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Friday, May 11, 2007

Bento Box - To Eat or Not To Eat

Ha roo! Zimmie here! I was reading Jazz and Dixie's blog the other day - you know them, they're those gorgeous Beagle babes in Japan! They mentioned picking up a Bento - a Japanese lunchbox. How fun! I wonder what was in theirs?

We don't have that kind of Bento box here in Kansas, but as I told Jazz & Dixie, Dave helped Mom make a quilt in a pattern called "Bento Box"! Here it is:

I'm not sure why they call it "Bento Box" - Stormy said maybe because it looks like it has a bunch of little compartments to tuck different foods into. Mom hasn't quilted this yet - after she does, I wonder if she's going to put rice, meat or veggies on it!?! Ha roo roo roo!

Mom made her Bento Box in her and Dave's favorite colors, white and bl-wooooooo! It will probably go somewhere in the outer room of the Quilt Studio where there is a bunch of other blue and white stuff, like the celadon lamps Mom bought in Korea. You can see a couple of those in this picture of the "outer" studio.

She has some of the traditional Cheong-ja or green celadon, too, but Dave suggested it would be better if it was grouped together somewhere else in the house. You know... since it's green and all. Dave's really good about knowing stuff like that.

Well, that's our version of a Bento Box. I like it just fine, but I think Jazz & Dixie's sounds much more like something I could sink my teeth into! (And not get scolded. Ha roo roo roo!)

I just love learning about different cultures, don't you?

Play bows, all!


  1. Looking at that picture of your mom's quilt makes me dizzy! I don't want to fall out of my chair while surfing the internet!!!


    PS. It's a pretty quilt though. It would match Kat's eyes.

  2. Your mom is one talented quilter! She does AWESOME work!

    Love ya lots,

  3. oooooooh Jeannie says the quilt is amazing, your Mama is sooooo clever.

    We like Blogging because we learn about so many different cultures etc via the Blogs world wide, it is the best fun ever!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxxxx

  4. Hi Zim -
    Ooooh.....I'd like a Biscuit Bento Box! My Mom loves that blue and white quilt. She said it's BEWWWOOOTIFUL!

  5. Your mom is very talented. My mom says she wishes she had a talent besides eating. haha

  6. That sure is a pretty quilt. I like the blues! They match Dave's eyes!!! It does have a strange optical illusion that if you stare at it too long sorta makes your eyes dizzy. But I do like it much better than the quilt on the link you attached.

  7. That is such a beautiful quilt! I would love to put that on my bed and have lunch on my bento box quilt in bed.

  8. Hi guys,
    That quilt is beautiful. Wow your mum has made some really nice quilts. How long does it usually take her to finish one? Thanks for sharing these great pics with us.
    Mum says she thinks that design is called Bento box because those kinda spiral shapes look like "Futomaki" which are very common in "Bento boxes" here. Futomaki are fat sushi rolls cut into more bite size pieces. You can check out a picture of them here: http://japanesefood.about.com/od/sushiroll/r/fatsushiroll.htm

    Our bento box was indeed yummy. Mum was kind enough to share with us. Or maybe it was just those pleading eyes that did it again.

    We too enjoy learning from our dog blogger friends all around the world.
    Jazz and Dixie.

  9. My darling Dave. I have Tummy Tagged you! Stop by my blog for details! (I know you like my tummy!)


  10. Your mum is so clever - my mum couldn't do anything like that !

    Happy Anniversary Amber - we are so glad tyou found your furever home - and joined the Army :)


  11. Hi guys,
    We are back! We checked your blog this morning before heading out with mum for lunch at a friend's place. Guess what we had for lunch? A beautiful home made "Bento box"(check our blog). Looking at that type of bento mum had to change her mind and agree with your mum that the squares on the quilt are all the compartments for the various little dishes. The bento we had on our picnis was a lot simpler.
    Jazz and Dixie

  12. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I have to say you have one talented mom!!! She is blessed to have you and the rest of the gang to surpervise while she is making them :)
    Hugs, Sitka

  13. oooo! i think if i had my very own bento box it wud haf rawhides and choco-snacks and peanut-butter bones and dog tea to drink!

  14. Steve: Dizzy? Ha roo! That's pretty funny!

    Maggie: Thank roo! Dave helps her choose fabrics and I inspect everything! Am keeps us safe and Stormy supervises ... so it's a team effort!

    Marvin: Isn't it cool learning new things? No offense to my mom, but I think I'd like Jazz & Dixie's Bento Box even BETTER!

    Echo: Mmm.... biscuit bento box. I like the sound of that! And mom says thank roo!

    Peanut: Thank roo! And our mom says she's a real good eater, too!

    Holly: I never thought of it, but it DOES match Davy's eyes! I wonder if that's why he likes bl-wooooo so much!

    Magnum: Oh, yeah! A Bento Box eaten on a Bento Box! Ha roo!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo and YUM! That looks good - a feast for the eyes AND the tummy! We don't have many opportunities to have sushi here, but Mom and Dad used to enjoy kimbob http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Korean_food_7.jpg when they lived in Korea - or when Korean friends here made it. I think it's kind of similar. I'm glad your mom shared with you! I'll bet those big brown eyes can get you just about ANY thing you want!

    Play bows,

  15. Holly: I DO like your tummy tum a LOT! I'll be right over! woo.

  16. Opy: Thank roo so VERY much! Mom made homemade puppy cookies!!

  17. Jazz & Dixie: You're getting me SO hungry! That all looks incredible! Lots of little boxy compartments, filled with dee-licious food! Looks like the term "Bento Box" means all kinds of good things!

    Sitka: Thank roo - and you're so right. Mom says all the time how she doesn't know HOW she'd manage without our help. Especially mine. Ha roo!

    Ivy: Yeah! And fish and cappuccino and CHEESE and cookies! How about some of your pretzels, too?

    Play bows,