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Monday, May 21, 2007

Haik-woo Time

Woo, it's me - Dave. I thought it was time for a Haik-woo! (Please remember that any typed word or words that shade of blue are a hyperlink, taking you to more info!) I've been looking around for inspiration for a while now and have found it! I was so moved by the bravery of these pups ... here goes! I give you ... Haik-woo #37.

I hope you enjoy it. Amber is insisting that I let you know she was (oh... I don't really have to write this, do I? OK...) she was very moo-ved by my latest Haik-woo. (She made me say that! She MADE me!)



  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Oh Dave... you are such the talented Siberian! I love it!!! Ha Roo! Tell Amber that many may be MOO-ved by it!!!

  2. what a great way to start our week, with a beautiful haikwoo.

  3. nice Haikwoo. Oh and Amber is to funny

  4. Very funny !
    Am new to Haik-woo's!

    Pats to you all

  5. Dave,
    You shouldn't listen to your sister or do anything she tells you to do. That's my motto.


    PS. Don't believe Kat if she tries to tell you otherwise. She's a bossy know-it-all.

  6. LOL!!! Dave! Amber is too funny! We liked your Haik-woo too!
    China & Madie

  7. Dave you are the best Haik-woo writer in the whold world. And Amber is sooooooooooo funny too.

    Now for my poor attempt at my Scottish version of Haik-Och Aye The Woo, just for youuuuuuuu!

    "Telling funny jokes to all of their folks.....
    Zim, Stormy, Amber and Dave,
    The Army of Four, they are my Fave"


    This is a Scottish Haik-Woo,(och aye the noo!) - by the way this phrase has to be chanted constantly whilst reading my Haik-Och Aye The Noo. (Can you tell I am making the rules up as I go along here?!!) and not strictly done to the rules of the Siberian Haik-Woo. In fact it is done to my very own Marvin Scottish Haik-Och Aye The Nooooo Rules.

    love and happy Scottish Woo and Poetic licks, Marv xxxxx

    sorry was a bit "verbose" here in my comments, got carried away! (Jeannie says I should be!)

  8. I too, was mooved - LOL! So funny Dave. Great way to start the week!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  9. Hee Amber is such a funny girl. Those cow-dogs look huge..

    ~ Girl girl

  10. Beautiful! You are so talented in Haikwooing!

  11. That is a very cool Haik-woo for the Dachsies! You are VERY talented.


  12. Oh, OH! We are famous! Thank you, Dave. Thank you. You like us. You really, really like us ... oh, wait, that was someone else. Anyway. We do like the Haik-woo. Thank you for immortalizing us with your beautiful words.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  13. Harrrr Dave
    Great Haikwoo. Harrrr
    Cap'n Mavrick the Pirate

  14. hee hee very koowl


  15. Sitka: Thank woo!

    Joe: The Dachsies are so brave -- they are my inspiration!

    Peanut: Thank woo. And Amber is SILLY!

    Blue: Thank woo! And thank woo for visiting our blog. We hope you'll come back.

    Steve: But Stormy said we ALWAYS have to listen to the sisters! And Am is mighty sweet!

    China & Madie: Thank woo from both of us!

    Marvin: I love your Scottish Haik-Och Aye The Nooooo! I think you're on to something there! Oh... and where were you carried away to? Woo.

    Ruby: Thank woo. You're very kind!

    Girl Girl: They ARE huge and the Dachsies are so brave!!! And yes... Ammy is VERY funny!

    Boomer: Why, thank woo!

    Hollybollyboo: Thank woo. They are SO deserving of a Haik-woo!

    DACHSIES! I'm so glad you like your Haik-woo! We are all so impressed with your bravery and think you're WONDERFUL pups!!!

    Mav: Thank wooooo! and harrr!

    Bella: And thank wuff! :)


  16. wow dave you are an awesome poet. so smart...and amber is so funny. I guess I have to be stuck with being beautiful...

  17. hahahaha! Amber, you are so funny! I love the dachsies!

  18. MJ: I'm just me ... Dave. But yes, Amber is SO funny and you are a very bee-woo-tiful girl!

    Cubby: Amber is the queen of puns! Woo!