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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Woo. It's me - Dave. Did everypup see the picture Holly posted a while ago of her brother Samuel? Go take a look at it ... I'll wait. Did you see it? Really. Check the hyperlink I just gave you. Got it? OK. Here's my version:

Look at me, I'm Samuel!

Pretty good, huh? It was really just me. Woo.



  1. Hey Dave-Samuel,

    You have lovely speckles on your nose. i do love speckles, don't you know

    See ya

  2. Good impression! I get that close to Mama when she is eating something tasty- so close I have to cross my eyes to see her.

  3. Oh, I have a picture just like that from when I was a very little puppy! I will have to post it so I can be just like you and Samuel!


  4. Wooo Dave Dave,

    You do a great Samuel Impersination! I think this has givn my Mom an idea for a post tomorrow....hmpppf

    Woooo's to you, luv

  5. Hey Dave, Tasha here. I think you might be starting a trend of real up-close and personal pictures. So is your name now Damuel or Samve? We'll have dad get the camera right now! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

  6. you guys are both funny! I wish I could have blue eyes i bet I would be even cuter and get more treats!

  7. HAAAAA!!! That's GREAT!! I love those close-ups! They are so funny! I almost didn't know it was you for a minute, especially since I couldn't see your freckles! Then, I saw the next picture of your sweet freckled nose and aaahhhhh, love again!


  8. I just added the freckle pic to the background on my laptop! That way I can see it everytime I start up and shut down my computer!!


  9. Dave, Dave, Dave, wooooooo!
    I always knew it was you!

    Close up pictures like these are soooooo funny we think!

    love and happy licks,
    Marvin xxxx

  10. Pippin: Your speckles are even lovlier! Woo.

    Magnum: Did I fool you at all?

    Peanut: Thank woo!

    Kat: I can't wait to see it!

    Frankie: I hope this means we're going to get to see a picture of YOU!

    Tasha: How about Save? Ha woo. Show us your noses!

    Joe: I'm not sure. Stormy, Amber and Zim have only one blue eye each and they get the same number of treats as I do. If your theory was true, they'd only get half as much. Zim said to turn on the charm!

    Holly: I'm on your laptop? Wooooo! (Ammy said to say "I hope I don't crush it". I don't really get it.)
    Glad you like my Sam impression!

    Marvin: I didn't fool you? Oh well. I'll have to come up with another impression of another pup and see how that goes!

    Luv to all,