.

    Woh maybe some of my other color hamster friends are hamster-berian too since they come in many color. :)

    ~ girl girl

  13. Hi Zim,
    Thanks for that info on Sibes. We checked out that link and were amazed to see all the different coat colours of Siberian Huskies. We also checked out the different eyes. One thing that caught our eye at the bottom of the page was this quote: "Siberians have been bred for centuries to RUN and WILL RUN at the first opportunity.
    DO NOT trust a Siberian Husky OFF LEASH. NOT EVER!!" Is this true of you guys? Sounds a bit like Beagles too!!!
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. Zim, You are a very well informed guy and I would love to meet you some day! I would rather let mom do all the work making the bed and THEN I enjoy the nice clean sheets and if dad's away on business I can even sleep on his pillow. Don't tell him, because I like to surprise him with a nicely fur covered pillow.


  15. Holly: Bipeds always think I'm a coyote. A coyote with a BLUE EYE?!?! Hrmph!
    Oh, yeah. And they always think we're "too small" to be Siberians. Mom always suggests perhaps they're mistaking Sibes for Mals. Do we all look alike to them or something?

    Echo: Yeah, helping your mom is the WAY to go, pal! And really. Downey is great.

    Maggie: Thank roo. I work very hard around here, you know.

    Althea: Thank roo, sweet Althea! I get really ... wrapped up in my work sometimes. HA roo roo roo! (Ammy made me say that.)

    Kaos: It's great fun! Try rolling around and wrapping the sheets around you like a burrito!

    Marvin: Oh, WOWZERS! Great poem! You are so talented!

    Sitka: I have to tell Mom that if I had a cat friend like you, she could have even MORE help with the bed! HA roooo!

    Magnum: I don't even know what that MEANS! I need Stormy to teach me some Sibe genetics this summer.

    Kat: It's starting to concern me that helping make beds seems to be a "cat thing". I hope I don't have Cat Scratch Fever again!

    China & Madie: I'm so glad you checked out DWB-TV! There is all KINDS of cool programming there! HA roo! I'm always surprised when I get a treat. I can't believe it! A TREAT! For ME!
    I'll try to get Mom to make some new ones!

    Joe: I'll bet you and Tanner are GREAT helpers!

    Girl Girl: I'm glad you like my pictures! :) And there may be other hamster-berians out there ... but YOU are the BEST!

    Jazz & Dixie: It's TRUE! I answered it in full on Thursday's post - but it's TRUE! We can NEVER be off-lead!!!

    Hope: Nothing quite says "I missed you" like a fur-covered pillow! You're very thoughtful!
    Wow... I'd love to meet you, too!

    Play bows,